People’s Indian Review – A Visit for Indian Pizza

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 23, 2023.

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Normally when we visit an Indian restaurant, we order a feast of some of our favorite dishes from all over the country.

But when visiting People's Indian in Garfield, we went for something different- Indian pizza. All of our favorite things about Indian, but on top of a dough disk and bursting with flavors all the same.

Go for the Indian Topped Pizzas at People's Indian

Pizza at People's Indian

One of the things I like the most about the pizzas at People's Indian is that they are smaller in size (9″ and 12″) and priced rather affordably such that we were able to pick up several pies in an order to work our way around the menu. These included the Sholay, Singh is King, and the Lasaraian pies.

Sholay Pie at People's Indian

The Sholay pie had an Indian pizza sauce base with garbanzo beans, red onion, mozzarella cheese, and was topped with cilantro and mint chutney. These flavors meshed really well and the mint chutney was truly the star of the show without overwhelming the pie with the mint flavor.

The Singh is King pizza was topped with traditional samosa filling, cheese, and that delicious cilantro and mint chutney combination as well. As samosa filling can be seasoned quite robustly, this one had just a bit more of a hit of strong Indian flavors that we love.

Lasarian pizza at People's Indian

The final pie we tried was the Lasarian and was perhaps our favorite. This one featured chicken tikka masala and used the masala sauce over the base Indian pizza sauce found on other pies. It was rounded out with red onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, and cheese plus just cilantro (no mint chutney here). Although the chicken was cut rather finely compared to what you'd think for the dish on its own, it worked on this pie while still contributing the decadent flavors.

Three People's Indian Pizzas

The one downside here is that for takeaway orders at the moment the crust is a traditional pizza crust that is a bit dense and leaves a bit to be desired in the texture department. We've seen comments on the restaurant's social media that once indoor dining resumes they will serve on a naan crust which we think will make these pies even more delicious than they already are now.

Really, when it comes down to it, the flavor combinations offered on the pizzas at People's Indian are simply superb. So while it is a bit hard to choose just one pie when ordering, you'll do quite well to simply find the Indian flavors you love most and order the pie that best features it. Or, if you're like us and cannot decide easily, simply order several of the 9″ pies to have a feast!

Don't Forget the Rest of the Menu

Mango Lassi and Gobhi Manchurian

Although we visited People's Indian for their pizzas for our first time, the restaurant also has a robust menu of Indian staples that we are looking forward to trying on our next visit.

That being said, we did add on orders of Gobhi Manchurian and mango lassi to round out our meal and is something we'd highly recommend in tandem with a visit for the pizzas.

Gobhi Manchurian is deep-fried cauliflower tossed in a Chinese-inspired sauce. While the sauce was quite flavorful and a tish spicy, the real star of this one was how it was fried. The batter, while thick, had a rather impressive texture that was crunchy and not overly dense and still offered a nice crunch even after a 15-minute drive home (in fact, some pieces in the fridge the next day were still quite crispy too).

To round out the meal we also enjoyed a mango lassi which was robustly flavored with mango and offered a nice balance of sweet and tart. In this particular instance, it really is hard to say no to a well-balanced mango lassi and People's Indian delivers this one here as well.

Overall, we're always a big fan to see restaurants put unconventional toppings on pizza, and People's Indian delivers on the flavor many times over. While we look forward to a proper naan crust when they resume in-person dining as alluded too on social media, we're still going to enjoy every bite of this one the way it is.

People's Indian is located at 5147 Penn Avenue in Garfield. We visited this one in 2020 during the shutdown when the restaurant was operating takeaway only. We will visit again to try the naan pies when they re-open!

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