ECHT Coffee House Review – Go For Coffee, Stay for the Food

Published by Angie. Last Updated on May 16, 2023.

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ECHT Coffee House in Mount Oliver is more than just a coffee shop. In addition to roasting their own coffee and serving up cafe-style food, this sleek and design-focused spot will also soon be home to a distillery and cocktail bar giving the neighborhood a must-visit spot that will soon be enjoyed morning, noon, and night.

While we visited this one to get our coffee fix on, we ended up staying to enjoy the food menu and exploring the soon-to-come additions on the building's lower level.

You will be wise to do the same when you visit as well!

Artsy Meets Delicious at ECHT Coffee House

ECHT Coffee House Space

The unique design inside ECHT was for sure the first thing we noticed: it's artsy, modern, and eclectic with huge, colorful windows that mimic the look of stained glass. Even the espresso machines are part of the vibe, as they're the sleek and under-the-counter kind.

The coffee menu is quite extensive with more than just your standard drip coffee and lattes. There are several preparation methods available, including Melitta or Chemex pourovers and Turkish coffee. Lattes have special syrups and twists like the orange and ginger latte or the hazelnut maple latte. Classic espresso drinks like espresso con panna also get a fancy touch, with accompaniments of candied ginger, cocoa powder, and confectioner's sugar.

ECHT Coffee

While we stuck to a double espresso and a cortado, they were both executed well and were delicious. The cortado was smooth and balanced with the sweetness of the milk coming through- one of the better cortados we've had recently.

We also love that many of the coffee preparations (like the Turkish coffee, espresso con panna, and affogatto) are served on glass trays with all of the accompaniments presented beautifully in little dishes. It makes the whole experience feel special and elevated.

Food at ECHT in Mount Oliver

The food menu is also more than just baked goods that you might find at a typical coffee shop. On offer here are things like French toast, salads, frittatas, and breakfast sandwiches on house-made biscuits.

On our visit, we tried the mushroom and onion strata, which was like a savory bread pudding. Made with eggs, sourdough bread, and cheese, it was topped with a savory tomato jam and micro greens. The mushroom flavor came through nicely, and the strata's edges were caramelized and delicious. The tomato jam brought a punch of acidity and sweetness which was nice.

The sausage, biscuit, and gravy was perhaps even more delightful. This dish started with a sausage patty served on a house made biscuit, which was then topped with house made gravy and microgreens. The flaky, tender biscuit was amazing, and the gravy was perfectly seasoned. We gushed to the chef about this dish and he admitted it was his favorite dish, too!

ECHT Basement Distillery and Cocktail Bar

After dining, we perused the space and wondered what was down the metal spiral staircase that led to a basement. The staff told us they also have their distilling license, and the basement will serve as a tasting room and cocktail bar in the future. They told us we could peek around downstairs, so we gladly did. The space is so cool and unique- we can't wait to come back and try their spirits and drinks once available!

We love everything about ECHT- the atmosphere, the food, the coffee, the friendly service, and the presentation of the food and drinks. It all combines to elevate your coffee-drinking experience and make it feel like something exceptional and worth savoring.

ECHT Coffee House is located at 107 Penn Ave Suite B in Mount Oliver.

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