27 Bakeries in Pittsburgh You Must Try to Satisfy Your Cravings

Published by Angie. Last Updated on January 12, 2024.

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Although our bakery scene in Pittsburgh is somewhat small, the emergence of several high quality, creative bakeries over the past few years has been encouraging.

Sure, there are the big guys that have been around seemingly forever like Prantl's, Oakmont Bakery, and Breadworks, but what about little neighborhood spots where you can get a buttery croissant or a danish that's a work of art?

Fortunately, these types of artisan corner bakeries have been popping up in recent years. Everything from crusty breads to gluten free goodies to French pastries can now be found right here in the Burgh.

Lucky for you, we have no shame when it comes to bakery hopping (yes, we're making that a thing) and are here to clue you in on where to go to get your fix of baked goods.

As with most of our guides, this list is only a selection of bakeries we've visited to date. As we visit more bakeries in Pittsburgh we will update this article accordingly!

Madeleine Bakery in Wilkinsburg / Regent Square

Madeleine Bakery

One of the newest bakeries in the city, Madeleine Bakery is located in Wilkinsburg near Regent Square. This spot wins hands down the award for most adorable bakery in the city, but they're more than just a pretty face- they're serving up beautiful French pastries and breads like croissants, kouign amann, bouchons, madeleines, and baguettes, as well as loaves of sourdough, cookies, scones, and muffins for good measure.

Besides their namesake pastry which is a delicate little cake that's spongy with a hint of lemon, we've tried their cookies and croissants. The cookies were a bit crunchier than I like my cookies, but the chocolate chip and sea salt is a great flavor combination. The croissants are by far the best thing we've had here, and probably some of the best in the city, simultaneously light and rich with supremely flaky layers and a heavenly crackle on the outside.

We've heard rumors that the kouign amann are also to die for, which we believe given that they're basically amped up croissants with crunchy caramelized sugar on the outside. They typically only offer these babies during the week, however, and they are known to go quickly.

Madeleine Bakery is located at is located at 609 S Trenton Avenue in Wilkinsburg right on the border with Regent Square.

Five Points Artisan Bakeshop in Squirrel Hill / Point Breeze

Five points Artisan Bakeshop

Located in Squirrel Hill, Five Points Artisan Bakeshop has an extensive bread menu with the likes of baguettes, several kinds of sourdough, rolls, and other breads available on certain days of the week like challah, ciabatta, and dark rye. But they haven't forgotten about pastries and cookies- you'll find croissants, danishes, tarts, scones, and muffins. There's even sandwiches Tuesdays through Saturdays.

We indulged in a a mushroom and green onion tart here which was rich, well-seasoned, and packed with different kinds of mushrooms, not to mention the flaky crust. This was served at room temperature which was the only downside – once we warmed it up at home it was even better, although the flakiness of the crust suffered a little.

We also took a loaf of sourdough home which had a nice airy crumb and crackly crust. Our favorite thing here so far has been the apple danish: buttery, flaky layers of pastry are the resting spot for tender, creamy, sweet-tart baked apple slices. Delicious!

There is a table where you can stand and snack, but in general this more of a grab and go spot. We can definitely see returning here to try some of the other types of bread.

Five Points Artisan Bakeshop is located at 6520 Wilkins Avenue in Squirrel Hill at the border with Point Breeze.

La Gourmandine in Multiple Locations

La Gourmandine

La Gourmandine is a superb French bakery with several locations around Pittsburgh. We've visited the cozy, tiny spot in Lawrenceville as well as the new and expansive storefront in Hazelwood, but there are also locations in Mt. Lebanon and downtown.

All manner of traditional French goodies are available including breads, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and quiches. Their croissants are some of the flakiest we've had in the city, and the baguettes are heavenly as well. But let's face it, we're a sucker for fancy French sweets, and the creations here hit the mark.

The moelleux au chocolate is their take on a lava cake- heat it up just a little before eating it and the center turns into a gooey, rich, dark chocolate wonder. The foret noire is also amazing with a fluffy chocolate mousse and cherries in the center surrounded by a thin dark cocoa coating on the outside.

La Gourmandine has four locations around Pittsburgh, the above photo is from the Hazelwood location at 5013 Second Avenue.

Grandview Bakery in Mount Washington

Grandview Bakery

Located in the business district on Mt. Washington's Shiloh Street, this bakery is a great place to pop into if you're coming up the Monongahela Incline, or if you're in the neighborhood to check out the awesome views of the Pittsburgh skyline.

Although Grandview Bakery does bake a small selection of breads, the sweets are really what you need to come in for. Cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, brownies, donuts, and pies are all part of the deal here.

Having lived within walking distance of this bakery for a few years, we can tell you that our all time favorite goodies here are the lemon bars. The shortbread crust is buttery and sugary and unlike any other lemon bar crust we've had before. The lemon filling is creamy and just sweet enough, while the crusty layer of powdered sugar on top balances the tartness of the lemon. Divine!

Another really awesome thing about Grandview Bakery is their selection of baking supplies. In fact, their selection of sprinkles, molds, flavorings, sugars, boxes, and packaging supplies occupies nearly half of their storefront space. It's enough to make any baker's heart swoon!

Grandview Bakery is located at 225 Shiloh Street on Mount Washington.

Allegro Hearth Bakery in Squirrel Hill

Allegro Hearth

Allegro Hearth Bakery is a longtime establishment in Squirrel Hill baking up breads, cakes, pies, quick breads, and other pastries. In 2020, the bakery closed for a bit of time and re-invented their entire menu to be vegan friendly and went to painstaking efforts to perfect their popular recipes with plant-based ingredients.

We re-visted this one shortly after they opened and sampled some of their breads on a new sandwich menu, and and really appreciated how strong of flavors they could get out of vegan products designed to replace traditional egg and meat-based ingredients. We will be back for more!

Allegro Hearth is located at 2034 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill

The Butterwood Bake Consortium in Lawrenceville

Butterwood Bake Consortium

This spot is hipster hangout meets Victorian style tea parlor and it specializes in lavish layer cakes. The cakes are truly works of art, piled high with multiple layers and extravagant fillings and garnishes. A cream colored Victorian couch dominates the seating area while red velvet curtains line the windows. The whole experience feels decidedly indulgent but somehow necessary.

We tried a chocolate layer cake which was dense but still moist with a rich chocolate flavor, perfect for getting your chocolate fix on. We also really enjoyed the brown butter blondie which was gooey, slightly salty, and buttery- it was even served warm.

For drinks check out the fancy hot chocolate with the steamed milk, chocolate, and whipped cream served separately on a fancy silver platter so you can concoct the drink yourself. There's even an espresso bar complete with beans from local roaster KLVN – the cortado we had was a great foil to the decadent desserts.

One of the best things about this cafe is that they're open late – until 11PM Wednesday through Saturday, and 9PM on Sunday (at the time of publishing). Get down to Lawrenceville to check them out!

The Butterwood Bake Consortium is located at 5222 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Father & Son Family Bakery in Perry North

Father & Son Family Bakery

Many North Siders were quite upset to hear that long-time staple Schorr Bakery was going to close in 2019. But in 2020 it was announced that the bakery would re-open as Father & Son Family Bakery while featuring some of the same recipes from the previous owners.

Naturally, we rushed out to this one shortly after it opened and found a wealth of donut options available during our first visit. Many of the donuts were of conventional styles like traditional glazed or cream-filled but also a bit less conventional options like apple fritters and tiger tails.

We walked away with several donuts (pictured above) for a great price of just about $5 and rather enjoyed the light and airy texture without any of the donuts being overly sweet as well. A great combination and a welcome return to the North Side as well. Now we want to put an order in for a pie or cake to try even more!

Father & Son Family Bakery is located at 3912 Perrysville Avenue in Perry North.

Pane e Pronto in the Strip District

Pane e Pronto

If you are fans of the Italian restaurant, DiAnoia's, you're going to love their latest concept- Pane e Pronto. This spot is one part bakery, serving up an array of artisan bread and quick sandwiches, and a one-stop kitchen for quick Italian takeout.

As this is a bakery roundup, we're focusing on the baked goods side here as this one offers an array of sourdough options, rustic baguettes, and even a few sweet treats like danishes and dessert focaccia (which during our visit was topped with grapes).

One of the best ways to enjoy this one is with a sandwich to go and during our first visit we were able to sample a sandwich with prosciutto and provolone which transported us back to Italy with every bite, as well as one with Calabrian chili, tomato, anchovy, and onion. Delicious ingredients and even better bread make for a wonderful combination!

Pane e Pronto is located at 2627 Penn Avenue in the Strip District, just a block away form DiAnoia's.

Breadworks Bakery in Perry South (North Side)

Breadworks Bakery

Breadworks Bakery has been around since 1979 serving up, as you might surmise from its name, just high quality breads. They supply lots of the restaurants in the area so chances are you've probably eaten their bread before without realizing it.

Although you can purchase their bread at dozens of stores around the city (like Penn Mac and Wholey's in the Strip District), there's something exhilarating about visiting their main bakery in the North Side and seeing the huge scale of their operation. The workers here are always the nicest – more often than not they'll give you a breadstick or roll to nibble on while you decide on your order.

The breads here tend towards traditional (like sourdough, rye, and rolls) but they do offer a selection of more rustic, crusty breads like ciabatta, rustic Italian, and six grain. We're always amazed at how huge the loaves are here for such a low price.

A few tips: they are cash only, so make sure you come prepared. Also, they offer half off all breads the last half hour before closing (5:30-6PM on weekdays; 2:30-3PM on Sundays at the time of publishing), making their already great deals even better.

Breadworks Bakery is located at 2110 Brighton Road in Perry South (in the North Side).

Prohibition Pastries in East Liberty

Prohibition Pastries

Prohibition Pastries fills an interesting bakery niche by using local spirits and beers to flavor their goodies. Hand pies, pies, cupcakes, quiches, cakes, cookies, and breads are all on offer here.

On our visit we tried a Whisper of Whiskey cupcake which was a chocolate cupcake filled with a whiskey-spiked dulce de leche filling and topped with chocolate icing. The cupcake could have been a little more moist but the dulce de leche filling was addicting for sure, and they certainly didn't skimp on the frosting either.

Prohibition Pastries is located at 6168 Centre Avenue in East Liberty. Note that they were formerly located in Point Breeze and the above photo is from our visit to the previous location.

Brown Bear Bread Cafe in Mt. Oliver

Brown Bear Bread cafe

Brown Bear Bread Cafe in Mt. Oliver is a one-stop shop for those looking for great bread south of the city as well as a modest selection of sweet treats.

Bread is the primary focus at this one with an array of artisan made breads, killer English muffins, and more that can be enjoyed both as orders to go or tastefully made in the modest breakfast/brunch menus (an English muffin sandwich is a must, if you are in the mood to stay for a while).

But while we were tempted on buying all of the bread on our way out, we'd be remiss if we did not add on a sweet treat to round out our visit and the brioche bun with orange blossom Chantilly cream gave us a refreshing hint of sweetness which paired nicely with our bread-heavy feast!

Brown Bear Bread Cafe is located at 225 Brownsville Rd in Mt. Oliver.

Pigeon Bagels in Squirrel Hill

Pigeon Bagels

Pigeon Bagels started out as a pop-up that could be found at events and farmer's markets but then moved to a dedicated storefront in Squirrel Hill in mid-2019. This one serves up an array of kettle boiled bagels that will give the famous bagel shops in New York City a run for their money (I had just had some from NYC the week prior to visiting the store and firmly believe in this).

The options at this one run the spectrum from plain to sesame, everything to garlic sea salt, and more. They round out the menu with a pretty impressive spread of schmear (the herb and fib & honey ones are our favorites) as well as sandwich options including the conventional lox to a vegan carrot lox and more.

While we would say that the quantity of filling is a bit sparse compared to their NYC counterparts (but still quite packed otherwise), the flavors more than make-up for it. One bite into these and you'll wonder why it took so long for the city to get a bagel place like this!

Pigeon Bagels is located at 5613 Hobart Street in Squirrel Hill.

Panaderia Jazmin in Mt. Lebanon

Panaderia Jazmin

We are of the firm opinion that Pittsburgh could always use more international restaurants, and this thinking extends to other international businesses as well- like bakeries. So when we heard that the South Hills is now home to a Mexican bakery, Panaderia Jazmin, we went right away.

This small shop is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of place. It occupies one of the smallest footprints you'll find for a business but packs it all in with an array of Mexican treats ranging from churros to pan dulce, conchas, and more with many of the pastries we tried offering up a familiar, almost brioche-like texture, that transported us back to all those bakeries we enjoyed when traveling in Mexico.

So when you get your tray and tongs ready to go, err on the side of caution and add two or three more pastries to your order. You won't regret it!

Panaderia Jazmin is located at 300 Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon.

350° Bakery in South Side Slopes

350 degree Bakery

350° Bakery is a tiny and adorable bakery on the top of South Side Slopes that offers a nice mix of savory goods like breakfast sandwiches, scones, and hand pies as well as sweets like muffins, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and pies to name a few. Naturally, with a spread like this we had to order a bunch during our first visit to try it all.

Biscuits at 350° Bakery

Their breakfast sandwiches are served on huge house-made biscuits that are tender, buttery, and moist with a nice crispy bite on the exterior; on our visit the sandwich special was egg, cheese, and onion jam. Other standouts are the oatmeal cream cookies and the mini loaves of babka. The babka is easily some of the best we've ever had – underneath the crunchy exterior are loads of flaky layers with a considerable amount of chocolate in each one.

Suffice it to say, you'll want one of everything here so plan on going hungry and having enough for leftovers as well!

350° Bakery is located at 2427 S 18th Street in South Side Slopes.

Jak's Bakery in Bloomfield

Jak's Bakery

Jak's Bakery is a Bulgarian bakery that started out as a pop-up at many area farmer's markets and moved to a permanent storefront in Bloomfield in late 2023. We fell in love with pastries like banitsa (Bulgarian feta stuffed into phyllo dough) when traveling in the country, and it quickly became one of our favorite Bulgarian foods.

To say that this one does justice to the style is an understatement because Jak's pastries are perfect iterations that we remember from our travels. The banitsa is cheesy, flaky, and slightly greasy, and is something you really should try when you see Jak's next! But if you have room for more, the rosehip or halva (sesame) flavored kifla are a real treat as well!

Jak's Bakery is located at 4310 Main Street in Bloomfield, just next to Trace Brewing.

Better Maid Donuts in Crafton Heights

Better Maid Donuts

When it comes to sweet, cake donuts, it is hard to beat a trip out to Better Maid Donuts in Crafton Heights. This gem, found in an unassuming white house with little to no signage, is consistently rated one of the best donut shops in the region.

Whether you go for a classic glazed donut, a cream or jelly filled creation, or a dozen donut holes (or do what we do and get a bit of all three), your sweet tooth will be rewarded here as the sugary donuts are, to put it bluntly, perfect.

But if you want to check this one out, keep in mind that they often sell out within an hour of opening and tend to close completely without prior notice. So that early morning wake up for these gems can sometimes lead to disappointment if you are unlucky!

Better Maid Donuts is located at 1178 Steuben St in Crafton Heights and is cash only.

Anthos Bakery in Castle Shannon

Anthos Bakery

Anthos Bakery is Pittsburgh's resident Greek bakery and serves up a healthy mix of breads, sweet treats, preserved products from Greece, and a modest cafe menu of Greek staples as well.

So while you may go in for a loaf of olive stuffed fugasse, sour cherry cookies, or baklava, you may end up leaving after enjoying a delicious meal (go for the toasts) armed with a Greek coffee and so much more.

Throw in the fact that this bakery is absolutely adorable, and it hits all the marks for us!

Anthos Bakery is located at 3803 Willow Ave in Castle Shannon.

Jean-Marc Chatellier's in Millvale

Jean-Marc Chatellier

It surprised us to learn that there is a French bakery in Millvale, but there is one indeed and it is legitimate- it's owned by a baker (Jean-Marc) from Brittany, France, and it's been around for over 25 years! This spot bakes up a variety of macarons, specialty cakes, croissants, danishes, palmiers, strudels, tarts, and quiches.

We are suckers for the kouign amann, which are made from buttery, flaky croissant dough but with a layer of crunchy caramelized sugar on the outside. They are rich and savory but just sugary enough to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Their tartlets are also adorable with a variety of colorful fruit toppings bathed in a glistening sugar layer. The apple one has a super thin layer of sliced apples and a creamy custard underneath. They're almost too pretty to eat – almost!

Another unique specialty at Jean Marc is their Breton buckwheat cake. The texture of these cakes is really dense and to me is reminiscent of a really dense blondie brownie. They're nutty, buttery, and even better warmed up as they get a little soft and gooey.

Pro tip: Things sell out early on Saturdays (many items are gone by about 9 or 10 am) so set your alarm if you want to pick up something specific!

Jean-Marc Chatellier's is located at 213 North Avenue in Millvale.

Bethel Bakery in Bethel Park

Bethel Bakery

Bethel Bakery is a South Hills institution famous for their gourmet and delicious special occasion cakes. Although we didn't try any cakes on our visit, we did try an orange dreamsicle cupcake which was a vanilla/orange cupcake topped with a huge amount of frosting. It was quite sweet but definitely lived up to the dreamsicle name.

We also tried an old fashioned donut and some mini cherry cheesecake bites that had a nicely spiced crumb layer on the bottom, a rich and creamy cheesecake filling, and a sweet-tart cherry topping.

Our favorite thing here was probably the buttercream donut which is exactly as it sounds. It's a large donut that is built basically like a sandwich with the filling being the buttercream. The donut itself was soft and pillowy, and the buttercream was also light and fluffy. The whole thing was so airy we almost forgot about the calories.


Bethel Bakery is located at 5200 Brightwood Road in Bethel Park, PA.

Potomac Bakery in the South Hills

Potomac Bakery

Potomac Bakery with locations in Dormont and Mt Lebanon has a small, neighborhood bakery feel. But don't let its size fool you – the treats here are mighty good. They offer breads, muffins, donuts, coffee cakes, cookies, pies, cakes, and other desserts.

On our visit to the Dormont location we tried a few flower shaped iced sugar cookies. These cookies were tender and soft, and they reminded me of the Christmas cookies my mom made growing up.

We also tried a cannoli which had a filling that was a little more dense than I'm used to but it was a perfectly delicious iteration. The shell seemed a bit thick and crunchy.

Our favorite thing here was the chocolate delight which was a moist chocolate cupcake topped with buttercream, and the whole thing was covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The buttercream was very rich and buttery, while the bitterness of the dark chocolate helped rein in the sweetness of the whole thing. Yum!

Potomac Bakery is located at 1419 Potomac Avenue in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Lincoln Bakery in Bellevue

Pastries from Lincoln Bakery

Lincoln Bakery is a staple of Bellevue as they have been producing baked goods since 1945. They have an array of options ranging from cookies to donuts, pies to cakes, and most every kind of conventional pastry you can think of (including some more unusual ones as well!).

During our first visit we had a hard time figuring out what to buy because not only are the options plentiful, they are quite cheap as well!

Our first order included a generously sized cream puff that was loaded with filling and ample powdered sugar on top, a mini peach pie that was two perfect servings for us, and a sfogliette- an Italian pastry made of a chewy, phyllo-like dough and stuffed with an orange cream. And just to reiterate the price point, this cost us just over $8.

We'll be back for more soon!

Lincoln Bakery is located at 543 Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue, just west of Pittsburgh.

Mediterra Cafe in Several Locations

Mediterra Cafe

Mediterra Cafe is an adorable bakery with several locations around the city that offers a wide array of baked goods ranging from breads to sweets as well as other cafe style fare including coffee, meals, cheese, and other artisan goods.

As Mediterra has such a strong focus in the bread department, you should do yourself a favor and trying a sandwich or slice of thick cut pizza during your visit as both help convey the complexities of the bread flavors in ways you will have a hard time replicating at home.

The sweet options at Mediterra are just as robust and during our visit we sampled a blueberry cheesecake cookie sandwich which was a perfect counterpoint to our savory meal.

Our only regret was that we did not have enough room to take all the bread home with us after!

Mediterra Cafe is located at 430 Beaver Street in Sewickley, 292 Beverly Road in Mt Lebanon, and 5202 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont

Oakmont Bakery

Oakmont Bakery definitely wins as one of the largest bakeries in the Pittsburgh area. With dozens of display cases showcasing elaborate sweet and savory treats, this spot is a destination in itself – we drove half an hour just to check it out, and it was entirely worth it.

On the more savory side of things, you can find breads, bagels, rolls, and sandwich rings here. We tried out an everything bagel that didn't quite have as much onion and garlic flavor as we would have liked, but had a surprisingly delicious chewy texture. We also nibbled a croissant which lacked a crackly, crusty outside but was buttery and spongy (rather than flaky) on the inside.

It seems as the sweeter side of things is where Oakmont excels, if the fancy gourmet cakes and cupcakes on display are any indication. For sweets you'll find cookies, donuts, pastries, pies, and even chocolates like truffles and buckeyes.

We tried a maple twist which was almost like a cinnamon roll but in rectangular form. The rich, yeasty, eggy dough mingled with layers of cinnamon sugar and was topped with a sweet maple frosting. This was so rich and decadent that we could only eat a few bites at a time!

Oakmont Bakery also has seasonal specialties which on our visit were paczki and king cakes. Paczki are Polish pastries that are made from a yeasted dough, stuffed with fruit or other sweet fillings, and fried almost like a donut. We picked up two of these beauties, one stuffed with a whipped cream, and one stuffed with a prune filling. They were both heavenly but the prune one was our favorite with its thick, jammy filling that wasn't too sweet and a light but rich glazed dough. We were lucky we ate these at home, otherwise we would have been tempted to order more! (Paczki are only available from mid-January until Lent.)

Oakmont Bakery is located at One Sweet Street in Oakmont.

Moio's Italian Pastry Shop in Monroeville

Moio's Italian Pastry Shop

If you've ever driven through the business district in Monroeville, odds are good you've passed by Moio's. This unassuming shop is right in the heart of it all and serves up an array of baked goods from cookies to pies and everything in between.

In being an Italian bakery, you would do well to visit this one for their Italian treats like sfogliatelle (comparable to a crispy croissant and filled with a ricotta cheese mixture), ricotta tarts (a sweet dough tart), pasticciotti (cream-filled pastry), and more. These are often found lining the back walls, so you'll do well paying attention to the options here just as much as what is out in the cases in front of you.

Moio's Italian Pastry Shop is located at 4209 William Penn Highway in Monroeville, PA.

Prantl's Bakery in Several Locations

Prantl's Bakery

To round out this list, we head to what is perhaps Pittsburgh's most famous bakery- Prantl's.

Prantl's has several locations in the city and is known for a number of conventional baked goods ranging from cookies to whoopie pies. But what they're famous for (and truly win national awards for) is their burnt almond torte. This one is a white cake that is covered in icing and topped corner to corner with almonds.

As I am quite allergic to tree nuts, Jeremy had to wait quite some time for the stars to align to try this one. He said the several-year wait was worth it for this sugary and deeply nutty treat (although one could argue the cake is almost too sweet, but your preference may vary). Unfortunately, it is one I'll never be able to try for myself!

Prantl's Bakery has several locations around the city including Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Northside, Greensburg, and North Huntingdon. 

Vibo's Bakery in Brackenridge

Vibo's Bakery Sandwiches

Vibo's Italian Bakery is an unassuming bakery in Brackenridge (just outside of Natrona Heights) that offers a limited menu of Italian bread, pepperoni bread, sausage buns, fried dough, punsky (paczki), and sandwiches which rotate on any given day.

We had heard about the glory of Vibo's hot sausage sandwich specifically, which is only available on Thursdays and Saturdays as of our visit, and made it our mission to visit to give this one a try. For its price (just about $8), the sandwich was massive- easily two full meals for one and some could even stretch it into three. The hot sausage had a nice heat to it without being overtly hot, and the grilled peppers and onions really tied it altogether.

Vibo's Bakery Punsky

In addition, we grabbed a meatball sandwich, which was loaded with massive meatballs and a straight-up red tomato sauce and finished the meal out with some punsky (much later in the day when we could eat more food). The flavor of these could vary, and on our visit had a nice subtle orange filling and a texture that is hard to beat.

For just over $20, we really had a feast here.

Vibo's Italian Bakery is located at 881 Brackenridge Avenue in Brackenridge, PA.

The Two Fraus Bakery in Harmony

Two Fraus Bakery

The Two Fraus Bakery in Harmony is a small, one-room bakery in the German town of Harmony- located about 30 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.

This bakery focuses on simple products with minimal ingredients, yet comes away packing a big punch of flavor that you wouldn't expect. Their staples are breads, cookies, and baked goods like scones and muffins, but this one has a strong presence in seasonal creations (pumpkin cookies in the fall, anyone?) and unusual twists (like pretzel bed loaves as well as chocolate chip cookies made with potato chips)- delicious!

The Two Fraus Bakery is located at 253 Mercer Street in Harmony, PA.

Have a favorite bakery we haven't visited yet? Comment below to let us know about it. We'll check it out and add it into this guide on a future visit!

60 thoughts on “27 Bakeries in Pittsburgh You Must Try to Satisfy Your Cravings”

  1. Bethel Bakery in Bethel Park, awesome cakes! Graham’s on Mt Lebanon Blvd in Castle Shannon, excellent cookies, brownies and breakfast rolls.

  2. Pastries a la Carte on Rt 51 in Pleasant Hills. The buttercream icing is so light and smooth. The chocolate dream torte is amazing. They have some great specialty and novelty items like chocolate mousse cups, buttetbeer cupcakes, and chocolate tacos. It’s my new favorite.

    • Best donuts in Pa. If not the world? Oram’s in Beaver Fall’s. It is worth the 50 min. drive to Beaver County outside of Pittsburgh.
      They have a cinnamon roll that is as big as a babies head. It is yummy. Their best is the cream filled that have either chocolate icing , or white. Warning: they are addicting and you won’t want to buy just one.

    • Came here to suggest Pastries a la Carte! The fact that they aren’t on this list is a crime. Absolutely amazing cakes, tortes, pastries. We live quite far from them now and we still try to make the trip down for goodies a couple times a year.

      This is a great list with some old favorites and some new places to try!

  3. Barkus Bakery in Bellevue used to make a Chocolate Napoleons that we’re to die for. Since they went out of business, I can’t find a place that makes them like they did. If you find a place, would you let me know. Thank you for any help.

  4. The bakery at Kaufmann’s had the most deluxe thumb print cookies ever. The iceing was piled high and would have different flavors. Do you know if anyone has opened a bakery and makes these awesome cookies since they closed Kaufmann’s? Thank you!

    • Prantls Bakery makes thumbprints comparable to those that Kaufmann’s bakery offered. They are very similar in taste and presentation.
      Another option for incredible thumbprints piled high w a decadent buttercream icing or fudge is Baked with Love in Monroeville. A must try and well worth the drive.

  5. You are allergic to tree nuts but were able to eat safely at these places? Coming from out of town with my daughter and I need a safe place to grab a sweet treat…please advise if you can!


    • We are not doctors so we do not like to give medical advice, but Angie’s allergy is fairly severe even though she regularly eats food processed in a facility that has nuts. I know others can’t be in the same room as nuts (admittedly more common with peanuts than tree nuts), so its fairly personal. Almost every bakery uses nuts, so its up to your comfort level on what you/your daughter would consume. I think most bakers are fairly conscious of nut allergies so I would just go in and talk to them about what could be safe for your risk tolerance (or call ahead of time). Most are more than happy to talk through everything!

  6. Le Cupcake Shoppe is a must for this list!! They have a million flavors of mini cupcakes but they also make the most delicious cakes and cookies! I love the owner & her mom!

    • This bakery definitely needs to be added to the list! For those who don’t know it’s on Saltsburg Road near Three lakes golf course.

    • Pastries ala Carte is an awesome bakery. So good they had to add on to the shop. I love their icing and lucky for me you can buy it by the pound!!

  7. Signature Desserts on library rd in castle Shannon. It looks like a tiny hole in the wall (it’s in a strip mall sorta off the beaten track) but the cakes are AMAZING. They have a death by chocolate cake that is actually to die for. And anything with raspberry. Their raspberry filling is the best ever. It bursts with fresh raspberry flavor and has zero seeds.

    • I agree about Signature Desserts. They supply local restaurants and we absolutely love their carrot cake, it’s the best, full of nuts and the best cream cheese frosting!!

  8. Is there a bakery down by the convention center – I had a chocolate chip cookie that was half dipped in chocolate and I thought it came from a bakery near BRGR by the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Can anyone share the name?

  9. Graham’s in Mt Lebanon shops has the best chocolate gobs. They are heaven in your mouth! I even order large gob cakes now. Their donuts and cinnamon rolls are amazing too!

  10. Dave’s Terrace Bakery in Baldwin is known for their “icebox cakes” but they also have bread, cookies, pizzas, pepperoni rolls, Paska bread for Easter, danish,pies, you name it. And also, six varieties of homemade pierogies. They are amazing! Check them out!

  11. Gaby et Jules Patisserie on Forbes in Squirrel Hill is a dessert lovers haven. I am a chocoholic and Le Royal helps to soothe that craving for creaminess and chocolate..Everything we have tried, we loved! Drop in and check it out.

  12. AMEN!! Live in Butler and travel alot to Beaver Falls to this fabulous bakery. Those Cinnamen donuts are beyond anyone’s imagination, warm up quick in microwave and spread some butter, OMG. You can call ahead, even after hours to put in an order, they sell out fast. Your belly will smile too….

  13. Good L’oven cookie shop in both Bellevue and Ross. The best cookies.! They did the farmers market in market square on Thursday.

  14. 1905 Bakery in Mckees Rocks is a hidden gem. Delicious Italian treats savory and sweet. I had a nut cookie the owner gave me that just melted in my mouth. Rice pudding is so good. Savory treats also. Spinach and cheese pinwheel absolutely to die for. Please try this place !!

  15. Good L’oven in Bellevue and North Hills. Amazing cookies. Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. She also uses her cookies to make ice cream sandwiches. Small business owned by a hard working mom.

  16. Crust Worthy at the farmers markets! It’s woman-owned and operated, super small business, but everything is soooo good. She uses all organic, local grains, mostly sourdough breads and some pastries. I love that it’s not just all wheat stuff – there’s a creative mix of other grains constantly. Plus there are lots of allergen friendly choices, most of the stuff is free of nuts, dairy, eggs, etc. Seriously, check them out!!

  17. Please try this bakery in Harmony! It’s like you are in your grannies kitchen.

    Lagerhaus Bakery

    Too bad it missed this article.

  18. A few years ago I discovered the Paddy Cake Bakery at 4763 Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield, and since then it’s become a regular visit for me. Their layer cakes remind me of the cakes that used be sold at the Barkus stores.

  19. Signature Desserts on Rt 88 (Library Road) Castle Shannon has a FABULOUS Death by Chocolate cake and their tarts are excellent too. I especially love their pear tart.

  20. Dave’s Terrace Bakery in Baldwin – in the South Hills- as mentioned previously🧁The donuts🍩 cookies🍪 & cakes 🍰🎂 are Great & very reasonably priced❣️Good customer service too- Staff is so Nice & Helpful❣️

  21. Thank you for the list! I grew up in McKeesport in the 50’s and 60’s. There were a lot of great bakeries that I remember there during that time. I lived in Dormont and Bethel before left the area in 1981 but get back for visits regularly. I recommend adding Minerva’s in McKeesport to your list. They have been around for over 75 years and make great bread, cakes, and pastries. We found there a sweet pastery pretzel covered with crushed walnuts similar to what we had in a bakery in Cologne, Germany!

  22. Food Glorious Food on Bryant St. in Highland Park. Their cakes, especially their signature Daffodil Cake, are to die for!

  23. Dudt’s bakery on Rte 19 in Wexford. I think their toasted almond torte surpasses Prantl’s. And their French Bear Claw is amazing.

  24. My Sweet Lilly Boutique Bakery in the Strip District – known for their french macarons, fresh-made cannoli, rolled pizzelles filled with french pastry cream and lady locks!

  25. Party Cake in Brookline has the BEST Toasted Almond Torte in the city. And the price is right. Compare it to the better known bakeries, they win hands down.

  26. Patti’s pasticceria in white oak;,has both Italian specialties such as cannoli, zeppoli s, lobster tail pastry’s along with hand made traditional cookies such as thumbprints, lady locks and much more!

  27. Sweet Tillies in New Kensington – specializes in baklava – offering 6 flavors. Apricot Ginger, Chocolate Hazelnut, Amaretto , Chocolate Peanut butter, cookie butter , Traditional. Order Online or stop in the shop. They ship nationwide.


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