Farmer x Baker Review – Fresh Dining on the Allegheny River

Published by Angie. Last Updated on November 18, 2022.

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Farmer x Baker is a unique restaurant housed in a shipping container along the riverfront in Aspinwall that offers fresh, local, and seasonal brunch fare (with the occasional dinner menu). We have long wished for better waterfront usage in Pittsburgh, and Farmer x Baker is a beautiful and delicious concept that we hope is the start of more great waterfront dining options for our city.

Pretty Space, Prettier Food at Farmer x Baker

Farmer x Baker restaurant in Aspinwall

I can hardly think of a more perfect, serene setting for a farm to table restaurant than Farmer x Baker's as the restaurant's outdoor tables are set up right along the river. Although the kitchen itself is in an upcycled shipping container, don't let that fool you – the menu is seasonal and full of so many goodies from owner Jen Urich's farm (Root & Heart Farm), while the plating is definitely the fanciest I've ever seen on a disposable plate.

But the food is more than just pretty, it's downright delicious. The menu leans toward brunch items like breakfast sandwiches on housemade bagels, quiches, tarts, and pastries, but there are always a few non-brunchy things like tacos and salads. They are occasionally open for Friday night dinners where items such as wood fired pizzas and nachos make an appearance.

Breakfast Tart from Farmer x Baker

We recently visited for brunch and tried the breakfast tart which was like a frittata-quiche hybrid served in a puff pastry crust and stuffed full of kale, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes with flaky salt on top. A lovely little salad was served on the side with a tomato vinaigrette and crunchy radishes and cucumbers.

Breakfast Bagel and Berry Coffee Cake from Farmer x Baker

We also tried the veggie beast sandwich on an everything bagel with an added egg. It was served cut in half to showcase the colorful cross-section chock full of crunchy, fresh veggies like tomato and cucumber, pickled veggies, and cheese. I never thought a bagel breakfast sandwich could taste so light and refreshing!

For dessert (yes, we had dessert at brunch) we tried the berry coffee cake which had a truly amazing presentation with beautiful little pea shoots and flowers dotting the plate and several sauces drizzled dramatically over everything. This little cake was like a muffin with a super tender crumb and chunks of cream cheese inside. The sauces on top were a deep purple berry sauce that was just sweet enough and a rich, tangy, slightly sweet cream cheese sauce. Perfection!

I am still dreaming about this endearing little cake.

Farmer x Baker checks all the boxes for us: local, seasonal food that's pretty but also delicious, served up in a tranquil outdoor setting. Could you ask for anything more?

Farmer x Baker is located at 285 River Avenue in Aspinwall in Aspinwall Riverfront Park. 

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