22 Pittsburgh Wineries, Cider Houses, and Meaderies to Visit

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 17, 2024.

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Pittsburgh is not known to be a wine capital in the US, let alone a highlight in the region, but that isn't stopping local brewers and wine makers from producing some pretty incredible beverages. That is enough to get us excited, and we're on a quest to find the gems that are worth your time.

When it comes to wineries in Pittsburgh, many go beyond the standard batch of fermented grapes to produce something completely unique. The following are some of the best that we have tried so far.

Note: This guide also features cider houses and meaderies in addition to traditional southwest Pennsylvania wineries.

Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip District

Barrels at Pittsburgh Winery

Wine in the region is interesting as the weather patterns and soil quality allows for only select grapes to grow. Often, the best wines to come out of this region are sweet wines made from sugar-rich grapes like Concord or Niagara. While delicious in their own right, these grapes are not going to be put Pennsylvania winemakers on the map any time soon.

Our first thought of Pittsburgh Winery was that they were going to be much like this; however, our thoughts soon changed (for the worse) when we found out they import their grapes from the major wine regions from around the world. Something about this concept didn't sit well with us as we never had good experiences at wineries that don't grow their own grapes.

Luckily all doubts were removed the second we tried a sampler of the wines that were currently available- they all were delicious.  In fact, the wine is so good that they would hold up to competitors who produce wine in the grape's point of origin- a feat that is hard enough for any winemaker, let alone one thousands of miles from where the grape was grown.

Tasting trays at Pittsburgh Winery are roughly $10; however, there is no fee if you purchase a bottle (~$18 on up).  Naturally, we're planning on leaving with a bottle after every visit.

Pittsburgh Winery is located at 2815 Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

Refucilo Winery

Refucilo Winery in the North Side

Refucilo is an interesting one.

Refucilo Vineyard is located in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina. And if you're wondering where Pittsburgh comes into play, you're not alone. To put it simply, the owners have lived in the region for 20 years and, in 2018, decided to open a store in the North Side to share their wines here!

In being a vineyard in the heart of Mendoza, the winery produces styles including Malbec, a grand reserve Malbec blend, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and a white wine mostly grown in South America- Torrontes.

During our first visit we sampled three wines (the Malbec, the grand reserve blend, and the Torrontes) and were quite impressed with the flavors. The Malbec was a bit more full-bodied than you'd anticipate for the grape, the grand reserve was a bit more mellow, and the Torrontes, well, you really just need to try that one for yourselves!

Refucilo Winery is located at 907 Western Avenue in the North Side.

Arsenal Cider House in Multiple Locations

Arsenal Cider House in Lawrenceville

As their name suggests, Arsenal Cider House in Lawrenceville is all about cider- the delicious beverage that comes as the result of fermenting apples.  Since being founded just a few years ago, Arsenal Cider House has grown from a collection of just a few ciders and honey mead to an impressive array of flavored ciders and wines with sour cherry and blueberry being some of our favorites.

It may sound a bit gimmicky to order a flavored cider (those into the wine scene know how much regional breweries love to turn every fruit under the sun into a wine), but give the ones at Arsenal Cider House a chance as we have come to enjoy the flavored varieties far more than their standard offering.

With roughly ten flavors to choose from (and a killer wine sorbet), odds are good that Arsenal Cider House will have a flavor that you'll enjoy.

Arsenal Cider House is located at 300 39th Street in Lawrenceville. Arsenal Cider House has additional taprooms at Soergel's Orchard in Wexford and Trax Farms in Finleyville as well as a taproom in Dormont at 2905 W Liberty Ave.

Threadbare Cider House in the North Side

Threadbare Cider House

Pittsburgh is home to a second cider house, Threadbare, located in the North Side. This one is the brain child of the folks at Wigle Whiskey and is an homage to Johnny Appleseed who was said to have lived in the region during the famous Whiskey Rebellion.

Threadbare uses locally sourced apples to make an array of ciders from dry to farmhouse to hopped and wild fermented in barrels (a personal favorite). Add in their cider cocktails, fortified with Wigle spirits of course, and you have a solid addition into the North Side's drinking scene. (Try the Johnny's Flannel if it is available- this one features farm house cider, wheat whiskey, chai tea, lemon, brown sugar, and bitters and blends the two alcohols perfectly.)

Threadbare is planning on producing mead in the future and we will update this article accordingly when it is available!

Threadbare Cider House is located at 1219 Spring Garden Avenue in the North Side.

Jackworth Ginger Beer in Larimer

Jackworth Ginger Beer

Jackworth Ginger Beer is Pittsburgh's first ginger beer producer, and this one hit the ground running in 2024 with their launch of an impressive mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products including traditional, spicy, and more.

What Jackworth manages to execute perfectly is showcasing the versatility of ginger in every creation. The alcoholic and NA options are a start, but this one goes further with adjuncts like habanero to bring spice in the aptly named spicy variant, a full cocktail menu using ginger beer as a star ingredient, and even mocktail options for those who do not indulge.

While this one may not necessarily be a cider or wine, we love that they're taking a different look at housemade products and offering a wide array of creations that will make just about everyone happy!

Jackworth Ginger Beer is located at 6615 Hamilton Ave in Larimer.

Apis Mead & Winery in Carnegie

Mead at Apis Meadery

I am a sucker for a large chalice of mead. This sweet alcohol made from fermented honey is one you don't hear of too often, but at Apis Mead & Winery in Carnegie this is precisely what you're going to get.

The spectrum of meads at Apis takes on similar format to that of Arsenal Cider House (above).  There are the traditional meads, aged meads, and spiced meads as well as an array of flavored meads that push the boundaries of what you'd expect the drink to be.

Although I would've preferred to have a powerfully sweet mead like the kind you can find at the local Renaissance Festival, I am also not one to go against trying something new- especially when honey wine is concerned. 

The ones here taste more like flavored wine than the mead you'd expect, but we're more than okay with that. If they have it, be sure to try “Honey Moon,” a mead that contains similar yeasts and flavors to a Saison beer.  Odd, but quite good.

Apis Mead & Winery is located at 206 Mary Street in Carnegie.

Enginehouse 25 Winery in Lawrenceville

Arriba Wine Bar

Enginehouse 25 is a unique winery in Lawrenceville located in the basement of the Roberto Clemente Museum.

In fact, the owner of the museum also owns the winery. You can take a tour of the cellar as part of a tour to the museum, and you can also taste and buy the wines at the adjacent wine bar, Arriba.

Similar to Pittsburgh Winery, all the grapes used for making wine at Enginehouse 25 are shipped in from grape-growing regions around the world including South America and California. Their oak barrels are made from Pennsylvania oak that is actually shipped to Australia, turned into barrels by a famous cooper there, and shipped back.

These beautiful barrels no doubt contribute to some of the depth of flavor that Enginehouse 25 wines exhibit.

The winery focuses mostly on red wines including Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, and Sangiovese. At the moment they have one white wine, a Riesling. A tasting flight here costs $10, and you can also order gourmet charcuterie and cheese boards to accompany your wine. The cheese selection rotates and is thoughtfully curated by the Wheel and Wedge cheese shop.

Although the price of these wines is fairly steep (with bottles starting at $30), Arriba is definitely a place worth visiting to sample the wines and have a glass or two. If you love Pittsburgh sports you will also love Enginehouse 25 wines, as many of the labels feature photos of local sports figures as well as the legendary Roberto Clemente.

Enginehouse 25 Winery is located at 3339 Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Hog Dog Winery in Reserve Township

Wine Tasting at Hog Dog Winery

Hog Dog Winery opened up in Reserve Township (just outside of Spring Garden north of the city) in May 2016 and has several dozen white, red, and flavored wines available for sampling and purchase.

We fell in love with the flavored wines that are available, with the cranberry pomegranate, pear, and the 18% alcohol banana being some of our favorites thanks to their robust and lingering flavors. The winery is also known for more unique concoctions, with tomato, pumpkin, and watermelon being some of the more unusual that have been out since they've opened.

We left with a few bottles and are looking forward to making some incredible sangria with them at home soon!

Hog Dog Winery is located at 3500 Spring Garden Avenue in Reserve Township.

Courtyard Winery in the Strip District

Courtyard Winery

Courtyard Winery opened a tasting room in the Strip District in early 2017. Their estate is located in the town of North East, PA, near the New York border on the shores of Lake Erie, and produces all manner of wines from dry to sweet. One of the owners was a former president at Welch's, so you know that the experience with grapes is vast.

Many of the wines we sampled from this estate are blends, which help bring out some nuanced flavors in grape varieties you wouldn't expect- in a good way of course. So next time you are in the Strip District stop by for a sampling of this very tasty vineyard!

Courtyard Winery's Strip District location is at 108 19th Street.

Greenhouse Co-op in Greenfield

Greenhouse Coop

What do you get when you combine one part cider house and one part plant shop? Greenhouse Co-op in Greenfield, that is what.

This small shop opened in early 2024 to combine to of our favorite things in a single spot- ciders and plants. Grab a glass of their ciders, ranging from traditional to floral infused, and either grab a seat to enjoy the array of plants in the gorgeous setting or, as we prefer, shop!

While Greenhouse Co-op is a bit on the smaller side, the setting here is perfect whether you can snag a seat or are standing to peruse their wonderful offering of plants!

Greenhouse Co-op is located at 557 Greenfield Ave in Greenfield.

Wooden Door Winery in New Kensington

Wooden Door Winery

Wooden Door Winery in New Kensington is about 35 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh to the north east on route 28. Located on the grounds of a gorgeous homestead, this vineyard offers several cozy seating areas and a large selection of wine made from locally grown grapes.

As we know that the grapes in Pennsylvania tend to make for the best sweet wine, we stuck to those during our visit. Many of these are blended into proprietary names rather than just one grape variety at this vineyard (although they have a selection of those, too), so you would do well asking what grapes go into each blend prior to ordering.

Enjoying a Wine Slushie at Wooden Door Winery
Our favorite of the bunch was not a blend, and was the seasonal Autumn Riesling which was a refreshing, sweet Riesling with just a hint of fall spice that was not overpowering like is the case in most spiced wines.

The vineyard also does cider and even wine slushies using a mix of several wines which, although not traditional in any case, was incredibly refreshing on a hot end-of-summer day.

Wooden Door Winery also advocates responsible drinking rather hard compared to most, and even offers a shuttle service for those who drank too much or would like to go to a nearby business- a nice touch you do not see everywhere that we can always appreciate.

Overall, Wooden Door Winery is a solid estate that should have something for everyone!

Wooden Door Winery is located at 4087 Greenwood Road in New Kensington, PA. They also have a second location at 101 Custer Avenue in Vandergrift, PA.

Kavic Winery in Carnegie

Kavic Winery

Kavic Winery is one of those places you wouldn't expect to fall in love with the minute after you walk through the door- but you will.

This winery is the child of Michael and Patricia Kavic, a retired couple who wanted to bring their families' rich history of winemaking alive in Pittsburgh. From the minute you step in for a tasting you feel like one of the family, and between sampling roughly ten or so wines while learning about their local production, you'll quickly realize you are at the right place.

As Kavic Winery offers sample tastings of nearly all of their wines during a visit, we do not have to make a recommendation of our favorites. But if you're anything like us, odds are good you're going to leave with a bottle of their Riesling- it is one of the best we've tasted locally and we will be going back for more.

Kavic Winery is located at 1013 Campbells Run Road in Carnegie, Pa.

Greendance Winery in Mount Pleasant

Greendance Winery

Greendance Winery at Sandhill is a beautiful property located just outside of Mt Pleasant, about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The complimentary tastings they offer include 6 wines of your choice, ranging from dry to semi-dry to semi-sweet to sweet and even dessert wines and ports.

We thought that many of the wines we tried here were pretty dry, even some of the semi-sweet to sweet wines. Our favorite wine that we tried was the Isabella, a sweet blush wine.

Pie at Greendance Winery

One of the best things about this property is that they are also a fruit farm and have a strong focus on growing their own berries and apples. This means you can pick up some incredible products ranging from fresh fruit, pies, preserves, to fruit wines.

Naturally, if you're visiting a fruit farm you have to try their pie, and on our recent visit we tried a slice of brambleberry (mixed berries) and blueberry after our wine tasting- a must!

Greendance Winery is located at 306 Deerfield Road just outside of Mount Pleasant.

Greenhouse Winery in Irwin

Greenhouse Winery

Irwin’s resident winery, Greenhouse Winery, first opened in 2007. Since then they have undergone significant expansion including several satellite locations for wine tastings and bottle sales throughout Pennsylvania.

We first visited Greenhouse Winery at a satellite location near Pittsburgh that has since closed, but made the trip down to their idyllic tasting chateau on the top of a hill in the middle of nature in Irwin. The winery is a gorgeous building perfect for events and weddings, and even has a lot of other side amenities like a fire pit, horse shoes, bocce, and more

Slushie at Greenhouse Winery

All of the wines here go down quick, and are also low on sulfites for those who have sensitivities to wine. Our favorites included April Showers, a semi-sweet wine with hints of peach, as well as the Pomegranate (especially in slushie form!). The latter is among the more special creations this vineyard makes as they mix the remaining fruit wine of any given batch with a standard wine.

If this is your kind of wine, keep one thing in mind- they’re only around for a while and once they’re gone no one knows when they come back!

Greenhouse Winery is located at 1048 Pinewood Road in Irwin, PA. They also have several other tasting rooms around Pennsylvania outlined on their website.

Glades Pike Winery in Somerset

Glade Pikes Winery

Glades Pike Winery is one of those places you can't miss when driving in the Laurel Highlands. This one is located just minutes from the likes of Hidden Valley, Kooser State Park, and Laurel Hill State Park and is a great stop after a long day out in nature.

While this one has a modest tasting room, the wine list more than makes up for that with ample dry wines, sweet wines, fruit wines, and more available to try in a flight. On the dry side this one had an impressive lineup of grapes you may not normally see in Pennsylvania such as Malbec, Tempranillo, and Malbec which are sourced from California and vinified on site.

Truly something for everyone indeed!

Glade Pikes Winery is located at 2208 Glades Pike, PA-31 in Somerset, PA.

Winfield Winery in Cabot

Winfield Winery

Winfield Winery is a small winery located in Cabot, PA, a few miles from Todd Nature Reserve. But in the case of this particular winery, when we say small we mean it as they are located in a single family home!

Although this one lacks in size they make up for it with a sizable wine menu containing a full spectrum of dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines as well as plentiful fruit wines including creations we have not seen at others such as plum and yellow raspberry.

Drop by this one next time you're in the region for their free tastings and affordable bottles!

Winfield Winery is located at 1026 Winfield Road in Cabot, PA.

Raccoon Creek Winery

Raccoon Creek Winery

Raccoon Creek Winery is the resident winery at Kramer's Greenhouse near Hillman State Park and shares the bar space with the greenhouse's brewery venture, Coal Tipple Brewery.

As with most wineries in the region, the wine making endeavor started as a way to preserve the leftover fruit from the harvests- so you shouldn't be surprised to find out that the vast majority of the wines here are sweet and are made with ingredients other than grapes.

During our visit we were able to sample wines such as the Riesling (a dry variant that tasted like a crisp, green apple that is highly acidic), raspberry mead, kiwi pear, and even their own hard cider with four rather large pours coming in at just $7.

While we were not as impressed with the beer from Coal Tipple (mostly due to the brewery's young age), the wine at Raccoon Creek Winery shines and fruit wine lovers will surely be walking away with a bottle after a tasting (as we did with the kiwi pear).

Raccoon Creek Winery is located next to Hillman State Park at 1905 Steubenville Pike in Burgettstown, PA.

Washington Winery in Washington

Malbec from Washington Winery

The tasting room for Washington Winery is located right in the heart of Washington, PA, and feels more like a wine accessory store over a winery (thanks in part due to the wealth of brewing equipment they sell on-site). What we like about this winery is that their offering runs the spectrum from those made with grapes imported from California and aged in wine barrels to sweet fruit grapes and more.

So whether you visit this one for a glass or get some bottles to go, odds are good you'll find several that are to your liking.

Washington Winery is located at 202 S Main Street in Washington, PA.

La Casa Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia

Casa Narcisi Winery

When we pulled up to La Casa Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia we were immediately impressed: this is one of the few wineries in the Pittsburgh region that has a full-on estate feel complete with perfectly manicured grounds and a beautiful tasting room. It was hard to believe we were just 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh!

The winery uses grapes that are all grown in Pennsylvania- many from the Lake Erie region, and a few varietals that are grown right on the estate in Gibsonia.

The tasting room offers three complimentary samples of wines ranging from very dry reds and whites, to semi-sweets, to full on sweet wines, and even fruit wines. While we were predictably not fans of the super dry ones, we found the sweeter wines like the Concord, Niagara, Peach, Riesling, and Moscato to be much more balanced and structured than other sweet wines we've tried from the region.

You could spend a whole evening at Casa Narcisi as they have a full restaurant with outdoor seating in a pretty courtyard (the sun-dried tomato dipping oil is heavenly). Several nights a week they also have live music on their outdoor stage.

La Casa Narcisi Winery is located at 4578 Gibsonia Road in Gibsonia.

Vinoski Winery in Belle Vernon

Vinoski Winery

Vinoski Winery opened in Westmoreland County in 2017, and from the moment you drive up to the estate you'll feel like you've been transported straight to Napa. The reason for this is that (if you haven't guessed from the photo) the word estate is a bit of a misnomer and the winery is located on the ground floor of a modern day castle.

What makes this one interesting is that the vast majority of the wines here are actually made in California at a property run by the Vinoski family, and the bottles are shipped back to Pennsylvania to be sold locally. So if you are a fan of New World, West Coast wines, this is the place for you (but they do have a few local, sweet wines for lovers of Concord and Niagara).

Vinoski Winery

Five generous samples come in at $10, and samples of the premium collection will set you back $20- a steep price, but also worth it to try wines you just wont get locally as they also do not sell by the glass. Our personal favorite was the Riesling which was quite floral, almost Gewurztraminer like, and we left with two bottles to savor back home.

But with an estate like this, we really wished we could've cracked a bottle open while we were there.

We will be back for the ambiance alone!

Vinoski Winery is located at 333 Castle Drive in Belle Vernon, PA.

Tattiebogle CiderWorks in Acme


When it comes to drinking delicious cider, sometimes you want to do it with a wonderful view. In southwest Pennsylvania, amazing views come in the Laurel Highlands, and Tattiebogle CiderWorks in Acme has a pretty stellar one at their location on Chestnut Ridge.

The cider producers here use a mix of heirloom trees from their properties plus apples sourced from orchards all around the state, and make a mix of classic ciders as well as those with modern twists like a hopped cider, flavored ciders, pepper infused creations, and more.

While we highly advocate visiting this one to enjoy a cider with the view, we have to admit, their product is pretty impressive view or not!

Tattiebogle CiderWorks is located at 175 Ankney Hl Road in Acme, PA.

Christian W Klay Winery near Ohiopyle

Christian W Klay Winery

Christian W Klay Winery is one of the closest to Ohiopyle State Park, making it the perfect stop to quench your thirst after a long day of hiking.

The winery sits on a patch of beautiful countryside where you can sit out and enjoy more traditional wines like their Blanc de LaFayette (a floral white) or Nemacolin Castle (a semi-dry similar to Riesling/Gewurztraminer) or some more unique creations like their Spiced Apple or Lavender Mist sweet sparkling wine- a personal favorite.

Most bottles at this winery cost between $14 and $22, making them a bit on the higher side for some local wineries; however, their prices are more than justified as they are as solid as they come for PA wines! Enjoy a bottle while there, take a few to go, and bask in the beauty that is southern Pennsylvania.

Ridge Runner Distillery

For those who want a bit more fortification in their beverages, head across the street to check out Ridge Runner Distillery for their moonshine and affordable cocktails as well. A perfect combo!

Christian W Klay Winery is located at 412 Fayette Springs Road in Chalkhill, PA- just outside of Ohiopyle. Ridge Runner Distillery is located at 417 Fayette Springs Road just across the street.

More Southwestern Pennsylvania Wineries Coming Soon

We’re continually visiting new local wineries and and will be updating this guide as we discover new ones worth your time in the region!

Looking for more local alcohol in Pittsburgh? Check out our Pittsburgh brewery and Pittsburgh wine bar guides, Wigle Whiskey, Liberty Pole Spirits, and Maggie's Farm Rum for more delicious creations!

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  1. Narcissi winery in gibsonia is amazing! All their wines are very good and it has beautiful grounds. It has a fantastic restaurant as well.

  2. Christian Klay winery in Chalk Hill, Fayette County has a delicious assortment of wines .

    The scenery alone is worth the trip.

  3. The Wooden Door Winery in Allegheny Township is amazing. Not only are their wines delicious, the outdoor seating area is great and the food is tasty!

    • I would have to whole heartedly agree. Wooden Door Winery in Allegheny Township needs to make the list of must see/visit wineries just outside “The Burgh”. They have an outstanding variety of delicious wines. The rustic, scenic and beautiful atmosphere creates a serene environment. Add the live music with the friendly, personable and hardworking ownership, you have a perfect evening that will create you coming back. Another added bonus is a 2 for 1 stop. You can enjoy a farm fresh gourmet dinner while you’re there. This is my ultimate weekend place to go come spring/summer. A must try!

      • I wholeheartedly agree – Wooden Door is a great find. I have to comment on the article’s referral to sweet wines. The better winemakers in the area bring in grapes from the more traditional winemakeing areas and make some great dry wines as well. Wooden Door’s Pinot Noir is terrific. They’re also opeing a second location nearby in an old church.

        • Yep, you are correct. I was just speaking on our opinion that the best local grape varieties are the sweet ones. The vineyards who import grapes from major producing regions can do fine dry wines for sure. I’ll have to try Wooden Door’s Pinot Noir next time we go. Thanks for the tip!

  4. J&d wine cellars in eighty four, PA are wonderful. The wines are delicious and they are very welcoming. They will open on the days they normally don’t if you call ahead so you can visit.

  5. Kavic Winery in Carnegie had award winning wines for every palate. Mr. & Mrs Kavic are fascinating hosts if you are fortunate enough to be there on a day they can spend time with you. We love it there!

  6. We just opened a winery/Italian restaurant in Lawrenceville. We have 9 varietals of wines, mostly dry table wines, but we have an ice wine and a moscato as well. We also have a few uncommon wines that we feel are phenomenal, including Tannat from the Sacramento Valley, Montepulciano from Lodi, Ca, and Frascati, a white blend from the Lazio region near Rome Italy. We have tasting at the bar, sell by the bottle to take home, or by the glass or caraffe if you decide to try our wines with our traditional Italian peasant cuisine.

  7. J&D Cellars Winery is an amazing local, family run, small batch winery in Washington County, specializing in low-sulfite vegan wines. We have a location in 84, Pa and a location next to the Meadows Casino. Visit our website, FB, or insta page for more details! We’d love to see yinz! Cheers!


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