The Brinery Review – Massive Sandwiches and More

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

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If you are a fan of Pittsburgh food trucks the way we are, odds are good you are familiar with Bridge City Brinery and their spinoff burger concept, The Smashery. 

These trucks have been taking the city by storm with some of the finest, massive sandwiches we have had the pleasure to eat, and we have been known to go out of our way to find them specifically when the craving for a good sandwich hits.

As it seems to be a trend of food trucks opening up brick-and-mortar restaurants, it should be no surprise that in early 2024, the team of this particular truck opened up a dedicated restaurant, The Brinery, in Sharpsburg!

Naturally, we had to make our way over as soon as possible after opening to give them a try.

The Brinery Features New Creations by Bridge City Brinery

The Brinery Pickle Tots

When we first looked at the menu for The Brinery, it read a lot like the menu we expect from their food trucks- namely, it is sandwich-heavy (as it should be). But upon looking into things further, we noted that not only did the menu expand to include items like salads, more sides, and non-sandwich entrees, but virtually all of the items were ones we had never seen on the truck. 

Yes, brand new sandwiches all around!

We later found out that this is by design. Both the Brinery and Smashery trucks will be maintaining their regular rotation at area events and breweries, and the restaurant is likely going to feature all new creations in a similar style to what we know and love from the truck (so now we have an excuse to visit all three as regulars!).

So, what is the menu like? Think options like their take on Philly cheesesteaks, Reuben, smash burgers, seasonal fish fries, and a loaded lobster roll to name a few. On the entree side of the spectrum, lamb ramen and Korean chicken and waffles made their way onto the menu at opening. But perhaps the most interesting were the sides which included an array of fry options plus pickle tots and chick-charrones (fried chicken skins) to name a few.

This one will take several visits for us to eat our way through!

The Fairfax Reuben

For our first visit, we opted for a mix of everything on the menu and went with The Fairfax (their take on a Reuben), the Korean chicken and waffles, and a side of pickle tots for good measure.

The Fairfax itself boasts being scratch-made, including the bread and sauerkraut and focuses on the ample amounts of tender, tender meat as its star attraction (cut into larger hunks as opposed to slices). Ample cheese and sauerkraut helped bring this one together for a Reuben inspiration; however, I would have liked just a bit more sauce to bring it all together.

That said, despite my love of a sauce-covered Reuben, I have to admit that because the meat was exceptional, I can overlook it- give me more meat all the time here.

Chicken and Waffles

The Korean chicken and waffles was our non-sandwich entree choice from the visit, and I have to apologize upfront for my terrible photo here. I only realized after we devoured everything that you cannot see the waffle at all. That said, this one was a feast of a meal with a leg and thigh, perfectly fried and covered with a sweet and spicy (but not too spicy) gochujang honey.

I would've been content with these beauties on their own with the perfect flavor and texture balance, but the yeasty, fluffy waffles made for a nice counterpoint to the excellent texture of this one. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise of our meal was the pickle tots. These little balls of perfection had the texture of a hush puppy but with an overwhelming explosion of pickle flavor within every bite. The housemade ranch also provided a nice counterpoint to the tanginess in this one for a side that ended up being surprisingly addicting. I'd say we would always order this side every visit, but admittedly I am so intrigued by the chick-charrones that I suspect we will be popping back and forth between the two (or simply ordering both)- the side game is serious here.

We are always thrilled when our favorite food trucks open up a permanent restaurant in the region, and The Brinery goes one step further by offering unique eats in addition to their trucks to offer a dangerous trio that we look forward to visiting many more times in the future!

The Brinery is located at 914 Main Street in Sharpsburg. You can also find their two food truck locations on their website at the previous link as well!

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