Chicken Latino Review – Peruvian Chicken in Beechview

Published by Angie. Last Updated on October 22, 2023.

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Chicken Latino is a casual Peruvian restaurant in Beechview (formerly in the Strip District) known for rotisserie chicken. With huge portions and affordable prices, a homemade chili sauce that is seriously fiery and delicious, and weekend specials, Chicken Latino is a great restaurant for takeout or a low key lunch.

Chicken Overload at Chicken Latino

Chicken Latino's former location in the Strip District

The menu at Chicken Latino is focused on Peruvian style rotisserie chicken and sides as well as a few Tex-Mex dishes. You can order the rotisserie chicken as a quarter chicken, half chicken, or whole chicken, and you can also get combos with fries and coleslaw or rice and beans. The Tex-Mex dishes include burritos and quesadillas, either with chicken or veggies.

We've also heard the weekend specials are delicious, although we have yet to try them: ceviche, lechon (slow roasted pork), and lomo saltado (a Peruvian-Asian beef stir fry dish).

Half Chicken from Chicken Latino

On our recent visit we ordered the half chicken with rice and black beans, a side of fried sweet plantains, and a chicken burrito for takeout. We were so surprised at the amount of food – we ended up getting three meals out of it!

The rotisserie chicken had a golden skin that wasn't crispy but was well-seasoned. The meat itself was supremely juicy and tender. The black beans were nice and saucy (there's nothing worse than dried out black beans) while the rice was intensely garlicky. Don't expect anything fancy or out of the ordinary when you order the rotisserie chicken – but do expect huge portions and very reasonable prices. Our chicken meal was only $11.50 and would have been enough food for both of us.

Chicken Burrito

But we couldn't restrain ourselves and also had to check out the chicken burrito and fried plantains. The burrito was massive and would also have easily been enough food for two people. Again, the contents were pretty basic: chicken, rice, beans, and cheese. But we loved that the chicken was mostly dark meat which kept the whole thing tender, moist, and rich. Next time we'll be sure to try the fried version of this burrito for something different!

Round Out a Meal with Sweet Plantains

Chicken Latino's Sweet Plantains

I absolutely love sweet plantains and pretty much always have to order them when I see them on a menu. The ones here were perfectly caramelized on the outside and had just the right sweetness. I loved dipping them in the black beans and getting a bite of chicken with it.

Chicken Latino also makes their own chili sauce which contains a mix of different types of peppers. It's a green-hued sauce but has a predominant habanero flavor, meaning it's spicier than you might think just by looking at the color! We drizzled it on everything on our plates and absolutely loved it. (They also sell the sauce in 8oz or 12 oz containers if you just have to have more.)

Overall we think the huge portions, solid flavors, and value make Chicken Latino a solid choice for a quick meal. We look forward to returning on a weekend to try the ceviche, lechon, and lomo saltado!

Chicken Latino is located at 2100 Broadway Avenue in Beechview. It was formerly in the Strip District and relocated in July 2020.

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