Fat Butcher Brings Quality Local Meats to Lawrenceville

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 6, 2023.

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When it comes to buying meats in Pittsburgh, we always look for two things- local farms using ethical practices and, if possible, processed by a skilled butcher.

The former is easy to find, and the latter, well, let's say the art of butchering meat felt like it was on its way out for quite some time with only a few famed butchers remaining in and around Pittsburgh.

Thankfully, this profession is starting to make a resurgence in the city, and if it is anything like what the team at Fat Butcher in Lawrenceville is doing, we are sold on what the future will be like.

Fat Butcher Finds a Home in Lawrenceville

Meat Display at Fat Butcher Lawrenceville

When you first step into The Fat Butcher, you may note that the space itself is not terribly large. A refrigerator section adorns one wall, dry goods can be found on the other, and the back half of the store features a modest display case full of interesting meats available for purchase be it conventional items like brats or ground beef all the way to more interesting cuts of lamb, pork, beef, and poultry.

Meat Display at Fat Butcher Lawrenceville

My first question, of course, was asking about where the meats were sourced, and I was rather pleased to find out that so much of the stock is sourced locally, with a strong display from Birch Creek Farmery near Burgettstown (we have been buying meat in bulk from them for several years now and are always thrilled to find their products available in local stores).

My second question was whether or not a cut of meat was available that I was hoping to pick up, as it was sadly not visible in the modest display case. Steve Dawson, the butcher himself, jumped on it and found a massive cut in their storage freezer in a back room, promptly threw it down on the work table just a few feet away, and cut-to-order the pieces I was looking for.

Have I mentioned that I could get used to butcher shops returning? This is why.

Butcher in Lawrenceville

The meat was, of course, delicious (Birch Creek never lets us down). But having a butcher right in the city where we can get smaller orders of our favorite meats without having to drive to the farm is enough to keep us happy.

Don't Skip Out on the Sandwiches and Burgers

Fat Butcher Sandwiches

Going beyond conventional products, those who find themselves looking for a quick meal in Lawrenceville would do well to stop by Fat Butcher for their modest sandwich and soup menu with a mix of offerings including breakfast sandwiches, smash burgers, roast beef, pastrami, and more.

While my photo may not have been the greatest (because, we'll be honest, we were starving), the Smash Burger was a perfectly crafted burger that allowed the quality of the beef to shine above all others. If you are wanting an example of how the meats at Fat Butcher end up in final products, the sandwiches here most certainly do the job and then some.

Dry Goods at The Fat Butcher

Overall, we are really pleased that Lawrenceville finally has a butcher once again, and Fat Butcher hits on all the marks we look for- local meats whenever possible, delicious cuts, and of course house-made sandwiches for those who can't wait to get home and cook themselves!

Fat Butcher is located at 5151 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

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