Showcase BBQ Review – BBQ Joint Bringing the Flavor

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 15, 2023.

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If you are seeking traditional barbecue in Pittsburgh that is as delicious as it is no frills, Showcase BBQ is the place for you.

You wouldn't think twice about this unassuming house in Homewood West if it wasn't for the modest sign out front and two massive smokers along the side. But as soon as we arrived, we knew we were in the right place for barbecue.

Showcase BBQ is All We Need

Showcase BBQ Pittsburgh

So what makes Showcase BBQ special? Well, to us it is a bit of everything.

There is a plethora of meat options, be it monster pulled pork sandwiches, wings, brisket, to their staple ribs which are available in meal kits, half rack, and whole rack.

There is the array of sides that include cooked yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread (moist, moist cornbread), and more.

Or there is the fact that you can get four ribs, six wings, two drinks, two sides, and that massive pulled pork sandwich for just $25 plus tip.

There aren't many places where you can get enough barbecue for four for under $30, and since we didn't know any better we did just that for the two of us.

Massive Portions, Amazing Flavors

Pulled Pork at Showcase BBQ Pittsburgh

We have to set the scene for Showcase BBQ in order to do it justice. It is one thing to say that it is barbecue served out of a house in Homewood, it is another thing to say it is cheap, but that is all just the build up to the best part- the flavors.

This is where Showcase BBQ shines.

Chicken and Ribs at Showcase BBQ

The pulled pork is tender, the wings have a nice smoke ring, and the ribs are monsters in their own right. The latter may be not quite fall off the bone tender, but are tender enough that your teeth will sink right in. A win in our book.

All of this comes smothered in their delicious barbecue sauce, which is heavily mustard based to give it a bit of a tang that hits you more than other spots nearby. It may not be for everyone, but for us it is one of those sauces we'd be more than happy to put on our meat for every meal from now on.

Sides at Showcase Barbecue

And then there are the sides. We didn't get to try all of them, but do yourself a favor and try the yams- they are sweet, rich, and the perfect accompaniment to the hearty meat dishes.

It would be one thing for us to say to stop at Showcase BBQ when you drive through Homewood next, but in reality you should hop in your car and drive over now to try this one out.

Just be sure to go to this one early as the lines start before they open, and they are said to run out early!

Showcase BBQ is located at 6800 Frankstown Avenue in Homewood West.

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