44 Pittsburgh Coffee Shops to Grab a Delicious Brew

Published by Angie. Last Updated on May 9, 2024.

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I love coffee. And I don't mean sugar-laden, heart-attack-in-a-cup frappuccinos.

When I say I love coffee, I mean I love single origin coffee that actually tastes like something besides burnt beans (sorry Starbucks). Because I love experimenting with coffee brewing techniques at home, and have a good idea of how to brew a good cup, it takes a really excellent coffee to get me excited about visiting a coffee shop.

There is good reason for this. When I first moved to Pittsburgh I was pretty underwhelmed with the coffee scene. Luckily things have greatly improved over the past few years and they continue to get better all the time. Thanks to this new scene of coffee shops in Pittsburgh, I am on a quest to find the very best.

So which Pittsburgh coffee shops are worth your time?  Our ever-expanding guide gets to the bottom of that question.

Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace Coffee in Squirrel Hill

Commonplace Coffee was high on my must-try list as they roast their own beans and their coffee offerings include pourover options as well as single origin espresso.

Our first visit to Commonplace Coffee was at their Squirrel Hill location which was incredibly busy with students studying for finals. We tried a Colombian pourover and the barista seemed quite hurried in her pourover technique.

I understand that they were busy, and I probably shouldn't have been that jerk that ordered a pourover when there was a long line. At any rate, the pourover was a bit too tea-like for my tastes and didn't have as much body as I would have expected.

We had the chance to try Commonplace Coffee again a few weeks later when we were wandering around the Mexican War Streets yard sale and stumbled upon their location at 1501 Buena Vista Street.

The Tanzanian pourover was incredible and prepared with great technique, but even more impressive was the cold brew. I think their cold brew was the first I'd ever had that was drinkable on its own, and downright delicious, without the addition of cream and sugar. The balance of acidity and body was great and it was very refreshing on a hot day.

Commonplace Coffee has several locations in Pittsburgh. The Squirrel Hill branch featured in this article is at 5827 Forbes Avenue. We frequent the location in the Mexican War Streets at 1501 Buena Vista as well.

KLVN Coffee Lab

KLVN Coffee Lab

When we first walked into KLVN Coffee Lab, I was wowed at the super-trendy design elements but I have to admit I was a bit unsure of what the coffee was going to be like. Was this just a pretty facade for some average caffeination?

I'm happy to report that this place is the real deal – they roast their own beans (the roaster is right there in the shop) and offer a house blend coffee for espresso-based drinks as well as a rotating single origin bean for pourovers or shots of espresso.

The menu spans the usual hot and cold-brewed coffees plus espresso-based milk drinks, but they've also got a few interesting options like a cold brew old fashioned (non-alcoholic) with cold brew, sage bitters, clove syrup, and orange peel. We had to try this one out, and it was absolutely delicious with subtle spice notes that still allowed the coffee flavor to shine. I opted for a single origin espresso which was a Mexican bean on our visit.

The barista was helpful in comparing the flavors of their blend vs the Mexican bean, and the shot actually tasted like what he described. It was intensely chocolatey and had hints of bitter orange which was a really unique and amazing flavor profile for a shot of espresso.

KLVN Coffee Lab is located at 6600 Hamilton Avenue.

Redhawk Coffee

Redhawk Coffee

Up until late 2020, Redhawk Coffee maintained two stores in Pittsburgh- one downtown at the shop PG&H and one in Oakland. Since then, the downtown location has closed but they have expanded to their own dedicated space right in the heart of Sharpsburg.

During his first visit, Jeremy opted to get a pourover with a Kalita Wave (a variant of the more popular Hario V60), and ended up having a nice chat with the owner about coffee flavors, his palate (making for a perfect coffee selection), roasting palates, and Pittsburgh at large- making it the kind of coffee visit we would like every time we hit up a shop.

This continued at his second visit to the Sharpsburg location as well where he picked up a wonderfully balanced cortado as well as a bag of the house-roasted beans for us to enjoy at home later. Go for the coffee, but don't forget a bag of beans for later!

Redhawk Coffee has several locations including one at 1019 N Canal Street in Sharpsburg and one at 120 Meyran Avenue in Oakland.

Trace Brewing

coffee at Trace

You may be asking yourselves, “coffee, at a brewery?!” and you would be right to question our sanity. But at Trace Brewing in Bloomfield, you get just that.

We have a love for all things Trace- obviously for the beer but also for the space. But this one goes one step further and is open from morning to night, seven days a week to provide a work space during business hours and a place to unwind with a beer as the day rolls on.

Naturally, that involves coffee, and the brewery's modest onsite cafe setup rivals many great shops in the city for a delicious espresso or artfully made cortado. But for us when we go for a coffee we'll almost always make a day of it to work, and then roll straight on into happy hour for a brew. When you are at a brewery, this is how it has to be done!

Trace Brewing is located at 4312 Main Street in Bloomfield.

Gasoline Street Coffee

Gasoline Street Coffee

Gasoline St. Coffee is located in downtown Pittsburgh and has a cool industrial/retro vibe. Not only that, it serves up some delicious coffee, filling a much-needed niche for specialty coffee in downtown. The menu items have fun gasoline-themed names like Turbo Diesel (coffee with a shot of espresso), and they user beans from local roaster Commonplace Coffee so you know it's going to be good.

We had a great time relaxing here on a warm weekday when the garage doors were open and enjoyed a well-crafted cortado.

Gasoline Street Coffee is located at 643 First Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh.

Kaibur Coffee

Kaibur Coffee

Kaibur Coffee in Polish Hill is located in the former Lili Cafe spot (an employee purchased the shop and opened under the new name), so if the whole thing seems a little familiar, that's probably why. Serving up vegan/vegetarian-leaning food, the drinks are top notch with smooth espresso from Elixr Coffee (Philadelphia) teaming up well with milk that's perfectly steamed to retain its sweetness.

We enjoyed a lemon poppyseed donut that was dense and just sweet enough, and we also got the vegan reuben (made with seitan) which pleased even meat-loving Jeremy.

Kaibur Coffee is located at 3138 Dobson Street in Polish Hill.


Cafetano Coffee Roasters

Soluna (formerly Cafetano) in the Strip District is our kind of full-service coffee shop. This one exclusively focuses on Honduran coffees and serves up their delightful creations in a warm and welcoming space that invites you to stay a while (a rarity for the Strip District).

Apart from some lovely flavors in their espresso and macchiato, this one goes even further with a full bakery, sandwich, wrap, and salad menu as well (with some Honduran flavor twists thrown in the mix for good measure)- meaning you could show up to this one for a coffee and make a day out of things with work and lunch.

For those who do not want to take a break inside the cafe, the shop goes one step further with a walk-up window for those who want to get an espresso or coffee on the go during their shopping in the Strip as well. This one really has thought of everything and then some!

Soluna is located at 1601 Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

La Prima Espresso Co.

La Prima Espresso in the Strip District

How do you know this place is legitimate? Flocks of grey-haired Italian gentlemen are always hanging out here, conversing in Italian and sipping their macchiati and espressi. There are no seats except for a few small tables on the sidewalk- a few high top tables can also be found inside for standing up while you down your espresso.

La Prima roasts and blends their own beans, which we can always appreciate as consumers; however, as of late we've been becoming less and less of a fan of this spot as the roasts seem to be quite dark and well beyond our preferred taste for coffee.

Still, there is something to be said about the ambiance of this one as it is truly Italian through and through.

La Prima Espresso Co. is located at 205 21st Street in the Strip District and is open seven days a week.


Colombino in the Strip District

Colombino isn't a traditional coffee shop serving up stellar coffee and food in the South Hills!

So while you may not get a traditional cafe experience at this one, you will walk away with a delicious coffee all the same. Why? This one is all about Colombian coffee and imports their own green beans, roasts them locally, and has a number of preparation styles available in their little stall including espresso, pour over, drip, and more! And if you want something a bit different (and non-coffee), their hot cacao is a delightful treat- especially when it is cold out.

Colombino is located at 3400 South Park Road in Bethel Park. They also have a drive-up cart at 1501 W Liberty Avenue in the South Hills. Their Strip District location closed at the end of 2023.

De Fer Coffee & Tea

De Fer Pittsburgh

We were super bummed when 21st Coffee and Tea closed in the Strip District, but nearly as happy when we learned a new coffee shop was opening in the same spot.

De Fer Coffee and Tea is a specialty coffee and tea shop that also roasts its own coffee beans. In addition to the usual suspects of espresso based drinks and pourover coffees, they offer teas and a few specialty drinks like a maple cortado and matcha latte.

The food menu is still under development but currently they offer pastries from La Gourmandine and a fun toast menu. They also serve wine, beer, and cocktails, making this a spot you can hit up any time of day!

De Fer Coffee & Tea is located at 2002 Smallman Street in the Strip District as well as at 317 E Carson St Ste. 128 in the Highline Building in South Side.

Novaria Coffee

Novaria Coffee

Novaria Coffee is located in the heart of the Strip District (in the former Insurrection Brewery space) and is a welcoming spot with a straightforward menu of traditional brews, a delicious cortado, and Turkish and Middle East influences all around.

This goes well beyond simple Turkish coffee and, during our visit near opening at least, included date infused lattes, za'atar topped baked goods, and a whole lot more.

Suffice it to say, you'll do well for at least two visits here to try a bit of both sides of the menu- this one sure is delicious!

Novaria Coffee is located at 1812 Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

The James Cafe

The James cafe

The James Cafe is a cozy coffee shop just outside of the main business stretch of the Strip District on Smallman Street.

Although this section of the road may not be on your usual route when shopping in the Strip, if you are in the mood for a relaxing space with an ambiance that is as refreshing as the coffee, this one is worth the detour.

As we visited on a hot summer day during an Open Streets event, we opted for a nitro cold brew as well as a macchiato and enjoyed how well they were made with intense flavor that needed no adjusting whatsoever. Coffee done right in a beautiful space is what you get here!

The James Cafe is located at 2550 Smallman Street in the Strip District.

Yinz Coffee

Yinz Coffee

If you want to visit a coffee shop that is as much Pittsburgh-themed as it is cafe, Yinz Coffee is for you. This one comes from the former founder of Crazy Mocha and features an array of menu items both familiar and new to patrons of the shop.

But getting beyond the interesting name, Pittsburgh theme, local products, and casual coffee shop vibe, we do have to give a shoutout to their nitro cold brew here- a pretty good brew that offers some nice foamy bubbles to go with every sip!

Yinz Coffee has two locations in the city at 2 E North Ave in the North Side and 4525 Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield.

Redstart Roasters

Redstart Roasters

If you're looking for a relaxing coffee shop that has a wonderful ambiance, Redstart Roasters in East Liberty is the place to be. This admittedly smaller space is the kind of place we can see ourselves pulling out a computer and working for a while in relative quiet with a cup or two along the way.

From there, the coffee shop goes an extra step beyond roasting their own beans and it all has to do with their passion for birds (which you can find on the company's logo and most bags of beans). Not only does this one source beans from farmers that meet their own standards for ecology protection, but the roaster also donates a portion of their proceeds to many amazing causes all about protecting bird populations both locally and globally!

Drinking coffee for a cause? We can get behind that.

Redstart Roasters is located at 224 N Euclid Ave in East Liberty.


Coffee at Margaux

Margaux opened up in East Liberty in late 2021 and fills a void in the neighborhood's coffee scene. This spacious and wonderfully bright cafe checks a number of boxes in that there is room to spread out and work, a full bar menu, and some modest food options available as well.

As such, you really will see a mix of customers here ranging from students studying for their classes, friends grabbing a drink at the bar, or those making a brunch or light meal out of the visit as well.

We visited this one primarily for brunch, but added on an espresso and cortado to our order and thought they were wonderfully well crafted all the same. So while we will probably be visiting this one more for their cocktail and wine menu over the coffee shop (partly based on the fact that we only rarely visit East Liberty at the time of day we drink coffee), we do have to admit, this one checks the box nicely for its cafe component!

Margaux is located at 5947 Penn Avenue in East Liberty.

Scratch & Co

You likely know of Scratch & Co. as the cozy, made-from-scratch restaurant in the heart of Troy Hill.

In a recent iteration of the restaurant, they have transformed half of the space to be a cozy coffee shop for quick breakfast and lunches with a rather large coffee menu. For those who like flavored lattes, this one is a must try and we have become somewhat regulars to enjoy their sweet and savory honey miso latte amongst others.

If food is on your radar, as it should be at this particular establishment, don't skip over their bagel menu. These fresh-made bagels are worth seeking out!

Scratch & Co is located at 1720 Lowrie Street in Troy Hill.

Press House Coffee

Press Coffee House

For many years, Press House Coffee operated out of a small shop on Western Avenue (then known as Green Dragon Coffee) as a private, roast-on-demand shop that delivered beans all over the city. But in 2021, they made a change to convert to a full coffee shop and roastery operating in the North Side and Sewickley! (Note: Presently, only the Sewickley location is open with the former North Side space still under construction).

It only took a few moments after walking in the door to realize this was truly our kind of coffee shop. Think elegant vibes, a plethora of bean types and roasts, a modest food menu featuring some incredible toast options, and more. The macchiato and drip coffees we sampled here were roasted on the darker end and let rich and toasty notes come through in every sip and the overall presentation was second to none.

But for upcoming visits, we're going to have to switch over to one of their French Press options as they had roughly six different beans available to try in this particular style. When the machine is literally in their logo, well, you'll do well to take that under advisement to order it!

Press House Coffee is located at 505 Broad Street in Sewickley.

Orbis Caffe

Orbis Caffe in Mount Lebanon

Our first impression of Orbis Caffe, location in Mt. Lebanon, was that it looks like a European cafe with hardwood floors and ornate ceiling tiles. We went on a Sunday and everyone was enjoying their Sunday brunch from this cafe's impressive rotating menu. Alas, we ate just before arriving, so we stuck with the coffee.

We ordered what is becoming our favorite espresso drink, a cortado, and a pourover coffee. The cortado was balanced and smooth with a really nice microfoam. There were several options for the pourover coffee; we went with the Papua New Guinea from Washington, PA-based roaster 19 Coffee.

We don't normally drink Indonesian coffees as we find their funkiness a bit too much sometimes, but this one was very drinkable. It was earthy like we expected but this was balanced with some fruitiness and floral notes.

Orbis Caffe in Mount Lebanon

One of the things we like most about Orbis Caffe is that they offer coffees from three different roasters: 19 Coffee (Washington, PA), Ceremony Roasters (Annapolis), and Intelligentsia (Chicago). It's great to see the mix of local roasters and nationally known roasters to provide a little bit of something for everyone.

Orbis Caffe is located at 675 Washington Road in Mount Lebanon and is open seven days a week. 

Biddle's Escape

Biddle's Escape

Biddle's Escape is a quirky and fun coffee shop nestled in the Regent Square neighborhood, making it a great stop before or after a hike in Frick Park.

The outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, and the inside has an eclectic atmosphere with an abundance of African masks adorning the walls. A huge selection of looseleaf teas and herbs lines the back wall, and a few pinball machines are even lurking in the corner.

Although you'll probably remember the ambiance here more than the coffee, they offer a good cold brew, all your standard espresso-based drinks, drip and French press coffee, and a huge selection of teas.

Biddle's Escape is located at 401 Biddle Avenue in Regent Square.

Espresso a Mano

Espresso a Mano in Lawrenceville
Espresso a Mano in Lawrenceville is always bustling, no matter the time of day, with hipsters staring like zombies at their Mac screens for hours upon hours.

On our first visit we tried an espresso and a cortado. The espresso on its own was pretty acidic and thin-bodied. The cortado was excellent with an amazingly smooth, perfectly creamy microfoam (and pretty latte art).

Latte at Espresso a Mano in Lawrenceville

On my second visit I was wanting a little less caffeine since it was my second cup of the day. I asked the barista if he could just do one shot instead of their standard two in my small latte. He replied that no, they only pull double ristretto shots.

I appreciate coffee shops wanting to control the quality of their products, but I think this has to be balanced with customers' needs and wants as not everyone can handle that much caffeine.

Getting past this, Espresso a Mano makes an impressive latte worth checking out.

Espresso a Mano is located at 3623 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Delanie's Coffee

Delanie's Coffee

Delanie's Coffee is an impressive space with high ceilings, shiny hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, a loft area, and local artists' works adorning the walls. In addition to the usual offerings of espresso drinks, drip coffee, pourovers, and French press, Delanie's has their own juicer churning out fresh fruit and vegetable juices. There's also a fairly extensive cafe menu including all kinds of baked goods, sandwiches, and smoothies.

Delanie's Coffee in South Side

During our recent visit we tried a cortado and a macchiato. The barista asked if I really wanted a latte instead of a macchiato. As a former barista myself, I appreciate that most people don't really know what a macchiato is, but that question alone lets you know what kind of customers frequent this place (i.e. the kind that frequent Starbucks and don't really know what a macchiato is).

The drinks were fine except I ordered a decaf and it was not decaf, and we got the feeling our order was misheard not once, but twice during our visit. Overall, I definitely don't see this place as a destination for great coffee, but maybe more of a cafe for hanging out or meeting up with people. We're always up for a return visit to confirm!

Delanie's Coffee is located at 1737 East Carson Street in South Side.

Everyday Cafe

Everyday Cafe

Everyday Cafe is located in Homewood in a new building that utilizes the facade of the original post office. The cafe offers drip coffee, espresso based drinks, and teas as well as a small food menu. Food options include basic breakfast sandwiches and deli sandwiches in addition to hot items like baked flatbreads and panini. On our visit we stuck to simple drinks like an espresso and a cortado, both of which were balanced and made for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

The cafe displays works by Teenie Harris, the famous photographer who made his home in the neighborhood and is buried in the Homewood Cemetery. Another reason to love this cafe is that they return their profits back into the community, specifically towards programs that support youth and entrepreneurs.

Everyday Cafe is located at 532 N Homewood Avenue in Homewood

Tazza d'Oro

Tazza d'Oro Coffee

Set amidst the lush, mansion-filled neighborhood of Highland Park, Tazza d'Oro bustles on the weekends but still manages to maintain a peaceful vibe. The atmosphere is distinctly different from that at Espresso a Mano- think families and couples with dogs rather than 30 college students behind Macs.

Although Tazza d'Oro doesn't roast their own beans, they exclusively use Counter Culture beans from Durham, North Carolina. They offer several single origin coffees as pourovers as well as single origin espresso and espresso blends.

Another cool fact about this shop is that all their baristas receive training and certification from Counter Culture. Basically, you can be sure that the people behind the counter know their stuff!

When we visited we tried a single origin espresso and a cortado, both of which were well-executed and delicious. Single origin espresso is an interesting beast and something that we're definitely excited to drink more whenever we see it.

Tazza d'Oro is located at 1125 North Highland Avenue in Highland Park.


Arriviste Coffee

This super trendy coffee shop may seem a bit pretentious if you're not an extreme coffee nerd like me.

But I'm here to convince you that it's really not and is actually just a spot for delicious coffee – they've got pourovers made with beans from local roasters Commonplace Coffee and Passenger Coffee Roasters, and espresso drinks made using the ultra modern Modbar system. The Modbar machines are set up underneath the counter, giving the espresso bar a super slick and minimalist look.

On our recent visit we tried an espresso and a malagocchino. The espresso was a bit more acidic than I like but was definitely high quality and made with care. The malagocchino was a macchiato with shaved chocolate and sea salt on top, which made for a stunning presentation. Arriviste is not just for coffee drinkers – they've also got high quality teas, baked goods, and other little goodies for sale like Askinosie chocolate bars.

Arriviste is located at 5730 Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside. After your coffee head over to Roslyn Place to check out one of the last remaining wood streets in the country!


Ka-Fair Pittsburgh

Ka-Fair is a Thai coffee shop and bakery that opened up in Morningside in 2019. Apart from your traditional spread of coffee favorites, this one offers an array of tea and non-coffee options in a rather eclectic space which makes it as much of a spot to hang out in as much as it is to go grab a cup of coffee (of which I grabbed the special drip coffee feature).

When visiting this one, be sure to sample one of their housemade cakes or sandwiches in order to wind out your visit- the owner was a practicing cake decorator in Thailand and offers classes here!

Ka-Fair Coffee and Cakery is located at 1806 Chislett Street in Morningside.

Convive Coffee Roastery

Convive Coffee

You may not expect to find good coffee in a strip mall, which is perhaps why it's taken us so long to make it in to Convive. But we're glad we finally visited – the coffee here is definitely a highlight on this list.

Convive roasts their own beans and offers the usual espresso based drinks as well as pourovers. Something unique here is that the pourover machine is an automatic which is something we haven't seen elsewhere in Pittsburgh yet.

We tried a cortado which had intricate latte art but was just as delicious as it was beautiful. The balance of espresso acidity and creaminess from the milk was great, and the steamed milk had some of the smoothest microfoam we've had in a while. We also tried the Ethiopian Hamela estate pourover which was light and smooth.

We also bought some beans to go, the Bali Kintamani Highlands, and we have absolutely loved the full body and fruitiness of this natural processed coffee.

Convive Coffee Roastery is located at 751 Providence Blvd off of McKnight Road just north of Pittsburgh, 4032 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, 225 North Shore Drive in the North Side, and 960 Adams Shoppes in Mars.

Carnegie Coffee Company

Carnegie Coffee Company

Carnegie Coffee Company has a fantastic ambience as it's located in the old post office building in Carnegie.

High ceilings, hardwood floors, lots of natural light, and a bunch of different cozy seating areas make this a great place for hanging out or working. Carnegie Coffee Company serves food like pastries, sandwiches, panini, salads, and soups from Mediterra Bakehouse and Sausalido Bistro.

The coffee they serve is from Illy, an Italian coffee roaster, which is predictable and decent coffee. The drink menu includes drip coffee and standard hot and iced espresso based drinks. We noticed the coffee wasn't ground to order but had been sitting in the grinder (this may not bother anyone else but me), but our double espresso was smooth and balanced.

Carnegie Coffee Company is located at 132 E Main Street in Carnegie, PA just south of Pittsburgh.

Caffe D'Amore

Caffe D'Amore

Caffe D'Amore is a cozy little neighborhood coffee shop in Lawrenceville. We popped in after dinner nearby- normally they're not open that late in the evenings, but there was a special poetry reading going on.

The menu consists of your standard espresso bar drinks, a selection of teas, cold brew, and pour overs. While our cortado and latte were nice, we were also intrigued by the more interesting flavored lattes as well as the selection of items for sale in the cafe.

There's handmade mug coozies from local artists, mason jars of housemade shrubs, and a selection of goodies from local bakery Om Nom Bake Studio. Caffe D'Amore has partnerships with lots of local farms, restaurants, and dairy farms, which adds to the community vibe. Go for a drink, stay for the space and other amazing products!

Caffe d'Amore is located at 5308 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Constellation Coffee

Constellation Coffee

Located on Penn Avenue on the border between Lawrenceville and Bloomfield, this artsy coffee shop serves coffees from Annapolis-based Ceremony Coffee Roasters. On a recent Sunday morning visit, the place was packed with groups of tattoo-laden twenty-somethings. I definitely felt out of place without tattoos covering the entire surface area of my body.

We tried a cortado which had average latte art but a great smooth, creamy texture and balanced flavor. We also tried a straight up espresso, which was very bright in flavor with tart acidity and medium body. If we make it back we'll be sure to check out their much beloved cold brew options and/or a Chemex brew.

Constellation Coffee is located at 4059 Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville/Bloomfield.

Anchor and Anvil

Anchor and Anvil

Anchor and Anvil has two coffee shops in the region, one located in Ben Avon and a second in Coraopolis. They serve up coffee from a wonderful array of roasters including De Fer, Rothrock, ReAnimator, Ritual, Topeca, Mostra, and City League to name a few.

My first visit to the Coraopolis location was a quick one, and I opted to sample a specialty drink of theirs known as the Smokestack Mocha- a latte with two shots of espresso, dark chocolate, and topped with mole bitters and a chipotle and paprika salt powder. Enough to warm you up and wake you up all at the same time without being overly smoky due to the chipotle.

We are planning a return trip to this one to try some of their more traditional brews, and if what we have seen so far is any indication we will be quite pleased with the results!

Anchor and Anvil has two locations- one in Ben Avon and one in Coraopolis. After your coffee at the Coraopolis location grab a taco at La Poblanita!

Ineffable Ca Phe

Ineffable Ca Phe

Ineffable Ca Phe in Lawrenceville is a Vietnamese coffee shop that serves up coffee roasted locally at Commonplace Coffee. The shop has a traditional spread of coffee styles as well as Vietnamese coffee (ca phe sua), bubble tea, and a limited banh mi menu that is among the very best in the city.

During our first visit we opted to try the ca phe sua, which is served in a filter that drips coffee on top of condensed milk right in front of you. The entire brewing process can take up to ten minutes, and those who are able to wait are rewarded with a deliciously sweet and smooth creation that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else- a must try!

Ineffable Ca Phe is located at 3920 Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Black Forge Coffee

Black Forge Coffee

Although the coffee at Black Forge Coffee House is quite good, there are lots of other draws to this gritty spot. With the slogan “darkness brewing eternal,” this dark cafe comes with on-site tarot readings and concerts multiple nights of the week, you can probably determine whether or not this is your kind of place fairly quickly.

They roast their own coffee and have a really interesting menu with unique syrups and flavors (like a hickory smoke latte). On our visit, we tried a macchiatto which was smooth and balanced, and an iced latte with honey and vanilla which was just sweet enough making it well worth a visit even if the cafe is not your style.

Black Forge Coffee is located at 701 Chartiers Avenue in McKees Rocks. They formerly had a location in Allentown which has new ownership and rebranded in 2023.

Coffee Tree Roasters

Coffee Tree Roasters

With half a dozen locations around the city, Coffee Tree Roasters is one of the more established and prominent coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Each shop has a little bit of a different atmosphere and its own features. We recently checked out the Mt. Lebanon location, which had a huge selection of coffee gear and accessories for sale (great for coffee geeks like me) but is pretty small on the inside.

Their menu is typical with hot and iced espresso drinks, cold brew coffee, and drip coffee. Coffee Tree Roasters does roast all their own beans, and my favorite thing about them is that you can buy beans by weight. They typically have dozens of varieties for sale, and they have the roast date on the bins so you can make sure the coffee you're getting is fresh.

We tried a double espresso which had a low acidity and good body, and an iced caramel latte which was sweet but not overly so. We also picked up some Yirgacheffe beans for a good price.

Coffee Tree Roasters has several locations around the city. We visited their Mount Lebanon location for this review at 299 Beverly Road.

California Coffee Bar

California Coffee Bar Pittsburgh

California Coffee Bar in Brighton Heights is a new addition to the coffee scene in Pittsburgh as of early 2017. The space feels open with high ceilings, and the menu includes a bit more than your standard coffee shop menu.

Besides espresso drinks, pourovers, and French press, they also have a selection of teas, nitro coffee and nitro tea, juice shots, raw juices, and protein shakes. We tried a nitro coffee which was pretty good and the Vitality juice with carrots, beets, ginger, apple, and lemon, which was really pulpy but had a good flavor.

The food menu here is pretty impressive, including a full oatmeal and yogurt bowl bar at breakfast and soups, salads, and sandwiches at lunch.

California Coffee Bar is located at 3619 California Ave in Brighton Heights.

Big Dog Coffee

Big Dog Coffee in Pittsburgh

Big Dog Coffee is located on a quiet side street in South Side, a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Carson St. It's a peaceful, cozy place perfect for working or relaxing. As you might guess from the name, the shop is dog friendly. They serve Intelligentsia coffees and have lots of snacks like gelato, pastries, and even an oatmeal bar.

I ordered a French pressed Ethiopian coffee while I was there. It was alright, but a bit mild and thin bodied compared to how I normally like French pressed coffees. I'd love to go back on a Saturday with our dog, try a latte, and hang out for a while.

Big Dog Coffee is located at 2717 Sarah Street in the South Side.

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange

Allegheny Tea & Coffee Exchange

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange in the Strip District is unique in that they roast their own coffees- a large roaster sits inside the shop which is pretty cool to check out.

Dozens of barrels are lined up inside the store containing nearly any kind of single-origin or flavored coffee you could want. They also have a large selection of teas and tea and coffee accessories.

On my recent visit I tried some samples of their nitro coffee which is a cold coffee served on draft like beer (but without alcohol). If you like flavored coffees, they have lots of nitro options for you.

I stuck with a regular latte which was average with a few flaws. The espresso wasn't ground right when I ordered my drink (ground espresso needs to be used in a matter of seconds), and the milk was foamy and more like a cappuccino. If I went back it would be to buy some whole bean coffee rather than to drink coffee there as the selection was quite impressive.

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange is located at 2005 Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

Mechanic Coffee

Mechanic Coffee

Every time we visit Mechanic Coffee in Verona, we are reminded that great coffee doesn't have to be flashy, have a theme, or even a unique creation that you can only find at the shop. All you need is house-roasted beans, an espresso machine and a few brewing implements, and a passion for the classics. Mechanic Coffee offers just that.

But aside from the fact that this non-flashy (and quite frankly, fairly small) coffee shop makes great brews and roasts their own beans, what we really like about this one is that their sister company, The Espresso Analysts, offers repair services for coffee equipment in the greater Pittsburgh area- giving their coffee shop enterprise its name!

So whether you want a delicious espresso or cortado, buy beans, or want to get your own espresso machine repaired via your sister company, a visit to this one when near Verona is a must.

Mechanic Coffee is located at 707 E Railroad Avenue in Verona, PA. They have a second location at 5830 Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.

Generoasta Coffee

Espresso at Generoasta

Generoasta Coffee is a moderately-sized cafe located in Warrendale just off of I-79. The coffee shop is known for offering a mix of coffee and teas, as well as a rather robust food menu as well that includes breakfast foods, salads, and sandwiches to name a few.

While the coffee shop offers roasted beans, there was limited information available on its blends, origins, tasting notes, etc. like you would expect for presumably house-roasted products. That being said, the house espresso was fairly mild and was not overly strong in acidity, and was a good choice for a quick visit.

This spot also boasts a modest seating area and a rather comfortable ambiance, so it would also make for a great spot for those who wish to order a coffee and stay for a while.

Generoasta Coffee is located at 901 Warrendale Village in Warrendale, PA.

The Black Canary

The Black Canary

The Black Canary is a small coffee shop in Blawnox that serves up an array of traditional coffee beverages (using Mechanic Coffee beans) as unique flavored lattes, ice cream from Kerber's Dairy in Irwin, and more.

While small, the shop gives up an intimate vibe and our espresso and cortado were prepared with a beautiful crema on the espresso and perfectly steamed milk in the cortado. The coffee itself was slightly sweet and not overly bitter from a dark roast which we appreciate.

The scoops of ice cream happened to make for a wonderful pairing that we will return to enjoy in tandem with the coffee whenever we are in the area!

The Black Canary is located at 276 Freeport Road in Blawnox. Their first location in Springdale closed in May 2024.

Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea

Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea

Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea is a small coffee shop located in a converted house just across the street from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.

In other circumstances, this coffee shop could fall into a fairly predictable pattern of neighborhood joints. But Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea goes the extra length to stand out by purchasing beans direct from farmers, roasting in-house, and generally doing all they can to spread the word about all things great coffee to students, residents, and visitors.

Jeremy visited this one on his own and was only able to sample one coffee during his first visit- a banana bread latte served with banana and hazelnut liquor. He described it as being fairly balanced overall without an over-sweetness that some coffee shops are guilty of when it comes to adding syrups.

But as he was visiting this one on his own we will both have to return to try more of their products in the future to truly get a handle on how they make coffee!

This one may not be making waves in the local coffee scene just yet (although, they should be); but they are filling a need for solid coffee in Beaver Falls that simply cannot be ignored.

Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea is located at 3219 4th Avenue in Beaver Falls, PA.

ECHT Coffee House

ECHT Coffee House

ECHT Coffee House in Mt. Oliver offers just about everything we look for in a coffee shop- a welcoming space, friendly staff, house roasted coffee, and incredible drinks. Throw on a food menu and a slated cocktail bar set to open in 2023, and ECHT is the all around package.

When you have a coffee here, you are quickly reminded that this is what coffee should be. The delightful, nuanced flavors in the espresso and perfectly balanced cortados were enough to make us want to order another round and certainly sets a high bar for others in the city to live up to. But be prepared to go to this one for food as well, because the experience is best rounded out with a breakfast sandwich or other meal!

ECHT Coffee House is located at 107 Penn Ave Suite B in Mount Oliver.

Cafe Conmigo

Cafe Conmigo

There are some coffee shops where the coffee is better than the ambiance. There are some shops where the ambiance is better than the coffee. At Cafe Conmigo in Wexford, you get both!

This coffee and tea shop has put attention to detail front in center in their space with a pretty relaxing vibe complete with hanging and swivel wooden chairs, plants abound, a large world map in a second seating area, a wealth of Pittsburgh products for sale, and so much more. If there were any coffee shops where we could seriously consider taking our computers and working for a bit, this one would be in the running.

But then there is the coffee. Cafe Conmigo does not roast its own beans, and instead makes brews from local roaster Commonplace Coffee (also featured in this guide). As starting with great roasted beans goes a long way for a great final product, it shouldn't be a surprise that we really enjoyed the flavor profiles that were in our espresso and cortado- namely a wonderful acidity in the espresso and nice roasted notes in the cortado without seeming burnt (a shoutout to Commonplace's skills in roasting there).

Our only regret with Cafe Conmigo is that to enjoy this one you need to make the trip north to Wexford. The drive is the only real downside!

Cafe Conmigo is located at 10 N Meadow Drive Suite 4 in Wexford, PA.

The White Rabbit Cafe

White Rabbit Cafe Greensburg

The White Rabbit Cafe in downtown Greensburg (about an hour east of Pittsburgh) is our kind of coffee shop- not because of what they serve, but because of the design.

This one really goes down the rabbit hole and is all-in on white rabbit references with a very Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe. Throw in the fact that this one is within steps of other businesses in downtown Greensburg (and is a popular working spot for local college kids), you get a rather relaxed vibe with one of the most unique cafe themes we've been to so far.

The White Rabbit Cafe is located at 113 N Main Street in Greensburg.

Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes

Crepe at Wunderbar in Harmony

Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes is located in a renovated opera house from the 1800's in the historic German town of Harmony- about 30 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.

This coffee shop goes above and beyond your conventional cafes and roasts their own beans, uses locally sourced grains for their crepes, and has an ambiance that is happy and uplifting all at the same time. It is the kind of place where the owners welcome every visitor, and knows most of the regular patrons by name.

While we normally talk about coffee in this post, for Wunderbar we need to deviate and talk about the crepes. During our visit we were able to sample the Berries & Cream crepe which came loaded up with an impressive amount of cream cheese and berries and ended up being a very filling meal in its own right- a must try along with your coffee!

Wunderbar Coffee and Crepes is located at 253 Mercer Street in Harmony, PA.

More Coming Soon!

We're continually visiting new coffee shops and will be updating this guide as we discover new ones worth your time in the city!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Pittsburgh that is not featured in this guide?  Comment below to let us know about it!

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50 thoughts on “44 Pittsburgh Coffee Shops to Grab a Delicious Brew”

  1. Not exactly Pittsburgh, but if you’re up North….try Saxonburg Coffee Company. Charming little shop in Historic Saxonburg. Great energy, incredible drinks, local roasted.

  2. I am a coffee lover and this post made my weekends planning easy!! Thank you very much Jeremy may i also request that you share information about events and restaurants in n around pitts!!

  3. If you check out the instagram hashtag #PGHCoffeeCrawl , my roommate and I have been exploring the local bean scene as well!

    • I have lived in Phoenix for 16 years. Before moving all those years ago, Pittsburgh’s coffee culture was a huge part of my life. It was something that made leaving so difficult for me. I realize that a lot has changed, but as far as I know, most of my old haunts are still around. I can honestly say that you have no idea what a gem you have in The Beehive. To me, The Beehive IS Pittsburgh – quirky, diverse, historic (in the sense that it has been around a long time) and its greatest asset is the people who go there. I cannot even tell you how many gallons of coffee and hours of conversation I consumed there.

      La Prima Espresso on Liberty Ave. downtown – Great coffee and great place to hang out on a rainy or snowy weekend afternoon. Had some great conversations with absolute strangers there.

      Some other favorites:

      61C in Squirrel Hill – I spent many evenings there, a bit crowded, but a great place to chill and talk.

      Kiva Han at Forbes and Craig (Closed) – A great place to spend a Sunday afternoon after walking around Oakland and the CMU campus.

      City Books on E. Carson in the South Side (Closed) – Lots of books, lots of coffee, lots of Scrabble. Sitting upstairs among the books with Jaime the cat wandering around always provided a great time.

      There were others which came and went, but these were my mainstays.

        • Unfortunately, the Beehive closed several years ago. Very sad indeed! I loved their ‘matte latte’ — tea that is run thru’ used coffee grounds, then steam milk added. It was my favorite! The atmosphere was quite interesting as well.

  4. Hey guys, it’s Jose
    You guys need to check Convive Coffee roasters at McCandless crossing, it’s my new favorite coffee roasters in Pittsburgh, they have a small but very well made selection of coffees they roast, and as a plus, they brew with vacuum siphons.
    Another places missing: Zekes coffee, Artisan Cafe, Coffee Tree Roasters (my second favorite even though their roasts are more old school and sometimes too dark for me, but good coffee overall) There is also another place in Butler street, I don’t remember the name, but I think they roast their beans and it is really good. The Whitfield at the Ace Hotel should have good coffee, their coffee is from Stumptown and I saw Chemexes.
    Any ways just some ideas, and of course we are always open to go on a coffee cupping tour around Pittsburgh

  5. Give Kafa Buna in New Kensington a try! They specialize in Ethiopian coffee and occasionally hold “Taste of Ethiopia” events. This new cafe is truly a new gem in downtown New Kensington. I second the comment about 61c in Squirrel Hill- their coffee and atmosphere are excellent!

  6. I love hearing where you’ve gone and trying out new places for myself! Thank you!
    I really love Curbside Coffee in Blawnox! They make excellent food there too!
    Aspinwall Beans N Cream has a fun atmosphere and features interesting seasonal latte choices.

  7. Do you even realize Constellation is one of the top 600 coffee shops in the world, as published in an industry book by Phaidon Press (Where to Drink Coffee), and rated highest in Pittsburgh?

  8. Phenomenal review…most comprehensive…and objective assessments

    Pretty cool with a few from outside the center of Pittsburgh

    In keeping with that….route 40. East of Niemacolin …

    FUEL Coffee Works…ambiance good, coffee very solid, some decent baked goods..friendly

    Not overly coffee sophisticated..but who needs a snob when all you want is a good beverage

  9. Heading into our 5th year, try Griff’s Grounds Coffe’ – 1817 Leechburg Rd. hidden in Penn Hills! As of now, we only have 35 roasts of coffee (4 flavors of decaf) or 33 flavors loose-leaf teas! Check us on FB or Google!
    All french-pressed!!! Designed for coffee drinkers… Not for creamers!!

  10. Griff’s Grounds Coffe’ -1817 Leechburg RD – Penn Hills. We’re headed into our 5th year with MTO, French Press coffees or Loose-leaf teas. 30 flavors of either. See our Google or Facebook pages.

  11. Jitters Coffee shop on Walnut and Ivy, Shadyside.
    A local corner staple with very serious attention to detail driven coffee and seamless service. This gem can be overlooked and shouldn’t be. A consistent clean, rich and thoughtful experience is most appreciated by the very loyal, in the know, locals.
    An insider’s Shadyside coffee aficionado alternative to Arriviste & Adda.
    (Little known Bonus: Dave and Andy’s ice cream is served.)

  12. You really need to check out Reginald’s. Dog friendly and located in Bethel Park, they know their coffee and roast their own beans. We relocated to Texas one year ago and we have our friends bring us Reggie’s, when they visit! We miss our weekend coffee and donut dates, at Reginald’s. You won’t be disappointed!

    Also, super happy to see SVR on this list. The owners are good people!

  13. Round Table Coffee Co in Shadyside/East Liberty is my favorite! Great ambiance and peaceful place to meet a friend or get some work done.

    • Thanks for the shout out HJB! I second this! Round Table Owner here 🙂 I think we do a pretty great job with drinks and ambiance, none of which would be possible without incredible staff!

  14. Check out Creative Coffee and supply in downtown! The atmosphere is great, beans are roasted in house, and the brew is phenomenal.

  15. Check out Café Cravings at Virginia and Bigham on Mt. Washington. Besides the great coffees they make the best sandwiches and paninis you can find.

  16. Brother Andre’s Cafe right next to PPG Paints Arena! They exist to hire individuals with disabilities and are opening a second location in Bellevue this Fall. Love your page! Thanks for considering 🙂


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