Blue Dust Review – A Gastropub Celebrating the Steel City

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on October 12, 2018.

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The term blue dust may not be one you know of unless you grew up in and around the steel industry. This is the term for hematite-rich iron ore which was known for covering worker's clothing with a blue hue from a long day's work in the mill.

In fact, we did not know about this term until visiting the Carrie Furnaces in Rankin, PA, where our tour guide recommended us to visit a little gastropub nearby with the same name of this colorful material.

Not being one to turn down a recommendation when given to us, we decided to continue our Steel City experience with a visit to the Blue Dust gastropub across the river in Homestead.

A Solid Gastropub in Homestead

Sandwiches at Blue Dust

Learning about the nature of blue dust was not the biggest surprise to us when we first found out about Blue Dust. Far from it. In fact, the biggest shock to us was that there was any independently run restaurant in Homestead at all! (If you've been to the Waterfront, you know what we mean.)

So it was with great excitement that we visited this small gastropub that covers the traditional spread you'd come to expect- soups, salads, small plates, sandwiches, and more are found throughout the menu.

The one thing that makes this gastropub standout, to us at least, is that they smoke all their meats in-house, including brisket, making their sandwiches a notch above the rest.

Sandwiches at Blue Dust

We sampled the brisket at the behest of our guide at Carrie Furnace, as well as the smoked turkey Reuben, and were not disappointed. The meats were tender, smokey, and the perfect sandwich for after a long morning walking around a steel mill.

Throw in a few pints from the roughly 25 taps that are available (including both local, other domestic, and imported beer) and you have the makings of a delicious lunch that stands apart from the options in Homestead.

Is it the kind of bar steel workers would've gone to after a long shift? Probably not. Is the food what they would've had for a post-work meal? Doubtful. But this gastropub is making a name for itself in the food scene in modern Homestead, and if you are visiting the area and are looking for something different than the big chain restaurants, this one is a worthy consideration.

Blue Dust is located at 601 Amity Street in Homestead, PA.

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