171 Pittsburgh Restaurants to Consider for Your Next Meal Out

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When it comes to Pittsburgh restaurants, we are fortunate to be home to some of the country's best. From the local favorites, fine dining, international restaurants, to hole-in-the-wall spots, you can find it all here.

One of our quests on Discover the Burgh is to share these great restaurants and help you plan your next meal out. To help with that, this restaurant guide (linking to every single review published on this site) was born!

Please keep in mind that this list is continually updated as we visit more restaurants in the city. If your favorite is not featured here it is because we have either not visited or have not published our review yet.

If you would like to make a recommendation for us to try, please email jeremy@discovertheburgh.com.

A Few Notes About Our Rankings

Our reviews are lumped into five major categories including “the top 10,” “great,” “pretty good,” “average,” and “least favorite.” We recommend using these distinctions as your overall guide, and we'll discuss their meanings more below.

Please keep in mind that we take a number of factors into consideration when reviewing including taste, execution, consistency, cost, and service. That being said, we also weigh personal preference heavily in how we ordered the list below.

So if you are curious as to what makes our #1 restaurant different from #7 or those at the top of “great”, well, it is simply personal preference. The main five categories outlined above are the bigger categorization you should keep in mind in reading this guide.

The Top 10 Restaurants in Pittsburgh

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants

The following are our current Top 10 Pittsburgh restaurants. The restaurants that earn this distinction are ones we are certain we can order anything on the menu and not be disappointed.

  1. Cure – Lawrenceville – Cured meats, inventive cuisine, and overall one incredible menu.
  2. Gaucho Parrilla Argentina – Strip District – Argentinian meats done right in sandwich form (and on their own).
  3. Federal Galley – North Side – An interesting food hall in the North Side featuring four chefs and a stellar bar.
  4. Umami – Lawrenceville – Japanese food you've likely never had before in an amazing bar setting.
  5. Morcilla – Lawrenceville – Spanish tapas bar with gourmet pintxos and small plates.
  6. Kaya – Strip District – Caribbean fare with the best burger and sweet potato fries in the city of Pittsburgh.
  7. Fish Nor Fowl – Garfield – Fine dining with an interesting menu and cocktail pairings for every dish.
  8. Bar Marco – Strip District – Modern American, craft cocktails, but rather expensive.
  9. Apteka – Bloomfield – Eastern European, vegan meals coupled with a wonderful bar.
  10. Or, the Whale – Downtown – Trendy seafood and chophouse in downtown Pittsburgh.

Great Meals in Pittsburgh

Great Pittsburgh Restaurants

If you want to be able to order anything from a menu and anticipate it being good, these restaurants should have it. 

If a restaurant achieves this rating then it is guaranteed that we will go back to try more at some point in the future (or already eat there as regulars). Restaurants towards the top of this list are just as highly rated as those in our Top 10, but are not highlighted above because, well, we chose to only call out ten!

These are also the first we pull out when asked “where to eat in [neighborhood]” without knowing anymore about what you're looking for.

Pretty Good Meals in Pittsburgh

Good Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Restaurants that fall into this category are generally recommended if you are in the mood for a specific entree or cuisine style. The entire menu may not be astounding (although it certainly could be), they may not have the best service, or even be a place you dream of eating at more frequently, but it'll be a good meal if you need to satisfy a more specific craving.

These are the ones we recommend when being asked for “where to eat [cuisine type] in [neighborhood],” so if the cuisine type and location matches what you seek, we recommend giving these a try.

Average Meals in Pittsburgh

Although we'd call them average, odds are good if a restaurant's offering fell into this range there were some good components and some bad. Most restaurants here we may not fully recommend from a personal standpoint, but there could be reasons we'd go back for a re-try (such as seeing a dish next to us that looked amazing, new menu items being added, etc).

Generally speaking, we walk out of these saying the meal was “fine” with little fanfare beyond that.

The following restaurants are also places we could recommend to specific people if we knew they had different tastes than us. When reading our reviews, odds are good you will know if this is you and some of the following could be worth checking out.

Our Least Favorite Meals in Pittsburgh

When it comes to bad meals, a restaurant has to miss a fair bit for it to be featured here. Generally speaking, the entrees we tried had little redeeming factors, and the meals of others next to us (when available) did not look that inspiring either to warrant a second try.

Pittsburgh Restaurants That Are Now Closed

Not every restaurant can make it as a business in this great city.  Over time some of the restaurants we review may close down permanently.  Rather than deleting the review from our site, they will be moved here in case you are interested in what used to be!

Check back soon as we add Pittsburgh restaurant reviews every week as we eat our way around the city! 

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