Pizza Fiesta Review – No Frills Pizza, Delicious Fiesta Rolls

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 18, 2023.

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When we write about pizza in Pittsburgh, we often write about the corner pizza shop phenomenon where most every neighborhood pizza joint tastes almost identical to each other.

If you want a quick, cheap, and often greasy pie but aren't in the mood to go out of your way for a favorite spot, they are the kind of place you would go to out of convenience more than anything else.

As much as I don't want to say it, Pizza Fiesta is one of those places.

Pizza Fiesta is a No-Frills Neighborhood Pizza Shop

Pizza Fiesta in Pittsburgh

We kind of knew about this going in to Pizza Fiesta, as we found out about the shop from some friends who eat there primarily because it is located near their house. (So you can see where this is going already.)

To be fair, we ordered two pizzas, a side of the fiesta rolls (more on those below), and were given a complimentary side of a dozen bread sticks for reaching a spending threshold.

The two pizzas we tried were the Fiesta pizza, what we'd consider to be their flagship which is equivalent to a deluxe at most other pizza shops, and the five cheese pizza (which was recommended to us by our friends).

In no uncertain terms, the Fiesta pizza was a disappointment. Between the fairly greasy and limp crust, and seemingly low quality toppings, we really just didn't enjoy it at all. Nondescript deluxe pizza is nondescript deluxe pizza after all, and is the kind of pie you'd find at any place in the city.

Pizza Fiesta in Pittsburgh

Now the five cheese pizza, on the other hand, was fairly good for a corner shop pie. The cheese seemed low quality compared to other pizza joints in the city (the ricotta was fairly dry which is a common issue, for example), but the flavor worked well together such that we can say it was a fairly good recommendation by our friends.

I wouldn't go out of my way to order it again, but if I lived around the corner from Pizza Fiesta and wanted a quick pie after a night out, I'd consider it.

One Special Side – The Fiesta Rolls

Pizza Fiesta in Pittsburgh

Now, it would be very easy for us to leave our thoughts on Pizza Fiesta as it is, but we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't mention the side item that we tried and enjoyed immensely- the fiesta rolls.

These rolls are hard to describe on their own, as I'm not sure if there is a baked good equivalent for what they are. I'd almost describe them as mini calzones as they are thick, garlicky dough (almost like a stubby breadstick) wrapped around a filling of your choice in a small two or three bite sized rolls.

Fiesta Rolls at Pizza Fiesta

We opted for the feta and spinach filling which worked will for the greasy and garlic flavored dough and they are absolutely delicious right out of the oven. In fact, I'd almost go as far as saying I'd order these from Pizza Fiesta on their own, skip the pizza altogether, and have them all in one sitting. They're that good.

Overall, Pizza Fiesta is an average neighborhood pizza joint that you would most likely visit out of convenience rather than seeking out for a quality pie. They are about as standard as you can get in the Pittsburgh pizza dining scene. That being said, if you do visit, get the fiesta rolls and eat them as soon as they arrive. You won't regret that.

Pizza Fiesta has two Pittsburgh locations, one downtown and one in Garfield. Our pizza for this review was from the downtown location.

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