Mad Mex Review – Cal Mex in Pittsburgh with Seasonal Features

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on April 13, 2022.

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Mad Mex is a popular Cal Mex restaurant chain run in Pittsburgh by the Big Burrito restaurant group. They are known for, well, big burritos, and offer a number of different west coast-inspired creations amongst many other menu items.

While they are known for their Mexican inspired burritos, we have to say that we are not the biggest of fans. That being said, we find ourselves going to this one for their seasonal burrito creations as well as their margarita menu!

Never Skip a Margarita at Mad Mex

Margaritas at Mad Mex Robinson

One of the things we love about Mad Mex is their margarita menu and tequila selection.

This restaurant boasts 12, 16, and 22 oz house margaritas which can come with one of several fruit flavors. We often just go for the original as it offers a nice balance of tequila and lime without being too overwhelming one way or another (and not to mention, a stellar price- $6 for 12 oz and $10 for 22 oz during our latest visit).

The restaurant also has specialty margaritas that are a bit more expensive ($12 at my last visit) that include higher-end tequilas, mezcal options, and other unique flavor combinations. Suffice it to say, if you want to work your way around a margarita menu Mad Mex is one of those places to seriously consider- even if we stick to the basics during most visits.

The Seasonal Burritos Like the Gobblerito Make It

The Gobblerito from Mad Mex

We've eaten at Mad Mex many times and, to be honest, think the conventional burritos fall flat. Part of this is because the Cal Mex style of tacos/burritos is not our favorite, but also because the flavors of the burritos are a bit too safe and conventional for what we think a restaurant should offer.

That being said, there are two cases where Mad Mex hits the spot for us.

First, it is for their lunch specials. These specials, which run til about 4pm (at all of the locations we've been to, at least), offer a burrito and soup/salad combination for a bit less than what a normal burrito costs on its own. Couple that with the free chips and salsa if you sit at the bar and you can have a rather large meal for a great value.

Second, is for their seasonal burritos- namely the fall Gobblerito. It may sound a bit counterintuitive to say this after the intro to this section, but there is something about this burrito that just works. Take all the Thanksgiving food that is delicious, namely turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn, and smother it with gravy and add on cranberry sauce on the side.

While my burrito was a bit heavy on the potatoes (we're told to ask for light potatoes and more stuffing), we found that a burrito is a perfect vehicle to enjoy Thanksgiving favorites if you need a fix before the holiday (the Gobblerito is typically available from late September until the day before Thanksgiving). And, just like a great Thanksgiving dinner, this one was enough for ample leftovers as well.

Now we can't wait to return to get the next themed burrito, Feastivus- featuring barbacoa, roasted carrots, peas, and potatoes. Christmas in a burrito anyone?

Overall, our interest in Mad Mex is more into the seasonal burritos and margaritas than the traditional offers, but no matter what you do, if you visit this one for the lunch specials and sit at the bar you really can't go wrong!

Mad Mex has several locations around Pittsburgh. When we dine here, it is often at the Robinson Township location at 2 Robinson Plaza.

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