Pittsburgh Webcam – A Unique Skyline View

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Do you love the Pittsburgh skyline as much as we do?  If so, you're in luck! We recently installed a webcam at our own personal viewpoint high above Pittsburgh's North Side. Enjoy the live feed below to watch the city 24/7!



Timelapse Videos of Pittsburgh's Skyline

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11 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Webcam – A Unique Skyline View”

  1. I like looking at cams from all over the world but I especially like yours because da ‘Burgh is my home. Having watched your cam for months now there is one thing that puzzles me. The building that can be seen off the corner of your balcony and through the leafless tree has a rooftop that blazing with lights on many nights and long into the night. I figure it’s to cold to have parties up there and anyway every night, ha! So now I’m thinking that the building is being refurbished and they set up a work area on the roof and they work nights. Do you know? Am I close? If you know please let me know it’s driving this old, retired guy crazy, ha!

    Steve in Manassas, VA

    • Hi Steve, thanks for the kind words on our webcam! So that building with the bright white lights in the bottom right is the roof of the Mattress Factory. It is for a permanent exhibit installed in 2016 called “Acupuncture” by Hans Peter Kuhn. A better photo of it is found at the Mattress Factory’s website at http://mattress.org/archive/index.php/Detail/collections/1384 I haven’t heard of being able to go up on the roof as it is meant to be enjoyed from a distance.

      • Thanks for the quick reply … now I can take my nap without worrying what that is … well, I would have taken a nap anyway but this is one thing off my mine … might take another one at 6 PM because ther is NOTHING on TV to watch, ha!


  2. I always check your live cam to see how the weather is back in the Burg where some of my family still live! ! Thanks for loading it! I was born and raised on the N.S. but now live in Phoenix, where it’s always nice and warm! I also lived up on Mt. Washington in the Monterey Bay high-rise building, overlooking the stadiums!
    Thanks again for the website!

  3. Who/ what bumped your cam to set it askew the other day? I thought I had too much coffee that day, ha! I see you put it back but could I talk you into lower it to it’s former position? Too much sky now and beside I like to see the railing on you deck so I can check how much snow you get. Thanks …


    • We have the camera mounted on the inside of our sliding door. Sometimes if we open the door too far we hit it and the camera tilts. But got it all taken care of right away!

  4. Really enjoying this webcam during the severe thunderstorm right now, can’t believe it was the only one I could find that shows the entirety of Pittsburgh live! Thanks for posting, friend!

  5. I haven’t been home for 50 years (since CCAC) but I think the cam is close to Carrington and Federal. Just a piece of the 6th St. bridge is visible.

  6. Love the view! I havent been to Pittsburgh since I was a kid but the past few years I have been itching to check it out. Possibly to relocate.

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