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Jeremy and Angie from Discover the Burgh

Discover the Burgh is a Pittsburgh blog by Jeremy and Angie, a married couple that loves to discover new things at home and around the world. Our sole quest at Discover the Burgh is to explore everything Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania has to offer- and we truly mean everything.

We will not stop until we have eaten at every restaurant, had a round at every bar, visited every brewery and distillery, hiked every trail, checked out every museum, seen a show at every concert venue, enjoyed every annual event, and so much more while sharing it all here for others looking to do the same.

Since founding this site in 2015 we have experienced over 1,300 unique things in the region (all reached within roughly 60-90 minutes) and have a to-do list of places to visit in the coming months and years that is even longer!

Are you ready to get out and explore the region? Get started into learning more about this great city at our ultimate guide to Pittsburgh!

More About Jeremy and Angie

Discover the Burgh

Discover the Burgh was founded by Jeremy and Angie- the forces behind the global travel blog, Living the Dream, where they have blogged for over 15 years and visited over 70 countries on five continents.

Their love affair for Pittsburgh began in 2008 when Angie moved to the city to attend graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. Jeremy soon followed, and they spent several years exploring the city and living in multiple neighborhoods including Squirrel Hill and Mount Washington.

In 2013 they left Pittsburgh to travel the world on a year-and-a-half long trip and thought they would never live in Pittsburgh again. That all changed in 2015 when, by an odd twist of fate, they were able to move back to Pittsburgh, live in their third part of the city (the North Side), and establish a permanent residency in the city they love.

To share highlights and recommendations from all of the wonderful restaurants, events, attractions, and businesses that call Pittsburgh home, Discover the Burgh was born.

Since being founded Discover the Burgh has grown to become the largest local blog in Pittsburgh and receives over 175,000 page views per month and has over 150,000 fans on social media, a Facebook group with 90,000+ members, and over 10,000 newsletter subscribers. Discover the Burgh has been recognized in Pittsburgh City Paper's Readers Poll as Best Blog in 2021 and 2022 and Best Foodie Influencers in 2020 as well.

More About Jeremy

Jeremy loves discovering something new, particularly the off-beat and out in nature. He is a full-time blogger on Discover the Burgh, DipWSET certified in wine, FAA licensed drone operator, an award winning photographer, and spends a great deal of any given week on the hunt for the next new thing. When not exploring Pittsburgh or traveling, Jeremy can be found in his garden tending to his fruit trees or beehives.

Jeremy has also given talks about local blogging at several international conferences including TBEX and Travelcon.

More About Angie

Angie is Discover the Burgh's resident foodie and publishes most of our restaurant reviews. When not going out to find the region's best restaurants, Angie can be found at home whipping up a baked good, culturing koji, engaging in a weird fermentation project, or simply reading a new cookbook for fun. There are foodies, and then there is Angie.

Check Out Our Other Sites

Discover the Burgh is just one of several websites we operate within our business, World of Discovery Media LLC. Check out our other websites like:

  • Living the Dream– A global travel blog focusing on once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.
  • The Grape Pursuit– A wine blog following our attempt to try every grape varietal in the word.
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In addition, for those operating in the media space, Jeremy also runs the free weekly blogging newsletter This Week in Blogging too as a separate project with a fellow travel blogger!

For all questions or comments regarding Discover the Burgh, please contact us!

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