Coop de Ville Review – Fried Chicken Sandwiches in the Strip

Published by Angie. Last Updated on December 15, 2020.

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Coop de Ville is one of the newest concepts from the Richard DeShantz restaurant group and it's serving up fried chicken and other Southern classics. What's unique about this spot in the Strip District is that it's also an entertainment venue offering duckpin bowling, arcade games, a champagne vending machine, and more.

We recently ordered takeout and have to admit we were not overly enthused about the food, although we should note that we were one of the first orders of the day during opening week.

Coop de Ville Offers a Compact Menu of Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwiches at Coop de Ville

The menu at Coop de Ville is pretty brief and includes Southern classics like fried chicken dinners and sandwiches served with traditional sides. However, there are also a few other unconventional sandwiches like chicken parm, a Korean-inspired option, and blackened tuna.

We tried the Nashville chicken sandwich which was topped with a roasted garlic ranch aioli, iceberg lettuce, and bread and butter pickles. Unfortunately, the sandwich was lacking sauce and had little heat on it. While this one is not marketed as being “hot” specifically (the wing dinner has an equivalent Nashville spice labeled hot, however), we personally just assumed it would be. Later, we had also read a few 3rd party reviews of people saying this one was too spicy and were left scratching our heads a little.

We also tried the K-town sandwich with gochujang mayo, K-Town glaze, fermented pickles, and mint cilantro slaw. Much like the Nashville sandwich there didn't seem to be much sauce at all and we didn't get any spiciness or gochujang flavors; it mostly just tasted like a plain fried chicken sandwich. 

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about both sandwiches was the breading on the chicken. We found it to be incredibly thick, not crispy at all, and worse yet, the breading didn't adhere to the chicken and fell off rather easily. Part of this could've been that we ordered takeaway and had a 10-minute drive home, but coupled with the lack of sauces on both our orders we ended up being fairly let down.

Sides at Coop de Ville

The side dishes fared a bit better. Although the waffle fries were not memorable, the collard greens were excellent with a vinegary tang and a depth of smoky and meaty flavor, and the pimento mac and cheese was creamy, cheesy, and comforting. These were two side dishes we'd definitely order again, and gives us encouragement at trying out some of the others on the menu as well.

All this being said, we haven't given up on Coop de Ville yet, though.

Given that we visited during opening week we plan on going back in the future for a re-try when we are able to eat in-house- especially if we can combine it with checking out the duckpin bowling and their bubbly vending machine. Odds are good we simply saw some of the opening week kinks that were still being worked out.

Coop de Ville is located at 2305 Smallman Street in the Strip District.

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