Pizza House Review – Square Cuts to Eat on the Spot

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 18, 2023.

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We frequently share images of Pittsburgh pizza shops on our social media, often to a chorus of cheers, boos, and recommendations of where else to eat in the city.

On a recent share of Beto's Pizza (a local spot famous for square slices and cold toppings), we received a flood of suggestions to check out Pizza House in Ambridge (also called Police Station Pizza)- another shop that focuses on square, by-the-slice pies.

But rather than adding toppings after the pizza bakes for a cold / warm hybrid, this one ensures your meal is hot the whole way through with only a small sprinkling of toppings after the fact (including cold cheese, if you like) making for the best of both worlds.

Order By the Square at Pizza House

Cuts from Police Station Pizza

When ordering at Pizza House, you need to get in the mindset of how many slices you'll order and what toppings you want on each as this restaurant is not set up in the traditional style of small, medium, and large. 

Prices are offered by the cut, and a sliding scale menu can be found on the wall for a quick price estimate for anything ranging from about one to 24 pieces. Toppings are a fixed extra price, and you can order them in any combination you want.

During my first visit, I ordered two for a quick meal, and realized these were quite massive such that two or three will leave most people stuffed. I went with one of just pepperoni and another with Italian sausage and sweet peppers all for the scant price of just $3.10 in 2021. Amazing for a snack- even better for a meal.

The first thing you'll notice when eating Pizza House's slices is that they are incredibly crunchy.

The bread is thick with a nice crust on the bottom that is accompanied by only a nominal amount of grease. When it is all said and done the fresh, out-of-the-oven taste is almost without compare and made me a very happy customer at that very moment (and a convert on the peppers for all future orders).

That being said, as one of the best parts of this pizza is the crunchy bottom, unless you plan to reheat leftovers in a cast iron skillet, we would recommend enjoying this one as hot and fresh as possible- which for us was quite literally in the car 30 seconds after walking out of the store. Anything less just doesn't stack up.

We'll be picking up a few slices every time we pass through Ambridge to repeat this order!

Pizza House (also known locally as Police Station Pizza) is located at 1007 Merchant Street in Ambridge, PA- 30 minutes west of Pittsburgh.

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