Aiello’s Pizza Review – A Staple in Squirrel Hill

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Aiello's is a popular pizza shop in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood that has a rather die-hard following behind it. Throw in a customer rivalry with neighboring pizza shop, Mineo's, and you have the makings of a great spot to visit.

We used to frequent Aiello's often when we lived in Squirrel Hill, and despite a fairly large gap in our visit history, I finally made it back in for a few slices!

Aiello's Offers Delicious Pizza Slices

Aiello's Pizza

Aiello's is a one-stop shop for all things pizza. You can order by the slice or full pies for eat-in or to go.

During a recent visit I was able to sample their pizzas by the slice from the pre-made pies on display. I opted to go for the traditional ones, pepperoni and margherita, and after a few minutes in the oven they were ready to be enjoyed.

The first thing you'll notice with Aiello's pizza is that the crust gets surprisingly crisp. Normally pizza by the slice that is reheated gets a nice crunch, but Aiello's is on the exceptional side that is on par with what we'd expect from a first bake.

The sauce and the toppings here are a bit more conventional, with the sauce erring on the sweet side (a preference thing I rather enjoy), and a moderate layering of toppings throughout. The pepperoni was a bit greasy, and the margherita offered a really well balanced flavor to be a perfect counterpoint. All-in-all, some fairly solid pizza by the slice!

One of the best parts about pizza by the slice at Aiello's is they're cheap. A plain pizza slice will run just under $2, with toppings only being a nominal amount extra from there.

Two massive pizza slices for about $5? I'm in for that.

Perhaps Skip the Wing Dings

Wing Dings at Aiello's

As is customary for reviews on this site, especially when pizza is concerned, we always get a side. At Aiello's I decided to go for an order of ten wing dings with garlic sauce.

For those who like their wings with a hearty batter, these are for you. In fact, the breading on the wings was so thick (dense, even) that it was a bit of a turn off to us if only because we are partial to lighter, crisper wings.

The garlic butter flavor was quite delicious; however, you would want to be in a garlic mood when ordering as the two sole flavors that come out are garlic and butter (naturally). Going further, at about $8.50 for ten the wings seemed disproportionately expensive when compared to pizza by the slice. Not that big of an issue, but one we have to note all the same.

Overall, Aiello's offers up some fairly delicious pizza that deserves its strong following. We may skip out on the wings next time, but we're looking forward to ordering full pies again from this one very, very soon!

Aiello's is located at 2112 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill and is cash only (ATM on site).

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