Colangelo’s Review – A Strip District Gem Serving Pizza & More

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 27, 2020.

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Colangelo's is one of many spots in Pittsburgh's iconic Strip District that is tucked away and easy to miss. Located right next to popular coffee roaster La Prima, this spot serves up an array of baked goods, sandwiches, pizzas, soups, and more.

But if there is one thing this bakery is known for, it would be their pizza, and that is exactly what I was looking to try on my first visit.

Colangelo's Offers Delicious Pizza By the Slice

Pizza at Colangelo's in Pittsburgh

Despite being a bakery, Colangelo's pizzas are known far and wide as being high quality. But rather than order a full pie, during my visit I opted to order pizza by the slice which is pre-made and warmed up in their oven.

I went for a traditional pepperoni slice as well as a Sicilian cut topped with arugula and feta- two options that were ready to go when I visited (it is worth noting that pre-made options are a bit limited so you'll need to be flexible when ordering).

The first thing you'll notice when biting into a slice from Colangelo's is the flavor, specifically the flavor of the crust. It is wonderfully seasoned bread (if perhaps just a bit too salty) that really makes the slices something special. The toppings are a nice compliment to that, with the Sicilian's arugula and feta making for a well-rounded piece.

The crust wasn't too crunchy, but was likely from my own doing in ordering a pre-baked slice rather than a fresh pie. When I return to this one for pizza, I'll be definitely opting for this to see how the crust works out in its first bake.

While the pizza was worth a stop in its own right, I actually left thinking more about something else- the sandwiches.

Don't Skip a Sandwich at Colangelo's

Sandwich at Colangelo's in the Strip District

I rounded my meal out with a tomato mozzarella panini that was topped with tomato, basil, and pesto which actually became the highlight of my meal- for the same reasons as I enjoyed the pizza!

The bread on the sandwich is really something worth trying as it is thick, a bit crusty on the outside, airy on the inside, and is the perfect kind of sandwich bread. The toppings of mozzarella and tomato were applied with generous portions to the already fairly large sandwich, and were a compliment to the bread rather than overshadowing it (just as it should be).

Sandwich at Colangelo's in the Strip District

In fact, while the pizza itself was quite good, I think I would return to Colangelo's to try more of their sandwiches over the pizza- it was just that much better. 

Overall, while Colangelo's is quite popular for their pizzas, we would take a step back and say that they're popular because of their bread. So when visiting this one, do yourself a favor and order as many bread-heavy things as possible. You won't be disappointed!

Colangelo's is located at 207 21st St in the Strip District.

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