Everyday Noodles Review – Taiwanese Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Published by Angie. Last Updated on January 10, 2019.

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Sometime in the last few years, Squirrel Hill has turned into the Little Asia of Pittsburgh. Korean, Thai, Chinese, ramen, teppanyaki, sushi, and even Asian style baked goods- all of these foods can be found in this bustling neighborhood.

At first glance this seems a little it odd- how many different Asian restaurants do you need in just a few blocks? But we've been visiting these restaurants one by one, and the cool thing is that each one has a pretty specialized menu with a distinct type of cuisine that they focus on.

Everyday Noodle is one such restaurant, where the emphasis is on, you guessed it: noodles.

Not Just Any Noodles at Everyday Noodles

Preparing Noodles at Everyday Noodles

The noodles at Everyday Noodles are not just any noodles, these are handmade in house.

If you're lucky enough, you'll be there when the chef is making a batch and you'll get to watch him work through the glass windowed kitchen that runs a partial length of the dining room- although you'll likely hear the noodles first.

On our most recent visit, I'm pretty sure every person in there jumped ten feet out of their seats when the thwap thwap thwap of the noodles hitting the counter began without any advanced warning.

Spicy Wonton Noodles at Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Given this theatrical performance, you'll undoubtedly be drawn to ordering something with noodles. You can take your pick of noodle soups or “dry” noodles which still have plenty of sauce and flavor.

We've tried several of the noodle dishes including the noodles with minced pork (very savory and rich) and the sesame cold noodles (with an intense peanut flavor), but we recommend the spicy wonton noodles if you can take the heat. 

The powerful flavor, significant heat, and delicious homemade noodles make for a great combination that is hard to pass up.

Be Sure To Get the Soup Dumplings

Pork Soup Dumplings at Everyday Noodles in Pittsburgh

Don't let the noodles completely enthrall you, there are tons of other dishes on the menu to try like dumplings, dim sum, and rice dishes.

The best thing we've had at Everyday Noodles has been, without a doubt, the pork soup dumplings- not even a noodle dish in the slightest!  However many you think you want, order more.

Trust us.

The tender dumpling wrapper, perfectly seasoned pork, and rich soup broth combine to make these perfect little dumplings that you won't want to share with anyone.

Overall, there's a good bit of complexity on the menu so we're excited to keep going back and trying new dishes with completely unique flavor profiles (oh, and an obligatory side of pork soup dumplings too).

Everyday Noodles is located at 5875 Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

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