18 Pittsburgh Weekend Trips to Get Out of the City

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 7, 2023.

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Discover the Burgh is, at its heart, a Pittsburgh blog.

As such, we do not feature destinations and attractions outside of the metro area- so more-or-less anything beyond what we would call a Pittsburgh day trip (about 60-90 minutes each way). You can see more of this on our interactive Pittsburgh map at the end of every post here as well.

While we do explore elsewhere in Pennsylvania, the country, and world quite a bit on frequent trips each year, we have decided to publish all non-southwestern Pennsylvania content on our sister travel blog, Living the Dream.

On this site, we've covered journeys from as a close to home as Cleveland, the Finger Lakes in New York, or the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky all the way to international destinations like Thailand, Mount Everest in Nepal, and Easter Island to name a few.

But to share Pittsburgh weekend trips ideas that you can take within a few hours of driving, this guide was born!

What Makes a Good Weekend Trip from Pittsburgh?

To us, a weekend trip from Pittsburgh would satisfy two specific points:

  1. The destination can be reached anywhere between 90 minutes to five hours from Pittsburgh (anything less could be a day trip, anything more may require more than a weekend for most).
  2. Would require at least one overnight stay to fully enjoy (while some may require a day or two extra to make it a long weekend).

For the purposes of this guide, we're also only going to feature destinations available via driving as well. However, if you are planning a weekend trip requiring a flight we have likely featured many of those over at Living the Dream as well!

First, we're going to start with weekend trips within Pennsylvania, and then we'll branch out to cover states nearby.

Pennsylvania Weekend Trips

When it comes to weekend trips within the state of Pennsylvania, we have to be upfront and state that we cannot do the state justice. With 67 counties spanning over 46,000 square miles, it would take us quite a bit of time to explore all PA has to offer. The following are a few places to consider when planning a weekend trip in the state and are a mix of recommendations from our own travels and via our friends at UncoveringPA!

The Laurel Highlands

The Laurel Highlands is one of those spots that is easily reached from Pittsburgh in a day trip but also covers such a vast distance that it could be a weekend trip in its own right. From the Laurel Highlands ski resorts in the winter, Frank Lloyd Wright houses such as Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, numerous parks like Ohiopyle, white water rafting in the summer, amusement parks like Idlewild & Soakzone, or historical spots like Fort Ligonier or Bushy Run Battlefield, there is truly enough to see in this stretch of Pennsylvania to fill up multiple weekends without ever running out. So make a trip out of it!

Looking for where to stay in the Laurel Highlands? If staying north, how about checking out The Campbell House B&B in Ligonier or if staying near Ohiopyle, perhaps a stay at the luxury resort Nemacolin? Or, check out prices for apartments in the Laurel Highlands too!


Erie Presque Isle

Erie is a close, two-hour drive for most in Pittsburgh, and while this one could easily be visited in a long day trip, we think it is best explored over the course of a weekend. Why? Well, apart from being perfectly situated on the lakes, Erie is home to a number of wineries, the Erie Ale Trail (full of some stellar breweries), and the gorgeous Presque Isle State Park– a peninsula on the lake featuring beaches and beautiful nature. Definitely far more to enjoy than just a day trip!

Looking for where to stay in Erie? For those who want to be right on the water, the Sheraton Erie Bayfront is a great option. Otherwise, Cobblestone Hotel & Suites is a few blocks away as well! Or, check out prices for an apartment rental in Erie for something a bit different.

Harrisburg / Hershey

As the state's capital, Harrisburg offers a number of historical sights to check out including the Capitol building and Broad Street Market (one of the oldest continually operating farmer's markets in the country). The city's location in central PA (about 3 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh) also makes it a great spot for restaurants and breweries, with the popular Troeg's Brewery calling the region home. Just on the outskirts of Harrisburg is Hershey, home to the famed amusement park and resort offering many Hershey-themed dining options as well.

Looking for where to stay in Harrisburg? Check out The Manor on Front– a great value option just a short walk from downtown or The Hershey Lodge for a Hershey resort experience. Or, if you want a homestay, check out prices on VRBO!

Cherry Springs

Cherry Springs State Park

Cherry Springs may not be the most well-known weekend trip from Pittsburgh, but it is one of the most interesting. That is because this spot is known as the darkest location east of the Mississippi in the USA, making it a great spot to go stargazing! But, when visiting this one, we highly recommend spending multiple nights as your ability to view the stars may be impacted by the weather (worth it for the roughly 4-hour drive, too). On our last visit, we booked too far in advance and ended up being rained out! 

Looking for where to stay in Cherry Springs? We recommend checking out the options on VRBO!


Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Out of all the weekend trip options featured in this guide, Philadelphia is among the most historical (and the furthest at almost exactly 5 hours). The birthplace of the USA occurred in Independence Hall, and there are many more historical sites to see when visiting. In between, hitting up restaurants to enjoy the iconic Philly cheesesteak is an absolute must as well! (And as far as the Pat's vs Geno's debate is concerned, it is no contest- Geno's for us)!

Looking for where to stay in Philadelphia? Check out Stay Alfred at the Broderick– a great value in downtown Philly and just steps away from Independence Hall (parking is on your own)! Looking for an apartment rental instead? Click here to check out prices in the city!

The Poconos

Hornbecks Creek Waterfall
Photo Courtesy UncoveringPA

The Poconos is another popular natural area in Pennsylvania, much like the Laurel Highlands, that is known for hiking, waterfalls, and reconnecting with nature. At 4 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, this one is a bit of a drive, but those who make the journey will be rewarded with a stunning weekend out in nature!

Looking for where to stay in the Poconos? Check out Maurrocks B&B. The Poconos are a great place to check out apartment rentals as well!


Statue at Gettysburg
Photo credit UncoveringPA

Almost every American should be well aware of the Battle of Gettysburg that occurred over three days in 1863. It is often considered to be the bloodiest battle ever on American soil, and during the course of the fight over 40,000 troops lost their lives. Today the site lives on as a battlefield memorial, and at approximately 3 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh is a great weekend trip idea for those who are looking to learn more about Civil War history in the state.

Looking for where to stay in Gettysburg? Check out the Inn at Cemetery Hill or possibly an VRBO. Or, to make it a bigger trip, stay in Frederick, Maryland (below), to have a base for more historical Civil War spots!


Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge
Photo credit UncoveringPA

Lancaster County, located about four hours east of Pittsburgh, is known primarily for being Pennsylvania Dutch Country and home to a thriving Amish community, covered bridges, and a whole lot more. But while this is often one of the biggest draws to this part of the state, Lancaster city is also home to a modest restaurant scene, the National Watch and Clock Museum, and a whole lot more- making it a great weekend trip.

Looking for where to stay in Lancaster? Consider staying at the Lancaster Arts Hotel in downtown Lancaster. The region also has a number of great apartment rental options as well.

For more things to do in Pennsylvania, click the previous link to check out more from our friends at UncoveringPA!

Trips Outside of Pennsylvania

For weekend trip ideas outside of Pennsylvania in the surrounding states, we recommend checking out the following destinations and articles on our sister site, Living the Dream. These destinations are all reached within driving distance, too!


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

We may give Cleveland a lot of grief because of the Browns, but all sports situations aside, the city is actually quite the fun place to visit (and at just 2 hours away from Pittsburgh, an easy weekend trip too!). Cleveland is home to a wonderful assortment of breweries, modern restaurants, the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is conveniently located on the shore of Lake Erie- giving a number of options for those who want to have a weekend trip somewhat close to home!

Looking for where to stay in Cleveland? Check out the Hilton Cleveland right in the heart of downtown near the Rock Hall or Clifford House B&B in the trendy Ohio City neighborhood. Or, if apartment rentals are more your style, there are a number options in Cleveland too.

Looking for a great Cleveland blog for more ideas? Check out Cleveland Traveler which is run by a good friend of ours!


Cincinanti Roeblings Bridge

Keeping up the trend of nearby sports cities that we can be somewhat considered rivals with, Cincinnati is an easy 4 1/2 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Between visiting for the sports teams (perhaps watching the Steelers beat the Bengals, or the Reds and Pirates being awful together), enjoying the city's stellar breweries, or simply marveling at the architecture along the Ohio River (including the Roebling Bridge, whose wire support system was created just outside of Pittsburgh), you'll have a great time exploring a city that isn't all too different from Pittsburgh when visiting here!

Looking for where to stay in Cincinnati? Consider the historical Cincinnatian right in the heart of downtown! And since Cincinnati is a huge city, VRBO has numerous options to choose from, too.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point

Are thrill rides more your speed? The 3 hour trip to Sandusky, Ohio, to visit Cedar Point is a must. This one is often considered to be the Rollercoaster Capital of the World (although is now #2 in terms of coaster count) and is home to some of the tallest, longest, and fastest rollercoasters you'll ever ride. While you can easily visit this park in a single day, a weekend trip is a must in order to experience everything they truly have to offer!

Looking for where to stay near Cedar Point? We always stay just steps from the park at the Hotel Breakers! While we are a fan of this hotel due to its proximity, there are a number of VRBO options in Sandusky too!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Depending on where you live in the city, you could possibly make it all the way to Toronto in just over five hours of driving. However, as we're keeping this list to feature spots you can visit in under five hours of driving, we're going to stop just a bit closer at one of the largest waterfalls in the region- Niagara Falls!

This massive waterfall can be reached on the US side in just about 3 hours and 45 minutes from Pittsburgh and throw on a bit more to cross the border and you can be on the (admittedly more beautiful) Canadian side to see the raw power of nature for yourself- just don't forget your passport.

Looking for a place to stay near Niagara Falls? Check out Hyatt Place Niagara Falls on the New York Side or Sheraton on the Falls on the Canadian side. There are also a number of apartment rentals on the US and Canadian sides as well!

Upstate New York

Waterfalls in Upstate New York

To us, when we think of upstate New York what we specifically are thinking about is the area including Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. This area was home to a lot of historical figures like Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglass, is enjoying an explosion in modern breweries thanks to recent state law changes, and is also home to some of the most stunning New York waterfalls we've seen. For those who like city, nature, food, and it all, a trip through upstate New York is a fabulous option all within 3 to 5 hours of driving depending on how far you want to travel!

Looking for where to stay in upstate New York? Check out the modern Strathallan by Hilton where we stayed in Rochester (or check out apartment rental options in the city, too)!

The Finger Lakes

Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen

In a way, we could call the Finger Lakes part of Upstate New York and be fine, but this particular stretch of New York (about 5 hours from Pittsburgh) is home to beautiful lakes, many impressive Finger Lakes wineries, Watkins Glen State Park (one of our favorite state parks anywhere we've been), and a whole lot more. As such, you could spend an entire weekend checking out the lakes and wineries all without visiting any other city. Or, if you want just a bit more, head to Corning on your way home to stop at the iconic Corning Museum of Glass.

Looking for where to stay in the Finger Lakes? Check out the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel on the shores of Seneca Lake, steps away from Watkins Glen, and a short drive from some of our favorite wineries like Boundary Breaks and Hermann J Weimer! There are also a wealth of apartment rental options right on the lake as well.

Shenandoah, Virginia

Dark Hollow Falls Skyline Drive

Want to explore another gorgeous wine region but head south? Shenandoah, Virginia, is the place to be. Not only are the wineries in Shenandoah pretty stellar (especially for white wines), but you also have easy access to the famous Skyline Drive, Shenandoah Caverns, and so much more outdoor nature activities. Just be prepared for a fair bit of driving at this one as you're going to cover a pretty good distance when exploring here. You can even detour to Harpers Ferry, WV, on the way back home too!

Looking for where to stay in Shenandoah? Check out the tiny houses just outside of Strasburg where I stayed, or look for more cabins near the northern entrance of Skyline Drive!

Washington DC

Congress in Washington DC

Washington DC is the kind of city that doesn't need much explanation. The nation's capital is home to some of the most impressive memorials, monuments, and museums in all of the USA, and the short 4-hour drive from Pittsburgh makes for a great weekend trip to take in as much history as possible!

Looking for where to stay in Washington DC? Check out the great value at the Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol- just steps away from the National Mall! Or, check out some VRBO options right in the heart of the city.

Looking for more in DC and nearby? Check out the travel blog DC Travel Magazine run by a friend of ours!


We have to admit, our interest in visiting Baltimore is often less on history and more on the food. The city, located just 4 hours from Pittsburgh, is a hub for all things seafood (namely crabs) and serves up a number of options at the many local restaurants, famous Lexington Market, and more. 

Looking for where to stay in Baltimore? Check out the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront just steps away from Inner Harbor! There are a number of great apartment rental options nearby too!

Frederick, Maryland

Creek Walk in Frederick, MD

At first glance, Frederick, MD, may not seem like your conventional spot to visit, but this one offers a strategic location to use as a base for trips to Washington DC, Baltimore, Gettysburg, and nearby Harper's Ferry as well- all just 30 to 60 minutes away (while Frederick itself is only just over 3 hours from Pittsburgh)! The city boasts a beautiful creek path, vibrant downtown full of shopping and dining options, and its own unique civil war history on its own right (be sure to visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine), making it a great spot to enjoy for a few days on its own, or at night after returning from many of the other historical cities nearby.

Looking for where to stay in Frederick? Check out the Hampton Inn & Suites just outside of downtown! Or, if you want to stay right in the heart of the city, check out VRBO for some better options.

Have a suggestion for another great weekend trip from Pittsburgh? Comment below to share so we can add it to this guide!

8 thoughts on “18 Pittsburgh Weekend Trips to Get Out of the City”

  1. Don’t overlook Youngstown, especially Butler Institute of American Art, McDonough Museum of Art, Charles Smith Rock and Gem Collection and Ward Beecher Planetarium, all on the Youngstown State University campus. Within walking distance is the Arms Museum (a house museum NOT military), the Tyler History Museum and the Museum of Industry and History. Be sure to visit Fellow’s Riverside Gardens with the D. D. and Velma Davis Center and Lanterman Mill in Mill Creek Park. The Lily Pond and various lakes and wetlands ringed by extensive bike and hiking trails are a wonderful option in the park, known as the Green Cathedral. Many dining and entertainment venues are available in downtown Youngstown. Accessibility and ease of driving around town is a big plus. Drive up Fifth Avenue through the historic district to see the magnificent homes of early 20th century industrialists and community leaders. Wick Park is a beautiful city green space surrounded by additional large homes and Stambaugh Auditorium. The Covelli Center and adjacent amphitheater are great places to attend concerts, hockey games and other events. Don’t skip Youngstown,

  2. If you are an outdoors person, try The Hocking Hills, Ohio area. Only a three and one half hour drive from Pittsburgh. Plenty of hiking (waterfalls and caves), rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, zip lining.

  3. I recommend Big Rail Brewing in Grove City. They have a beer garden in the woods every weekend plus food trucks. The location is beautiful and the grounds are perfect for social distancing outdoors.

  4. When visiting Erie be sure to visit the Erie Children’s Museum, the Erie Art Museum, and the Maritime museum. There are also a lot of great local wineries in the area.

  5. Berlin, Ohio–Amish Country Approximately 2 hours from Pittsburgh. Great food, many shops, historic Millersburg a few miles away. Buggy rides, Walnut Creek store stocked with grocery items, jams, jellies a nearby small zoo. Lots to do!

  6. For anyone interested in trains and/or history, a weekend in the Altoona/Johnstown area is a great trip. Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona is different from other RR sites because it’s more about the people than the trains. Then go up (literally!) to the Horseshoe Curve – further up the mountain to the Gallitzin Tunnels – head out to the nearby Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS. Then down US 22 west to the Cresson and the Cassandra viewing platforms where railfans will tell you all about the trains on the mainline. For more RR interest, go east to the East Broad Top Railroad and ride a steam train; the Everett RR also runs excursions from Hollidaysburg (my favorite little town). Or, for history buffs, continue south from Cassandra to the Johnstown Flood NHS, and the flood museum in downtown Johnstown.


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