Baby Loves Tacos Review – Delicious Tacos in Bloomfield

Published by Angie. Last Updated on February 21, 2024.

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Baby Loves Tacos is a popular taco joint that opened its first brick and mortar store in Bloomfield in early 2018.

The restaurant opening was eagerly anticipated as this one hosted frequent pop-ups around Pittsburgh and gained a legion of die-hard fans along the way. The popularity is worth it, as Baby Loves Tacos makes what we believe are some of the best all-around tacos we've had in the city.

Baby Loves Tacos- Odd Name, Delicious Tacos

Baby Loves Tacos in Pittsburgh

Before we get into the details of the tacos, we will be the first to admit that the name Baby Loves Tacos is a bit of an odd one- if even a bit unappealing the first time you hear it. That being said, any objections you may have from hearing the name will soon go out of the window after arriving as Zach and team know how to wow you from the get go.

Their Bloomfield space is super small with just a few chairs in a cute window seating area. A collection of awesome books about food and cooking sits in the window area, too, which is a fun touch.

Baby Loves Tacos in Pittsburgh

The menu has a few different filling options that change daily, several of which are vegetarian. On our visit the choices were chicken, chorizo, BBQ cauliflower, zucchini and walnut, or mushroom. You choose the filling and then whether you want a bowl, burrito, or tacos.

During our visit we ordered a burrito with half chicken and half chorizo which was recommended by Zach when we tried to order just a chorizo burrito. It was a good call as the chorizo is quite spicy and intense and the chicken helped balance it out nicely. The burrito was full of contrasting flavors and textures, and best of all, it was saucy- we had juices running down our hands, in a good way.

There's nothing worse than a dry and flavorless burrito. This was quite the opposite.

Baby Loves Tacos in Pittsburgh

We also tried a few different tacos- chorizo, mushroom, and chicken. The chicken taco had really tender and moist meat with tomatoes, cilantro, and a spicy salsa. The chorizo was deliciously similar to the burrito.

The mushroom, however, was our favorite all around taco: it really blew our mind! There were several kinds of mushrooms that tasted buttery and almost creamy with intense umami flavors. The mushroom taco was topped with sweet corn and tangy cheese for some contrast.

We were asked if we wanted our tacos and burritos spicy, which we did. There was a delicious, pleasant slow burn in our mouths the whole meal (as it should be).

Baby Loves Tacos in Pittsburgh

During our visit the beverage options were just grapefruit juice or water, but since we were visiting during a pop-up this is to be expected. We were told there would soon be more juice options which we look forward to trying now that they are officially open for business.

There are certainly a few places in town to get authentic Mexican tacos in Pittsburgh, and several places that do really great upscale tacos, but Baby Loves Tacos is one of the only places that hits somewhere in the middle with a great price point and insanely flavorful tacos.

You won't regret checking them out.

Baby Loves Tacos has locations at 4508 Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield.

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For frequently asked questions about Baby Loves Tacos, check out the following.

Does Baby Loves Tacos accept credit cards?

Yes. As of our last visit all locations accepted credit cards

How much is a meal at Baby Loves Tacos?

Generally you can expect to pay about $10 per person for an order of tacos or a burrito plus tax and tip.

What is parking like at Baby Loves Tacos?

Neither location has dedicated parking but metered street parking is available near the restaurant.

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  1. Am always on the lookout for good tacos and Mexican food in general here in Pittsburgh. I guess I will have to head over to Bloomfield to check this spot out.


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