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Have some questions about Discover the Burgh, our mission, and site goals? Check out some of our answers to our frequently asked questions below!

How Do You Pick Where to Visit?

In most cases we pick where we want to visit on the fly, as having a packed schedule months in advance stresses us out. As such, we try to keep our schedules open and decide where to visit based on our interests, events going on, and the weather in any given week.

That being said, we like to plan our weekends around visiting one new attraction, one new restaurant, and one new bar in the ideal case. From there, sometimes we look at our Pittsburgh map and say “we haven’t been anywhere in [neighborhood/region] in a while, we should find something there” but more often than not our thought process is more like “we want [Thai food/beer/cocktails/to go hiking], where haven’t we been that is supposed to be good?”

So if we end up hiking at new parks six weeks in a row in the fall, do not be surprised. It is just what we want to do.

Why Do You Visit Other Towns if You’re a Pittsburgh Blog?

We call ourselves a Pittsburgh blog, but we actually cover anything in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We’ll go as far as Moraine State Park / McConnells Mill to the north, Somerset County to the east, and the state lines on the west and south. While these areas are not technically Pittsburgh proper, they are Pittsburgh’s greater metro area. Since these are all easy day trips for anyone in the region, it is only fitting we put it in our blog’s scope.

For other destinations in Pennsylvania, we highly recommend checking out our friends at UncoveringPA as they cover the entire state in great detail. For other destinations in the USA and abroad, we have a sister travel blog Living the Dream that covers our explorations in 70+ countries from around the world. But as for here, we’ll always be focused on southwestern Pennsylvania.

Are You Associated with Visit Pittsburgh?

No. We know many people at the tourist board but aside from conversations in passing, at conferences/events, or on social media we have no working relationship with Visit Pittsburgh in any capacity.

Discover the Burgh is a 100% independent site that is operated solely by the two of us.

Are You a News Site?

No. We are an opinion blog that shares reviews of attractions, restaurants, bars, etc. All articles feature our opinions only and your mileage may vary on whether you agree with us. (We’re totally cool with it if you don’t agree!)

We do share news stories from 3rd party sites on our social media; however, a share of 3rd party content does not constitute an endorsement on our part. Any content featured on links outside of our own sites is out of our control when it comes to accuracy and other similar topics.

Do You Take Your Own Photos?

Yes! Virtually all photos on our site (outside of ads) are taken by the two of us when we go explore the region. In the rare event we source images from 3rd parties, such as in the case where we did not receive permission to photograph the spot ourselves, we provide a source credit as close to the image as possible per the photographer’s license requirements.

If you wish to use one of our images on your site, please email jeremy@discovertheburgh.com to discuss our licensing options.

Do You Work With Local Companies?

Yes! We have built several wonderful relationships with local businesses over the last few years.

We are periodically hosted as guests at restaurants or attractions in order to write a review, and we sometimes sell advertising packages to our partners as well. We should note, however, that the vast majority of places we visit for reviews we pay for out of pocket. (Out of 150 or so businesses visited in 2017, we received a discount or complimentary ticket/meal from under 10%.)

That being said, we like to be 100% transparent with all discounts we receive when writing our reviews (in fact it is required per FCC guidelines), so you should see those notes in all relevant articles. We do not highlight when we pay for an attraction out of pocket unless we are discussing it in tandem with something that was discounted- these are few and far between.

When writing our reviews we try to be as objective as possible regardless of if we were hosted/comped and do our best to not let this influence our opinions in any way.

Why Do You Not Have More Negative Restaurant Reviews?

To be honest, we think many of our Pittsburgh restaurant reviews (and other reviews in general) have a lot of negative components depending on how you read them.

But there are a few reasons we do not have more all out negative reviews when it comes to restaurants in particular:

  1. As noted above, we pick restaurants based on what we’re hungry for on any given day and tend to visit restaurants that already have good reviews by others. This limits the potential for a “bad” review right away. As our site ages and we work our way down what is left, expect more below average reviews to pop up simply by the nature of how we pick where to go.
  2. We can find many faults in a dining experience, be it from price, service, flavors, to the ambiance or even location. We like to note these in our reviews, but generally speaking we can also see when something is bad because it is not for us versus something that is truly bad. If we didn’t like a meal due to personal preference we’d rather talk about who would enjoy it over just railing on the meal as that makes for a much more interesting review in our opinion.
  3. We are much more critical of expensive restaurants that have $100-$200 bills than we are of mom and pop restaurants where we spend $20-$50 for a meal out. Let’s be honest here in saying that one of those deserves being looked at with far more scrutiny than the other. (And generally speaking we eat at the latter far more often.)

As we do not expect everyone to have the same tastes as us when it comes to restaurant reviews, all we can do is comment on our opinion and then try and highlight who would like a given spot from there. A truly bad spot is simply one we can’t recommend to anyone at all, and those are few and far between.

Your Taste in Restaurants is Awful, Why Do You Not Like [X, Y, Z]?

As mentioned above, we have the viewpoint that our taste in restaurants is simply that- our own. We do not demand that anyone agrees with us. But we do try to figure out who would enjoy any given spot even if it isn’t for us. Our ultimate goal in reviewing restaurants is for you to know our tastes, and then you can use that relative to your own to know if a spot may be worth a visit to you.

It doesn’t sound like much, but we’d like to think that goes a long way over a review site where you know nothing about the author to begin with. If you think our taste is awful, then you can read our reviews from a completely different angle and we’re okay with that!

You Say You Want to Do Everything, But Where is Content on [X, Y, Z]?

Our ultimate goal is to do everything in Pittsburgh, but as we are exploring based on our interests some things are, shall we say, very low on our list. If there is a business or attraction type that we have not visited yet (say, a nightclub), odds are good it is because it simply isn’t our style.

We will get there, someday.

Why Don’t You Do Top 10 Lists?

Generally speaking we hate what Top 10 lists have become. Unless you’re into blogging like we are you may not see it, but this is a problem that plagues all industries as this article type has essentially become clickbait.

The reason for this is because other websites write posts about the Top 10 [X] in [Y] and it amounts to being the only ten places they visited in the city (or worse, ten places they found in a Google search). There is no authority behind the author calling something a “top spot,” and as we’re still working on becoming that authority in Pittsburgh it isn’t our place to do it yet.

That is why we shape our articles either as quests (such as The Quest for the Best Tacos in Pittsburgh) or a simple list of places to visit (such as X Pittsburgh Breweries to Visit). We may rank the places we’ve visited inside these posts, but the businesses featured are just that- the places we’ve visited so far. The more we visit the more we add to the list, and the more we add the better the post gets!

If your favorite spot is not featured it is more likely that we haven’t been there rather than us slighting it in the feature. Don’t worry, we’ll get there. But we’re also happy if you want to email us at jeremy@discovertheburgh.com to help get us there sooner as we do tend to visit reader recommendations ASAP!

At some point in the future we will publish Top X lists for various categories, but we want you to know that we really mean it when we do.

Aren’t You Going to Run Out of Things to Do?

Probably, but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

We founded this site thinking we’d have about two years worth of content based on our understanding (at the time) of what Pittsburgh had to offer. Those two years came and went, and we published about 300 posts from everything we did. But as soon as we crossed one item off our list we found five more that took its spot, and as of late 2017 have well over 500 restaurants, attractions, bars, parks, events, hotels, and other spots to hit over the coming years. Factor in places opening in the region and we do not expect to ever run out of things to do.

But even if we did run out of things to do, we can always update our reviews to make them relevant X years down the road- and that is what we plan to do!

Do You Live in Pittsburgh?

Yes, we live in the city limits and are residents of the North Side!

Are You Pittsburgh Natives?

Nope! Angie moved here in 2008 for graduate school. Jeremy followed shortly thereafter, and aside from a year and half that we took off to travel the world after she graduated we’ve been here ever since. Please don’t hold that against us, as we love this city and do not plan on leaving.

You’re stuck with us!

Is This Your Full Time Job?

No, but that’d be awesome if it was!

We both work full time during the day, and as we like to keep these two worlds separate that is about all we’ll talk about it here. We keep all our exploring to nights and weekends at this time.

Your Job Sounds So Fun, Can We Work for You?

As much as we’d love to hire a team to work for us, sadly we do not have the budget nor ability to hire anyone (paid or unpaid) at this time. Hopefully we can someday soon!

Why Do You Have So Many Ads?

There are a few ways we could talk about this, but the simple answer is that blogging in the manner we do is not cheap.

We receive over 100,000 visitors a month on good months, and that costs a fair bit out of pocket for us to provide a good experience for you. We also pay for advertising, other back-end services, and also pay for almost every thing we do out of pocket. We have no global sponsors, are not affiliated with any company outside of one-off partnerships for reviews, and have no bankroll to prop us up like others do.

Ads are a necessary evil in the world of blogging to help us cover our expenses, and each page view you give us amounts to roughly 2 cents in gross revenue. In a perfect world we’d like to move away from having ads altogether, but we simply do not have other income streams in place to the level we’d like at this time to get rid of ads completely.

[X, Y, Z] Ad is Inappropriate, What Can You Do?

Our ad network displays content based on our site’s theme, your search history, and one-off direct orders. We have little control over what you see specifically as it is targeted mostly to your web usage.

That being said, our ad network Mediavine is one of the most reputable ad networks out there and we like to maintain high quality placements only. If you see something inappropriate please note it (or screenshot it) and send it to jeremy@discovertheburgh.com. We will report it to our ad network and make any internal changes as necessary to prevent the ad from appearing again.

If you would like to report an ad to Mediavine directly, there is a report link below each feature. We’d like to request that you only report ads that are truly inappropriate (e.g. shouldn’t appear anywhere, ever, versus some that just shouldn’t appear on this site in particular) and email us about any of the rest.

How Can We Support Discover the Burgh?

If you’d like to support our site further, there are a few things you could do:

  • Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) and sign up for our newsletter. This way you’ll never miss an update.
  • Share our content whenever you find something you like, or at a minimum Like, Retweet, or comment on our updates! This helps us grow faster than you may think.
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    • If everyone who read our site in a single week donated $1 a month (a round of beer a year), we could turn off our ads completely, quit our jobs, hire a few staff members, and run this website like how we dream it should be.
  • Book your Pittsburgh hotel, shop on Amazon, or buy local discounts on Groupon via our affiliate links found in most of our articles. The cost to you won’t change, and we’ll get a small commission that helps us out!
  • Or just simply say hi to us if you see us around. No one has done it yet despite our site having over a million lifetime views, and we’d love to meet you!

There are many ways you can support us with or without spending money, and every little bit helps us grow.

You Banned Me on Social Media, Why?

Were you being a jagoff? You were probably being a jagoff. The only people we’ve banned to date were, in fact, jagoffs; so we can say this one with a fair degree of certainty.

We have no patience for cursing, threats, yelling, Patriots fans, or incoherent rants on any channels we operate. You can disagree with us on just about anything (we encourage it, actually), but please do so politely using facts and reason.

Calling us fake news, insulting our tastes, slandering the business/attraction in question, going on political rants (on any side), overly promoting your own business, and generally being rude (all things that have occurred on our channels) is grounds for us thinking you’re a jagoff and we will show you the door.

If you were attempting sarcasm and we banned you by mistake, we’re happy to reconsider if you email us an explanation.

*Patriots fans are, in fact, welcomed on Discover the Burgh. Couldn’t help ourselves there.

Have Another Question That Isn’t Answered Here?

For everything else, feel free to email us at jeremy@discovertheburgh.com. We are happy to answer any and all questions.