Mandy’s Pizza Review – An Allergy Conscious Pizza Joint in West View

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 12, 2022.

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Mandy's Pizza in West View is a popular pizza joint that has a robust menu of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and more.

But where most pizza shops would simply thrive on a vast menu alone, Mandy's goes one step further with being incredibly flexible with customer requests- especially around dietary restrictions. Gluten-free? You got it. Allergies? They can handle it. Vegan? That too. 

In fact, Mandy's is probably the most vocal business we've seen in Pittsburgh when it comes to catering to dietary restrictions, so if you fall into this category but still crave pizza, this should be great news to you (but as always, pending the severity of restriction it is always best to call and talk with them about their practices).

But during our first visit, we stuck with a fairly traditional order of pizza and fries. So let's share what it was like!

Mandy's Pizza Offers Options for Everyone (Including Allergies)

Bruschetta Pizza from Mandy's Pizza

During our first visit, we opted for two pies- one traditional and one Sicilian.

The traditional pie was their famous white bruschetta pie which was topped with generous amounts of house bruschetta mix, garlic butter, feta cheese, and pizza cheese. If that isn't a collection of toppings that should get everyone excited, we don't know what else would. Bruschetta on a pizza is a wonderful combination, and the toppings here did not let us down in terms of flavor or quantity in the slightest.

Sicilian Pizza from Mandy's in West View

The Sicilian pie, on the other hand, was thick. Incredibly thick. Thicker than Detroit-style pizza thick. We'd go as far as saying this is the thickest dough we've had of any pizza place in Pittsburgh so far, and honestly it isn't even close. As such, when we say that the dough needed perhaps a bit more salt and we woefully under-topped the pie, we really mean that the flavor was simply all dough.

This was our fault.

Our traditional Sicilian order is often just pepperoni and letting the flavors of the dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni shine through. But because this pie is so thick you really could go for three, four, or more toppings and only just be starting to get the balance right. This one simply needed more of everything to work with the thickness of the dough (including possibly more sauce and cheese, too). 

So if you go the Sicilian route, don't skimp on the toppings here or else you may be enjoying the flavor of the bread more than anything else.

Habanero Honey Fries from Mandy's Westview

Beyond this, we added on a side of the honey habanero fries topped with melted cheddar, ample bacon, and a honey habanero sauce that made the entire order sweet and slightly spicy. Could it have been spicier? Of course. But the flavors came together nicely for otherwise conventional fries and were perhaps our favorite from the bunch. The sweetness and slight heat were a wonderful combination.

When it comes down to it, we really like how Mandy's proclaims to cater to almost all dietary restrictions. This is equally impressive when you realize just how vast their menu is to begin with- pizza and fries are only just barely scratching the surface of what is offered here. So if you plan to order from this one, be prepared to give yourself some time with the menu as it will take some time to look through (and add a couple extra toppings onto the Sicilian)!

Mandy's Pizza is located at 512 Perry Highway in West View.

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