Brassero Grill Review – Loaded Burritos and Tacos in Braddock

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 18, 2022.

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We always love it when Pittsburgh food trucks turn into restaurants, and one of the first ones we remember opening a store (since founding this site, at least) was Brassero Grill. This one traded their wheels for a brick and mortar in Braddock in 2017, just a few doors down from Brew Gentlemen brewery, and since then hasn't looked back.

On a recent beer run to the brewery, we swung by the restaurant to pick up some of their delicious burritos to go. But it was the side of taquitos that really stole the show here!

Loaded Burritos at Brassero Grill

Burritos from Brassero Grill

The burritos at Brassero Grill are a bit different from what you'd expect at other places as this one predominantly features rice, potatoes, cheese, and a protein of your choice including steak, chorizo, chicken, or kielbasa (plus vegetables for non-meat eaters). When taking a bite, you'll quickly notice that the rice, potatoes, and protein are loaded up in roughly three equal portions, with a nice coating of cheese that adds a creaminess to the mix as opposed to a strong flavor.

For our proteins, we opted for steak on one burrito and chicken on a second. Despite being surrounded by rice and potatoes, the steak had a nice seared on it and had a flavor to it that suggested maybe there was a mesquite seasoning added onto it as well for a bite. The chicken was a bit more neutrally flavored and melded a bit more with the rice and potatoes over the kick of the steak.

One thing that is worth noting is that your order does come with salsa, but you likely need to specify which one you would like. We forgot to ask and our burritos came without any and admittedly could've used one to offset the dry ingredients and supply a bit of kick.

As a side, I had added on an order of chips and guacamole without realizing that our burrito order came with chips and guac as default. We are never ones to say no to extra guacamole, and in this instance used our extra sides of guac to add them onto our burrito as a surrogate salsa- win!

Don't Skip the Taquitos Here

Brassero Grill Taquitos

But let's talk about those taquitos, because it is all we could think about after this meal.

The taquitos from Brassero grill are made with deep-fried corn tortillas that are packed with potatoes and topped with cotija, crema, and a generous portion of salsa verde. The salsa verde and cotija is served in such a generous portion that they are the primary flavors of the dish, and coupled with the crunch of the fried tortillas makes for a great flavor combination that offsets the somewhat richer burrito.

In fact, the salsa verde was so flavorful that we'd try and see if we could get that added onto our burritos as our salsa in future orders. I really just want everything covered in it if I could.

Whether you visit Brassero Grill for their burritos, delicious tacos (which we have had in the past but did not feature in this review), or the taquitos (seriously, add on an order), you'll definitely walk away appreciating a different take on these staple meals. So next time you find yourself in Braddock, be sure to check this one out!

Brassero Grill is located at 532 Braddock Avenue in Braddock, PA. 

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