Braddock’s Street Side Review – Whiskey and Reubens in Pittsburgh

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Braddock's Brasserie inside the Renaissance Hotel brings intensity to the hotel dining scene. With hearty, meaty entrees and a bar that could make any whiskey fanatic weep, it's safe to say that Braddock's is not for the faint of heart.

But if you're looking to indulge without going all out at the main restaurant, the Street Side bar is a perfect spot for craft cocktails and sandwiches bigger than your face.

Explore the Hotel, But Hit the Street Side Bar for Your Meal

The Bourbon Bar at Braddock's

If you've never been inside the Renaissance Hotel, Braddock's is a great excuse to check out the historic and grand architecture of the building. If you're looking for a more formal dining experience, Braddock's dining room is open for set lunch and dinner hours. For a more casual experience, Braddock's Street Side gets you up close and personal with the extensive whiskey bar. The same food menu is available in both dining spots.

On both of our visits, we've enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of Braddock's Street Side. With such a well-curated bar, we love sitting right next to it to get ideas for additions for our own at-home bar.

Grab a Whiskey Drink, or Three

Cocktails at Braddock's

The cocktail menu naturally consists of whiskey-focused options including traditional cocktails like a Sazerac as well as drinks with unique twists like the Fort Duquesne Boulevardie with Woodford Reserve, honey-infused Campari, and hickory-smoked sweet vermouth. Whiskey flights are also an option- or just opt for your favorite! With a long list of bourbons as well as Scotch, Irish, and Canadian whiskeys, there's something for everyone. There's even a handy whiskey guide on the menu in case you need a primer on the differences between them.

All the cocktails we've had here have been well-crafted, and we've always loved chatting with the bartenders. They definitely know their stuff and are passionate about whiskey.

The Sandwiches Far Exceed What You'd Expect from a Hotel Restaurant

Reuben at Braddocks in downtown Pittsburgh

We heard that Braddock's does an amazing Reuben so we had to check it out for ourselves. Their version is called “The Big Ugly” which I would say is a very accurate description: this sandwich is piled high with pastrami, kielbasa, sauerkraut, pierogies, dressing, and gruyere and served on thick slabs of marbled rye. It is probably enough food to sustain a single person for two whole days. It likely weighs more than a newborn baby. Ideally, you'd have four hands pick it up and feed it to you. You get the picture.

But besides being impressive to look at, it is downright delicious. The pastrami is tender and flavorful, the kielbasa provides even more meatiness, and the pierogies somehow bind it all together into what we think is one of the best Reubens in Pittsburgh.

Croque Martin in downtown Pittsburgh

We have also tried the Croque Marin, which is basically a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on steroids. Thick slices of candied bacon meld with gooey smoked gouda and cheddar cheeses, while a layer of mustard provides tang and a fried egg keeps the whole thing saucy.

If you're not in the mood for monster-sized sandwiches, there's also small plates, salads, mussels, soups, and pastas. The entrees on the dinner menu are traditional meat and seafood style options.

Overall, Braddock's Street Side is a great place to grab a drink before a show or game- just come hungry if you're intending to eat! Or, if you can do what we did, go in with a plan for your leftovers. You will have them here.

Braddock's Street Side is located in the Renaissance Hotel at 107 6th Street.

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