Lola’s Eatery Review – Affordable Brunch at Engine House 25

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 28, 2023.

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We'll never say no to more options for brunch in Pittsburgh, and in late 2019 Lola's Eatery opened in the stunning Engine House 25 in Lawrenceville (home to the winery of the same name as well as the Clemente Museum) to help satisfy that need.

Naturally, I had to check this one out as soon as possible and was joined with a friend for a rather affordable, and delicious, dining experience.     

Deciding on an Order at Lola's Eatery is a Challenge

AM Eggrolls at Lola's eatery

While half of the menu at Lola's Eastery is labeled as being sides, during our visit they arrived at our table first and were arranged more like a traditional appetizer. 

The three we went for were the Atsara (Filipino pickled vegetables), AM Eggrolls (essentially an omelet wrapped in a wonton shell and fried), and an order of bacon (roughly three pieces). Had we ordered these on their own, they most certainly would've been the portion size that we look for as a conventional side, but when served pre-meal together they also made for a well thought out appetizer.

The tangy pickled vegetables of the Atsara and the AM Eggrolls offered a nice counterpoint to each other as the tangy pickled vegetables balanced with the richer flavors of the eggroll. Normally I am all about bacon, and despite being perfectly cooked here I thought that the cut of meat did not have a strong flavor that came out one way or another- partly due to the bacon being incredibly thin.

Adobo Pot Pie

For the mains, we split the Adobo Pot Pie and the Chicken and Waffles.

The Adobo Pot Pie was a unique take on the traditional food style that came loaded with the traditional fixings plus adobo marinated chicken and pork belly. This was all topped with another piece of bacon and a drizzle of honey to tie it all together (which worked great for the bacon). While the adobo flavors in the chicken were a bit muted, the dish came together for a very savory offering and was perhaps our favorite dish of the spread.

Chicken and Waffles at Lola's eatery in Lawrenceville

The Chicken and Waffles came with a rather large, crispy piece of chicken on top of two triangular waffle wedges and was topped with green onions, butter, and a side of maple syrup. The highlight of this dish was most certainly the crispiness of the fried chicken which was perfectly cooked and went well with the softer texture of the waffles. 

But while I would say we enjoyed the food overall here, there are a few things we enjoyed more- the portion sizes and the price!

Smaller Plates at an Approachable Price

Lola Eatery Menu

There are two aspects of Lola's Eatery beyond the above that we absolutely love.

First, the portions are quite reasonable. We are used to huge brunch portions that leave you walking away completely stuffed (with ample leftovers) and often find this to be a bit much when dining out. While two entrees and three sides still amounted to a large meal, it was also just enough to feel satisfied without feeling overwhelmed- partially due to the small size of the sides.

Bacon and Filipino Pickled Vegetables

Second, there is the price. Most mains at this one run about $10-$12, and when you add on a few sides a robust meal for two can be had for under $40. This makes it a splurge if you want it to be, but it also makes it easy to reign in your spending a bit for a reasonably-priced brunch if you are seeking that as well (although note the previous point as the plates here are smaller than average).

All of these come together for a pretty enjoyable dining experience, and I look forward to returning to Lola's Eatery on a weekend to try some of their weekend only specials in the near future!

Lola's Eatery is located at 3337 Penn Avenue inside Engine House 25 in Lawrenceville.

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