Bubba’s Review – Pizza and Polish Food in Greensburg and Irwin

Published by Angie. Last Updated on March 16, 2020.

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Bubba's is primarily a takeout and delivery restaurant in Greensburg, PA, featuring an unlikely combination of cuisines: pizza and Polish food. (Note: Their second location in Irwin has a larger dining space.)

Although this seems like a weird mix, trust us on this one. The service is extremely friendly, the pizza is unique, and the Polish food is top notch.

We visited Bubba's after checking out the light display at Overly's Country Christmas, also in Greensburg. Although the light display left a little to be desired, Bubba's came to the rescue with a delicious meal that allowed us to refuel from the cold weather.

A Take Out Restaurant with a Killer Menu

Pizza at Bubba's in Greensburg

Bubba's is primarily a takeout and delivery place, but they do have two small tables inside if you want to eat there which is what we opted for. It was a little cold sitting by the door but we made it work. And it was totally worth it to check out this spot.

The menu features thick crust pizzas, chicken “lips” (fried chicken tenderloin cubes), hot sandwiches, and a whole slew of Polish foods like pierogies, haluski, stuffed cabbage, and potato pancakes.

We wished we could have tried it all but we settled for some pizza, pierogies, stuffed cabbage, and haluski.

The pizza was very unique in that the dough was a thicker crust that tasted more like a focaccia dough than a pizza dough. It was soft and spongy with a little crunch on the sides. The toppings were inverted, with the cheese and pepperoni being right on top of the dough, while the sauce was drizzled on top.

The sauce was very thick with deep tomato flavors like that of tomato paste. The whole thing looks a little weird, but it's good and definitely different.

Go for the Polish Food

Pierogies at Bubbas in Greensburg

For the pierogies, we ordered the potato and cheese filling served with melted butter and caramelized onions. They were everything you want in a pierogi: tender dough, well-seasoned cheezy filling, and a giant pool of butter for dipping.

You can also get the pierogies fried, which is how we usually like to eat them so that they get a nice crisp layer on the outside to contrast with the creamy inside.

The other pierogi filling option that's always available is sweet sauerkraut. If you want some of the specialty fillings like kielbasa and kraut, sauerkraut and onion, or fruit fillings, you'll need to pre-order at least two days in advance.

The stuffed cabbage was another win – we watched the staff making these as we were waiting, and these rolls are truly beautiful. The most impressive thing is the amount of meat that's inside.

I'm guessing that one would be enough for meal, they're that huge. They're bathed in a basic tangy tomato sauce that's great for slathering the meat with.

Stuffed Cabbage at Bubba's Greensburg

Finally, we got a to-go container of the haluski. This was probably our favorite thing at Bubba's – tender, homemade square noodles meshed with buttery cabbage and onions to create a hardy, comforting dish. I'm always amazed at how amazing and rich such a simple dish like haluski can be!

If you're in the Greensburg area and are looking for some takeout or delivery, or a casual quick meal, definitely check out Bubba's. The service is great and the home cooked pizza and Polish food is simple but delicious!

Bubba's is located at 14 N Westmoreland Ave in Greensburg, PA and has a second location with a larger dining area at 9526 SR 30 in Irwin. We visited the Greensburg location for this review.

While in Greensburg, head over to All Saints Brewing for a beer, tapas at The Headkeeper, or check out the Westmoreland Museum of American Art!

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