A Shopping and Eating Guide to Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 15, 2024.

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The Strip District is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for a number of reasons.  It is home to a large assortment of international grocery stores and retailers, boutique shops, independent merchants, and several of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh (many of which feature international cuisine as well).

Although we've been down to the Strip District hundreds of times over the years, it seems like every time we visit we discover a new business worth exploring and shopping at.

To share some of our own personal favorites, this guide to the Strip District was born!

It is worth noting that the following is not a collection of every business in the Strip District. This article only features businesses that we personally visit when we explore the neighborhood.  As such, it should only be taken as a starting point and is certainly not a list of every establishment. 

If you see an interesting store while walking around the Strip District, do yourself a favor and go inside!

Strip District History and Map

Old Wholesale Signs in the Strip District

In the early days of the city the Strip District was an industrial neighborhood with foundaries, mills, and other production shops in abundance.  Produce merchants also moved in, as did wholesalers and grocers thanks to the access to the nearby train lines. 

Over the years these merchants and industries went into decline, and most of them moved out of the neighborhood entirely.

A recent revival in the district saw an influx of specialty stores, international retailers, and critically acclaimed restaurants moving in to the available (and iconic) spaces, transforming the Strip District into one of the most popular shopping neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

The Strip District is located just outside of downtown Pittsburgh on the banks of the Allegheny river.  The generally accepted boundaries are between 11th Street and 33rd Street, with the river marking the northern border and Liberty Avenue marking the south.

Under the Strip District Bridge at Night

As you can see from the above map, most of the popular businesses are located between 16th and 25th street, with the bulk of the establishments being located on either Smallman Street or Penn Avenue.

A few additional shops are located outside of these areas that are worth checking out; however, you will also likely want to drive to these instead of walking.  (For more visiting logistics, skip to the end of this article for more details.)

All of the businesses featured below are included in the above map.  To read our review or visit the shop's site, either click the link in the map above or in our post below when available!

International and Specialty Grocery Stores

One of the most unique aspects of the Strip District is that it is home to Pittsburgh's international grocery community.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better collection of international shopping in the city, and if you're seeking out a specialty item from abroad, these are the first places worth checking out.


  • WFH Oriental Food Market –  The Strip District has a high concentration of Asian grocery stores, and WFH Oriental Food Market has one of the most impressive selections from east Asia.
  • Lotus Noodle – Located on the opposite end of the Strip District, Lotus Noodle boasts an incredible produce selection and unique Asian items with prices that handily beat most big box grocery stores.
  • Sambok Korean – Sambok grocery store may be slightly smaller than the previously mentioned grocery stores, but its focus on Korean items makes it a perfect stop for those cooking this delicious cuisine.
  • Labad's Mediterranean Grocery – If you need to stock up on your Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fare, Labad's is the grocery store for you as their selection is one of the best!
  • Salem's Market – A second Middle Eastern grocery store a bit further out of the main shopping area of the Strip District with a large selection, a Halal butcher, and an amazing restaurant.

Penn Mac Cheese Counter

  • S&D Polish Deli – As a city that prides itself on its pierogi consumption, it should be no surprise that the Strip District has a grocery store completely dedicated to all things Polish.
  • Reyna Foods – Walking into Reyna's is like walking into Mexico. The smell of fresh made corn and flour tortillas fills the store (a must buy), and the bins of dried peppers will make any food lover drool.
  • Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. – Affectionately known as Penn Mac, this one is home to just about every Italian product you need (and then some) and one of the most beautiful cheese counters in the country.
  • Stamoolis Brothers Co. – Although the products here are very similar to those found in Penn Mac, Stamoolis is also home to many unique items from Greece and Eastern Europe you can't find anywhere else.

Restaurants in the Strip District

As a natural extension of the international grocery scene, the Strip District is home to many international restaurants that are among the best in the city. 

The neighborhood has also seen a rise in many chef-driven restaurants as well as street food carts that are guaranteed to have you coming back time and time again.

Little Bangkok in the Strip

  • Kaya – This Caribbean inspired restaurant has a broad menu and is home to an incredible burger. Reservations are recommended.
  • Edgar's Tacos – Edgar's Tacos has gained an incredible following at their mobile food cart. They now have a permanent store at the Pennsylvania Market!
  • Lucy's Banh Mi Cart – Lucy is most often found by Bar Marco in the summer months, serving up her Banh Mi sandwiches from Vietnam.  Trust us when we say that she has earned her cult following.
  • Sambok Korean Food Cart – The Korean grocery store Sambok offers its own food cart and the mung bean pancakes are definitely worth seeking out.
  • Wholey's – Although known as a meat and seafood grocery store, Wholey's offers street side lobster rolls, Andy's Sushi Bar, and a dining counter where you can try delicious seafood dishes like fish sandwiches and soft shell crab sandwiches (in season).
  • Novo Asian Food Hall – A popular Asian food hall with seven restaurant concepts in the Terminal Building.
  • Luke Wholey's Alaskan Grille – A restaurant offering plated seafood dishes, sandwiches, sushi, and more.
  • Cioppino – A higher end seafood and chophouse just off the main stretch of the Strip.
  • Little Bangkok – A Thai restaurant tucked away on Penn Avenue with large portions.
  • Maiku Sushi – A Vietnamese restaurant with some delicious (and cheap) eats.
  • Mancini's Bakery – Most visit Mancini's for their bread; however, we like to stop at their outdoor food cart to pick up one of their famous pepperoni rolls when we need a quick snack.
  • Jimmy & Nino Sunseri Co. – Italian grocery home to breads, sandwiches, and the famous pepperoni roll.
  • Balvanera – Argentinian restaurant with an upscale ambiance.
  • Iron Born – Detroit style pizza from this popular shop that was once at Smallman Galley.
  • Enrico's Cafe – A cafe serving stellar pizza and sandwiches located behind the delicious biscotti store of the same name. Hours vary from the biscotti store!
  • Papa J's Twin Plaza – A pizza by the slice restaurant in the former Smallman Galley space with a large bar and gelato corner too.
  • Colangelo's – A bakery with delicious sandwiches and pizza near La Prima.
  • Cafe Raymond – A popular breakfast and lunch spot that is diner-esque in the heart of the Strip. Go for the blueberry pancakes.
  • Coop de Ville – A chicken sandwich restaurant from the Richard DeShantz restaurant group with duckpin bowling, a champagne vending machine, and more.

Pamela's Pancakes in Pittsburgh

  • Bar Marco – Some of the best bartenders are at this one, and the food (albeit small and overpriced) is some of the best we've had in the city. Reservations are recommended.
  • Penn Avenue Fish Co. – This restaurant and seafood market has a large menu of gourmet offerings as well as specialty sushi rolls that won't break the bank.
  • Peppi's Old Tyme Sandwich Shop – Peppi's is your neighborhood hoagie shop and offers a wide selection of sandwiches including the meat-loaded #7 named for Big Ben himself (our personal favorite).
  • Eleven – Eleven is big Burrito's critically acclaimed fine dining restaurant and is worth the visit if you have cause to celebrate.  Reservations are recommended.
  • Pamela's P&G Diner – Pamela's is one of Pittsburgh's favorite diners thanks to their thin, crispy pancakes that we can't get enough of.  Just be prepared for a line at this location, as it is one of the most popular establishments in the Strip District.
  • Deluca's – A breakfast spot in the Strip known for big portions.
  • Primanti Brothers – Finally, we end with Primanti's. It is no secret that we only eat Primanti's after a night out drinking, because to be honest the sandwiches aren't that special. If you must eat at this famous restaurant (and we certainly wont fault you for it if you're a visitor), take our word for it and stop by the Strip District location. It is the original and, to be quite honest, none of the other locations stack up. Add a fried egg onto your sandwich, with a side of Smallman Street fries, and thank us later.
  • DiAnoia's Eatery – One of Pittsburgh's best Italian restaurants with a stellar weekend brunch.
  • Pizzeria Davide – A pizza shop by the owners of DiAnoia's located just next to the restaurant.
  • Pane e Pronto – A bakery and short-order lunch shop run by the team at DiAnoia's just a block away. Don't miss the sandwiches!
  • Cadence in the Strip – A basement restaurant and bar with modern American food and a speakeasy vibe.
  • The Pennsylvania Market – A sprawling two-story market with vendors on the first floor, a food hall on the second floor with several chef-driven restaurants and three bars (plus a wine library), and a gorgeous outdoor courtyard with even more food, vendors, and a bar.

Looking for more food options but are a bit daunted by the above list? Why not check out the Burgh Bits and Bites food tour of the Strip District. Click the previous link to check out the review by our friends at UncoveringPA!

Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

Maggie's Farm Rum in the Strip District

Pittsburgh's wine and spirit scene has been soaring in recent years, and many of the newcomers to the scene are winning awards left and right with their exceptional products.  Naturally, several of the best have chosen to call the Strip District their home.

  • Pittsburgh Winery – This winery imports their grapes from all around the world and makes some of the finest wines you'll ever enjoy.  We were hesitant at first, but now we are converts.
  • Maggie's Farm Rum – Maggie's Farm Rum is located on the outskirts of the Strip District (much like the above winery) but is worth the visit for their national award winning rum and selection of boat drinks.
  • Kingfly Spirits – A large distillery located just steps from the heart of the Strip District producing vodka, rum, limoncello, and more. Beautiful space with frequent events.
  • Wigle Whiskey – Wigle is named after an 18th-century whiskey rebel, and is currently one of the most awarded distilleries in the USA.  Although their whiskey is delicious, be sure to try their gin- it is one of our favorites!
  • R Wine Cellar – Located right in the heart of the Strip District, R Wine Cellar shares their passion for wine made from grapes from all over the world.
  • Courtyard Winery – A tasting room for a winery located on the shores of Lake Erie and operated by a former president at Welch's (part of The Pennsylvania Market).
  • Cinderlands Warehouse – An expansion by popular brewery Cinderlands into the Strip District.
  • 1700 Penn Avenue – A collaboration between Pennsylvania Libations and Helltown Brewery featuring a taproom for beer, a Pennsylvania wine store, and an outdoor space for beverages, food trucks, and live music.
  • City Winery – A wine bar and event venue space in the Terminal Building.
  • Aslin Beer Company – Pittsburgh's first location for the DC-area based brewery, Aslin. Featuring a monster space in the Terminal building complete with full food menu.
  • Bonafide Beer Co. – An intimate brewery in the heart of the Strip District with a welcoming space and vast hours. Grab a beer, cocktail, or more!
  • The Beerhive – A dive bar in the heart of the Strip District serving up a great selection of Pennsylvania beers.

Coffee and Tea

Prestogeorge Coffee

The Strip District is home to an impressive collection of cafes featuring coffee, espresso, and a wide selection of tea.  No matter what kind of pick-up you're looking for, one of the following are sure to offer it.

  • La Prima Espresso BarFor the most Italian espresso you'll ever have in Pittsburgh, head to La Prima. They roast their own beans and their shots are always smooth and rich.
  • De Fer Coffee – A modern coffee shop and roastery right in the heart of the Strip.
  • Novaria Coffee – A welcoming coffee shop in the heart of the Strip with Turkish and Middle Eastern flavors alongside a traditional cafe menu.
  • Soluna (formerly Cafetano) – A Honduran coffee roaster with a great space and a full coffee and food menu.
  • The James Cafe – A relaxing cafe just off the main business district in the Strip.
  • Allegheny Coffee & Tea ExchangeDozens of different barrels full of in-house roasted coffee beans line the back half of the store, along with a huge selection of teas. For something different, try the nitro coffee at the cafe at the front half of the store.
  • Prestogeorge Coffee & TeaAnother great option for buying freshly roasted coffee beans and loose leaf teas. Check out their coffee of the month club where you can get a pound of coffee delivered right to your door every month for a year!

Specialty Stores

Wholey's Seafood in Pittsburgh

  • Love, Pittsburgh – A Pittsburgh themed shop with multiple locations in the city, including one in the heart of the Strip!
  • In the Kitchen – From common kitchen items to more obscure specialty items, In the Kitchen has an impressive collection of cookware and gadgets.  They are also one of only a few hosts of the semi-annual All-Clad Second's Sale featuring All-Clad products at significantly reduced prices.
  • Penn Avenue Fixture and Supply – As a bulk kitchen supply store, this one usually caters to local restaurants; however, every item in the store features individual pricing, making this one the first store you should visit for kitchen shopping.  (This one is located slightly outside the main section of the Strip, but has free parking for customers and is truly worth the extra effort.)
  • Pennsylvania Libations – The first store to open in Pennsylvania to be completely dedicated to all things PA spirits!
  • Penzey's Spices – Although a national chain, Penzey's Spices is worth a stop if you have any specialty spices or seasoning mixes on your mind that one of the international grocery stores above does not stock.  There is a price premium, but odds are good they will have what you're looking for.
  • Roxanne's Dried Flowers – Check here for all things decorative based on floral and natural components.  If you're looking to decorate your house with natural items, Roxanne's is for you.
  • Art of Steel – If you're looking to decorate your house with art made from metal, Art of Steel is for you.
  • Robert Wholey & Co. – If butchered meats and seafood are what you are after, look no further than Wholey's, one of the jewels of the Strip District. Be sure to try their lobster bisque!

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

  • Mon Aimee Chocolat – Chocolate lovers, rejoice!  Mon Aimee Chocolat features a selection of imported chocolate bars and chocolate-based candies from around the world.
  • Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop – For those who love candy that isn't chocolate, Grandpa Joe's has you covered with bulk candies and throwback candies that are hard to find anywhere else.
  • Peace, Love and Little Donuts – The scent of this store will entice you in before you even notice the sign, and the selection of gourmet donuts will keep you coming back. Try the maple bacon donut for a truly indulgent treat.
  • Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor – Klavon's is an old time ice cream parlor offering up delicious ice cream sodas, floats, and sundaes using ice cream from Penn State's Creamery.
  • Strip District Meats – Looking for more unusual meats?  Strip District Meats has what you are looking for whether it be alligator, camel, or simple cuts of beef and chicken.
  • Parma Sausage – Parma Sausage has very limited operating hours, but when they are open you will do well picking up a few pounds of their homemade sausages and other cured meats.

Heinz History Center

Pittsburgh History at the Heinz History Center

As the resident museum of the Strip District, the Heinz History Center focuses on the rich history of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. 

With exhibits ranging from the early settlements in the region to all of the modern day inventions and personalities that have come out of the city, there is no better museum in the city to learn about Pittsburgh and the surrounding region.

If you have the time, be sure to visit the Fort Pitt Museum in Point State Park as well. Pairing the two up on a same or next day visit often allows for a steep discount! Not bad for exploring two great Pittsburgh museums.

Information for Visiting the Strip District

Bridges in the Strip

When it comes to visiting the Strip District, there are several things worth considering.

The first, and perhaps most important, is that the Strip District is most vibrant in the late-morning to mid-afternoon on weekdays and especially weekends. This means that most businesses will be open, but the crowds can also be quite large.

Outside of these hours many of the businesses will be closed although some restaurants, bars, and night clubs will have extended hours well into the night.  If you visit after 3pm, do not be surprised if most of the businesses have closed for the day.

The second issue visitors to the Strip District have is parking, as during popular visiting hours metered street parking is quite difficult to find unless you get lucky with a car leaving. Surface lot pricing often starts at $10 for flat rate parking on weekends. Our favorite parking lot is the garage at the Cork Factory (right next to Wigle Whiskey) which charges an hourly rate that begins at $5 for up to 2 hours, $7 for 2-4 hours, and $9 for 4-10 hours- a bit more than meter rates but a fair bit easier to save time driving around looking for a spot. This one is perfect for those who don't mind walking a few extra blocks to get into the heart of the Strip District as well (see “P” on our Strip District map). Further garages with reasonable parking are also found at The Hub on 27th with similar pricing as well as at 11th and Smallman near the Heinz History Center.

It is worth noting, however, that if you are visiting businesses close to the 33rd Street end of the Strip District (such as Pittsburgh Winery or Maggie's), free street parking can be found with a limited duration (often 1-2 hours) during normal business hours.

Select stores, such as Penn Mac, Wigle Whiskey, Wholey's, and Penn Avenue Fixture & Supply have their own complimentary parking lot for customers, but often fill up fast and are only available for visiting these stores exclusively- so don't plan on parking in these if you are spending a day in the Strip District!

Another issue visitors often have is finding public bathrooms. Although they probably wouldn't like us mentioning it, Wholey's (in the basement) has easily accessible facilities.

Hotels in the Strip District

Finally, for those looking to stay overnight in the Strip District, we fully recommend checking out the Hampton Inn and Suites which is right on the border of the Strip District and Downtown Pittsburgh and is the only hotel in downtown proper to have free parking- a true perk in the city! (Read reviews here)

An additional hotel, the Homewood Suites, just across the street as well and is also a comfortable stay that is a few minutes closer to the sights in the Strip District overall. (Read reviews here)

Additional hotels, such as The Westin Convention Center and Courtyard Pittsburgh Downtown are also located nearby in downtown proper. These would be a roughly 10 minute walk to the attractions in the Strip District but is quite easy all the same.

If apartment rentals are more your style, you're in luck. The Strip District and downtown Pittsburgh have a number of great apartment rental options for visitors as well. Click here to check them out!

Now that we've shared all of our favorite spots in Pittsburgh's iconic Strip District, it is your turn to head down there and check it out for yourself!  Find a spot we didn't feature in this list that you love?  Comment below to let us know about it!

Are you a local business in the Strip District that would like to be featured in this guide? Please comment below or contact us!

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  8. Though outside of the Strip, for out of towners, Nicholas Coffee and Tea in Market Square is located less than a mile from the Strip. They have been the standard from which ALL other coffee and tea emporiums are judged in Pittsburgh. And for a cultural stop, the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is architectural genius.

  9. I discovered this site while looking for a way to describe The Strip to out-of-state friends. Unfortunately I am now out-of-state, too, and cannot describe how “homesick” I am for Pittsburgh after reading this. Okay, the ocean is 10 minutes away, but after living a half hour drive from downtown Pittsburgh for 30 years, I MISS PITTSBURGH!!!!
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  10. I really enjoyed reading through your guide. It was very informative and enjoyable to read.

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  11. You missed Conangelos on 21 St. A great
    Italian restaurant and bakery. Never leave the strip without stopping for a takeout order of pasta or pizza and a selection of three wonderful Italian peasant bake goods.

  12. I’ve visited Pittsburgh for work many times but never got to explore much, so am finally planning my first trip exclusively for fun, and this site has been so helpful! I’m so curious about this neighborhood so am using the hotel guide, and I noticed that Marriott family just opened a new AC Hotel right on the edge of the Strip District. Have you had a chance to visit? Any thoughts!

    • We haven’t visited it yet but it does look like a nice hotel. We’re hoping to get out to it very soon to do a full review!

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