Three Brothers Bagels Review – Fast Casual in Glenshaw

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on September 11, 2023.

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Pittsburgh's bagel scene has been rapidly improving in recent years with the opening of many great shops with house-made bagels, bagel sandwiches, and more.

Those in the North Hills looking for a delicious bagel received one more option in the form of Three Brothers Bagels, which opened in Glenshaw in mid-2023.

The popularity of this one skyrocketed overnight, with frequent early sellouts, so of course, we had to visit shortly thereafter to check it out. For those who need a bagel, this one is a treat!

Bagels and Sandwiches at Three Brothers Bagels

Three Brothers Bagels

When it comes to ordering at Three Brothers Bagels, you have three main elements of the menu to consider. 

First is their generous selection of bagels and spreads, ranging from plain and everything bagels to more out-there options like a cacio e pepe and Polish bialy bagels with various cream cheese options to accompany like plain, jalapeno, cashew butter, veggie, and more. 

Second is their breakfast bagel menu, which features staple morning combinations like egg, cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham to name a few. 

The final section of their menu is a lunch-focused bagel sandwich list with classics like a BLT, lox, and veggie bagel being found next to conventional sandwiches like a Cuban, turkey club, and Reuben served up with your choice of bagel replacing the traditional bread slice.

Naturally, we had to order a bit from each menu during our first visit!

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel

For our sandwiches, we had to go for a classic bacon, egg, and cheese and a less conventional Reuben (my favorite sandwich), opting for both to be on an everything bagel as our alternative choice, caio e pepe, was unavailable. Both of the sandwiches had the perfect balance of fillings to bagel, with the Reuben hitting some rather sublime notes where all components came through without being overshadowed by the intense bagel (or any other ingredient, for that matter).

Both of these sandwiches ended up being quite saucy, which the bagel absorbed nicely, while still allowing the (admittedly, slightly doughy) texture of the bagel shine as a star just as much as the fillings. Throw on a rather approachable price point and you have the makings for an approachable meal all around!

Reuben Bagel at Three Brothers in Glenshaw

On the solo bagel front, we ordered a plain bagel and an everything bagel alongside with a generous tub of jalapeno and bacon cream cheese. Although we admittedly ate these the next day as we enjoyed our sandwiches right as they were prepared, we quite enjoyed the flavors of these bagels- particularly the everything bagel, which was covered on all sides with the seasoning (which, we admit, could possibly be too intense for some). 

As we only ordered two plain bagels, our cream cheese side had ample leftovers which we made short work of with other items we had at home, but a bulk sized tub here could easily have worked on at least four bagels if not more, depending on how heavy your scoop is.

Overall, we will never say no to more bagel spots opening up in the city, especially those that offer unique sandwich combinations and approachable price points the way Three Brothers Bagels does. Just be sure to get to this one early, particularly on busy weekends, as this one is likely to continue to sell out regularly!

Three Brothers Bagels is located at 1718 Mount Royal Blvd in Glenshaw.

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