A Museum, Attraction, and Eating Guide to the North Side

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 22, 2024.

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For many, the North Side is viewed as the home to the Pirates, Steelers, and numerous museums along the rivers.

While it is true that many of the city's top attractions are found along the shore of the Allegheny and Ohio rivers on the North Side, this corner of Pittsburgh is home to many hidden gems that are a must for anyone exploring the city. To highlight these destinations, as well as their more famous counterparts, this neighborhood guide was born!

It is worth noting that the following is not a collection of every business in the North Side.  This article only features businesses that we personally visit when we explore the neighborhood.  As such, it should only be taken as a starting point and is certainly not a list of every establishment.  If you see an interesting business while exploring the North Side, do yourself a favor and go inside!

North Side History and Map

War Memorial on the North Side

The region of Pittsburgh known as the North Side was originally known as Allegheny City and was founded in the late-1700's.  It wasn't until a controversial vote in the early 1900's that Allegheny City was absorbed Pittsburgh- the residents of Allegheny City voted against it while the citizens of the larger city of Pittsburgh voted for it in the majority. This vote was contested so much that the resulting lawsuit went all the way to the US Supreme Court in 1907 where they ultimately favored the city of Pittsburgh and the merger went forward.

The prime of Allegheny City was in the mid-1800's thanks to the construction boom of many now-historic buildings including St. Mary's German Catholic church in the German neighborhood Deutschtown (now The Priory bed and breakfast), the rise of the affluent neighborhoods including the Mexican War Streets (named for battles and generals from the Mexican-American War), and Exposition Park (which ignited the city's love of sports). This park even hosted the first World Series which the Pittsburgh Pirates sadly lost.

The North Side in the mid-to-late 1900's can only be described as a Pittsburgh neighborhood in decline, and it has been only recently that a new revival has seen this neighborhood explode with many museums, restoration projects on the numerous historic buildings, and dozens of restaurants, breweries, and distilleries opening or planning expansions in the coming months and years.

The North Side is, as its name would suggest, located north of Pittsburgh as you cross the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers.

The generally accepted boundaries of the North Side are blurred here when compared to our typical neighborhood guides as what we would define as the proper “North Side” would encompass several neighborhoods including the North Shore, Allegheny City, Deutschtown, the Mexican War Streets, Manchester, and Kirkbride to name a few. (Neighborhoods on the nearby hilltops are also technically part of the North Side; however, we will be featuring them in a future neighborhood guide for clarity's sake.)

This makes the boundaries featured in this post be the Ohio River to the west, Allegheny River to the south, the 279 highway to the east, and Route 19 / the beginning of the hills to the north.

All of the businesses featured below are included in the above map.  To read our review or visit the shop's site, either click the link in the map above or in our post below when available!

Map pins used via Creative Commons by Maps Icons Collection

Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries in the North Side

The North Side is home to a rapidly growing restaurant scene that is welcoming new additions seemingly every month. The main selection of restaurants in the North Side are along the Pittsburgh North Shore trail near the stadiums, along Western Avenue a few blocks further north of the Steelers stadium, a selection scattered throughout the Mexican War Streets, and a few additional eateries in Deutschtown.

Although the bar scene is thriving in the North Side, what this region of Pittsburgh is becoming known for is breweries with new ones popping up seemingly left and right.

Add in more breweries and distilleries in the nearby hills that are not featured within this guide (such as Threadbare Cider and Penn Brewery), and the Elks Lodge (for a weekly banjo night on Wednesdays) and you have a lot of options to keep you going if you want to drink locally.

For those who are looking for non-alcoholic drinking options, we always love to recommend Commonplace Coffee as being our go-to spot in the neighborhood!

Although the following list is not a complete selection of restaurants and bars in the North Side, it is a great starting place for visitors:

Nicky's Thai Northside

  • Fig & Ash – A delicious wood-fired modern American restaurant on East Ohio Street.
  • Nicky's Thai – One of the best Thai restaurants in the city of Pittsburgh.
  • ShadoBeni – Vegan Trinidadian fare near the Mexican War Streets.
  • EYV – Vegetarian forward dining on East Ohio Street.
  • 412 Brewery – A second brewery on Western Avenue serving up small batch brews in a comfortable ambiance.
  • Four Points Brewing – A third brewery on Western Avenue, and one of our very favorites in the city. Go for the IPA and fruited soures here!
  • Mike's Beer Bar – A bar near PNC Park with one of the largest selections of local beers in the city.
  • Vodoo Brewery – A North Side outpost of the popular local brewery chain, Voodoo, right on the water and close to PNC Park and Stage AE!
  • Refucilo Winery – A tasting room for an Argentinian vineyard.
  • Convive Coffee – A North Side location right for this popular local chain near the stadiums.
  • Yinz Coffee – A Pittsburgh themed coffee shop on North Avenue.
  • Peppi's Old Tyme Sandwich Shop – Known for massive hoagies and the #7 – Roethlisburger.
  • Giorgio's – Authentic Italian and pizza shop.
  • Wise County Biscuits – Biscuits and more at this North Side gem.
  • Leo. a Public House – A craft cocktail bar by the folks from Lola including plenty of vodka infusions and small plates.
  • Max's Allegheny Tavern – A basic-yet-robust German menu with many delicious Bavarian beers on tap.
  • Wigle Whiskey – A second location for Pittsburgh distillery, Wigle Whiskey, found at PNC Park.
  • 40 North – An Eastern European inspired restaurant in the City of Asylum Building.
  • Government Center – A vinyl record store with stage and on-site bar and cafe.
  • Burgatory – A local burger chain's North Side expansion featuring delicious hamburgers and spiked milkshakes.
  • Gus & Yia Yia's – A Pittsburgh institution- shaved ice from a cart in Allegheny Commons West (summer only).

El Burro Pittsburgh

  • Huszar – A Hungarian inspired bar and restaurant with live music every other Thursday.
  • Siempre Algo – A modern American restaurant on the North Side with a focus on seasonal dishes.
  • Badamo's Pizza – A second Pittsburgh location for this popular pizza shop. Serving up large slices and square Sicilians.
  • Allegheny City Brewing – A brewery located in a converted row house in Deutschtown serving up delicious creations.
  • Federal Galley – A restaurant incubator located next to the Children's Museum in Allegheny Commons.
  • Monks Bar – Located in The Priory Hotel, this one is the smallest bar in PA!
  • Monterey Pub – An Irish style pub with a large menu located in the heart of the Mexican War Streets.
  • Quik-It Chicken – What can be said about a fast food chicken shop in the same building as a gas station? Delicious!
  • Carmi Express – A takeaway soul food restaurant by the team at Carmi Soul Food.
  • El Burro – A short-order Mexican joint known for their burritos and tacos.
  • Subba Asian – One of Pittsburgh's only Nepali restaurants- be sure to try their momos!
  • Southern Tier Brewing – A NY-based brewery with a tap room near Stage AE and Acrisure Stadium.
  • Mayfly Market – A corner market in the Mexican War Streets serving Gilligan's Sorbet, Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Brothmonger soups!
  • Prantl's Bakery – North Side location for popular local bakery Prantl's in the Priory Bakery space.

More North Shroe restaurants can also be found inside the stadiums on the North Side; however, as several of these are only accessible with a ticket we have not included them above.

The North Side is Museum Central

Bicycle Heaven Pittsburgh

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the North Side is home to the most diverse collections of museums in the city. Not only are some of the more famous museums located in this part of Pittsburgh, many obscure museums are also located here that should definitely be on your radar.  If you are in the mood to check out a museum, the following may be worth a visit:

  • The Andy Warhol Museum – This museum features many of Warhol's classics as well as his interactive Silver Clouds room which is always a favorite.
  • The Carnegie Science Center – If science is what you (or your kids) want to learn about, this museum has it.  From the natural world to robotics, sports science, and more, the Science Center has just about everything.  Be sure to go outside and explore the USS Requin– a Tench-class submarine that is open for tours.
  • The Children's Museum – The region's premier children's museum with a great quarterly 21+ night.
  • The National Aviary – The country's largest aviary is located in the North Side and bird lovers will get their fill seeing hundreds upon hundreds of unique and exotic species.
  • Mattress Factory – Contemporary art cannot be described easily because it is often so different from artist to artist.  For those who love off-beat art and unusual and interactive experiences, a visit to the Mattress Factory is a must.
  • Randyland – Often dubbed Pittsburgh's most colorful landmark, Randyland is the brain child of Randy Gilson, an artist and local personality who wanted to revitalize the Mexican War Streets during one of its darkest periods. Three houses, hundreds of cans of paint, and countless unique trinkets later, Randyland was born. You have to see this one to believe it and are certain to leave with a smile.
  • Bicycle Heaven – Bicycle Heaven is the largest bicycle museum and store in the world and features thousands of interesting, off-beat, and historic bikes (nearly all of which are for sale). Regardless of if you bike or not, this is one interesting spot.
  • Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff – Next door to Bicycle Heaven is Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff, an incredible museum and store featuring items from Johnny Angel's impressive music career.
  • Moonshot Museum – The North Side's resident space robotics company, Astrobotic, has a modest museum highlighting all things missions to the moon!
  • The Museum of Illusions – An international chain museum focusing on all things optical illusions.
  • The Photo Antiquities Museum – A photography museum sharing work from 1839 all the way to today.

Wanting to check out something else besides a typical museum? The Manchester Craftsmen's Guild offers up live jazz with their MCG Jazz series in the fall and spring each year or the New Hazlett Theater for live performances in a historic building in Allegheny Commons! Or checkout a mega performer at one of the concerts at Acrisure Stadium throughout the year!

All Things Steelers and Pirates

PNC Park at Night

As sports crazy as Pittsburgh is, there is little we can do to add to the Steelers and Pirates fever that is found all over the city.  So rather than go into the dirty details about the stadiums in this guide, we're simply going to share a few features you may not know about that are worth checking out.

For example, did you know that both Acrisure Stadium (Steelers) and PNC Park (Pirates) offer stadium tours?

Tours of both stadiums must be purchased in advance, and typically run from April to October. Information for tours of Acrisure Stadium can be found here and PNC Park here. A special note needs to be made in regards to PNC Park as a few select tours also go into the team's clubhouse! Unfortunately this one is quite infrequent (only when they're away, have a break between game days, and happen to have a stadium tour scheduled), so if you have your heart set on seeing this one it is worth planning in advance.

Fireworks at PNC Park

PNC Park is also famous for its fireworks shows as you can take in the performance with the city of Pittsburgh as a backdrop!  Check out the Pirates promotional schedule and look for Zambelli Fireworks for nights when this will occur! For those who are not able to go check them out, you can always watch them live from our Pittsburgh webcam!

The Pittsburgh North Shore Trail

One of our favorite attractions in the North Side is the North Shore trail that follows along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.  This trail has a great mix of natural scenery, skyline viewing opportunities, gorgeous statues, and is located in close proximity to many of the stadiums and museums featured above.

Our favorite place to start this trail is at the free public parking on River Avenue. Although this one does fill up, especially on game days, odds are good you can find free parking here (we've had several failed attempts, but most have been successful). From there you have two options for exploring.

Mr Rogers Statue Pittsburgh

If you are walking and are looking for city views, to walk by the stadiums, or to visit Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh, you'll want to head west (right).  If you continue down past the stadiums on your way to the casino, you'll reach the Mr. Rogers memorial which is perfect for photos and a good stopping point to turn around for a 3-4 mile total walk.

For those who want to explore more natural scenery in a lesser used stretch of the bike trail, you'll want to head east (left). Although this is technically not the North Side as defined in this guide, we recommend this section for bikers as you can cover more ground to catch the changing scenery which includes Washington's Landing and several kayak and rowing centers. (If you do not own your own bike, you can pick up a POGOH rental at area kiosks- note this was formerly branded as Healthy Ride.)

Information for Visiting the North Side

Carnegie Science Center

The North Side has a bad reputation for being an unsafe neighborhood of Pittsburgh, but over the years things have improved significantly. As such, you should not have any problems in any of the areas featured within this guide; however, we would recommend some vigilance around East Ohio Street and Federal Street north of Allegheny Commons.  As North Side residents ourselves we have never had any problems on these streets despite walking around quite frequently; however, it is not unheard of- especially at night.

Moving on past the inevitable safety concerns, the North Side is a relatively easy neighborhood to visit as metered parking is plentiful. Most side streets are permit parking with free parking limits of 1-2 hours. Likewise, if you are on a short visit and do not want to pay a meter, odds are good you can go roughly one block away from the main streets and find a permit / non-permit street to avoid the charge altogether.

The one major logistic of parking in the North Side is that the neighborhood parking spots fill up rapidly on game days, much to the chagrin of residents. The streets closest to the stadiums also have increased fines for permit violations on these days so it is worth being aware of this if you wish to park near a stadium during your visit. Likewise, there are many paid lots available for parking (and several of the museums have free lots themselves), but the paid lots also rise in price on game days.

Also, as with most major neighborhoods in Pittsburgh street cleaning does occur and it is important to pay attention to the street signs to avoid an unwanted fine.

Hotels in the North Side

Downtown from North Shore Bike Trail

The North Side is home to several Pittsburgh hotels both to match your budget and style.

The biggest collection of hotels is found within walking distance of the stadiums and includes Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites, and Holiday Inn Express.  Many of these charge extra for on-site parking, but their proximity to many attractions and downtown Pittsburgh may make them a worthwhile option.

An assortment of bed and breakfasts are also operating in the North Side, with The Parador Inn on Western Avenue, The Inn on the Mexican War Streets on North Avenue, and the Priory Hotel in Deutschtown being some of the most accessible.  Aside from The Parador Inn on Western Avenue, the other bed and breakfasts are a bit of a walk to the stadiums, but also will have you much closer to many of the museums and restaurants featured within this guide such as Randyland and the Mattress Factory.

Likewise, the North Side also has a number of great apartment rental options you may want to consider instead of hotels!

The North Side is also within walking distance of downtown, with many hotels, including the Renaissance Hotel, having great locations for visitors.

Now that we’ve shared all of our favorite spots in the North Side, it is your turn to head over and check it out for yourself!  Find a spot we didn’t feature in this list that you love?  Comment below to let us know about it!

Are you a local business in the North Side that would like to be featured in this guide? Please comment below or contact us!

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