Mike & Tony’s Gyros Review – A Cheap Lunch in Pittsburgh

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 11, 2022.

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Mike & Tony's Gyros is a local restaurant chain with several locations in and around the city serving up what we believe to be the world's perfect food- the gyro!

Much to our delight, we found that this one goes all in on gyro and souvlaki meat and is exactly what we were looking for during our visit.

You Better Like Gyros or Souvlaki at Mike and Tony's

Mike & Tony's Gyros

Okay, maybe you don't have to be all in on gyros and souvlaki to enjoy Mike & Tony's- but it does help.

We say this with a hint of sarcasm because the menu at this spot is seriously loaded up with these two classic Greek meats.

There are the gyros and the full plates like you'd get in Greece. There are the more Americanized wraps with the meat fillings. Then there are the Pittsburgh inspired dishes like fries or pierogies topped with, you guessed it, gyro meat!

We opted to go for the more traditional route for our first visit and stuck with the gyros and went with one of gyro meat and one souvlaki to take us back to our time in Greece.

Both were monster portions with relatively flavorful meats. The gyro meat (typically meat and lamb but often not disclosed at individual restaurants) is sliced thin from the rotisserie while the souvlaki is cubed pork traditionally cooked on a skewer (which admittedly was a bit chewy here).

Mike & Tony's Gyros

These are loaded up into a large pita and topped with generous portions of lettuce, tomato, onion, and gyro sauce as well as a side of fries. The fries, of course, ended up on top of our gyros as well. We had some like that in Greece, and it seems oddly fitting to only do it here considering our city's love affair with fries on everything.

But perhaps the best part of it all is that a full plate with a massive side of fries was well under $10- making this one a great value meal for one of the world's best foods.

Keep in Mind… Only Select Stores Have Bougatsa

Bougatsa at Mike & Tony's

Now, you may be wondering why we drove to Bridgeville to try Mike & Tony's versus trying their downtown or South Side locations, and the reason for this is because only the suburb restaurants serve dessert.

And when we mean dessert, we really mean one specific dessert that we fell in love with while traveling in Greece: bougatsa.

Much like gyros (which we believe to be the perfect food), bougatsa is perhaps the perfect dessert. This dish is layers of phyllo dough with a generous filling of custard or, for the savory crowd, cheese. It is then baked or deep fried and ends up as a crispy, creamy delight.

Bougatsa at Mike & Tony's

Mike & Tony's happens to be the only place we've heard of in Pittsburgh that serves it, and to be honest it did not hit the mark for us as it was a bit disproportionate in the dough to filling (too much on the dough side).

That being said, it still took us back to one of our favorite desserts and filled us with nostalgia all the same. If you know the wonders of bougatsa, it is still worth a try (try it a la mode style with a big mound of ice cream on top). If you don't, well, you wouldn't be too off the mark in missing it.

Overall, Mike & Tony's offers up a fairly solid array of Greek inspired dishes at attractive prices in Pittsburgh. Whether you go for the monster, traditional gyros or souvlaki or want a more modern twist with your favorite meat, you can't go wrong here.

Mike & Tony's Gyros has four locations in and around the city. We visited the Bridgeville location at 1155 Washington Pike for this review.

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