Doughboy’s Pizza Review – Thick Crust in McKee’s Rocks

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Doughboy's Pizza is a popular Pittsburgh pizza spot located in McKee's Rock on the southern shore of the Ohio River.

After having this one recommended to us several times we decided to put an order in during a recent visit to the Rocks to see what goes into their pies.

The Crust at Doughboy's is Key

Doughboy's Pittsburgh

With a name like Doughboy's, you would expect the crust to be one of the key components of the pie.

We are happy to report that this is indeed the case.

The shop offers two styles of pizza. The first is the typical hand tossed pizza we all know, which features relatively thin crust on the inside (which was not super crispy) and large puffy edges that are what crust lovers dream about.

The second style pizza is Sicilian style, which is a brick style with thick center crust and even puffier edges the whole way around. Much like other Sicilian's in the city, this one is best when right out of the oven but leftovers also hold up fairly well- making it on the better end of Sicilian crusts you'll find.

But where the crust impressed us, the toppings were a bit of a let down.

The Toppings Could Use Improvement

Doughboy's Pittsburgh

Although we thoroughly enjoyed the crust at Doughboy's, we were a bit lost on the pizza when it came to the toppings.

On our standard pizza we ordered “The Big O”- a pizza reminiscent of a deluxe with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives. In this particular pie the toppings did not work well together and were a bit off tasting- almost to the point that we would have rather pulled them off to eat the pizza plain.

Doughboy's Pittsburgh

On the Sicilian we opted for pepperoni and banana peppers which proved to be a much better balance of flavors that allowed the crust, sauce, and cheese to shine through more (and all things being equal, were better quality toppings, too).

Doughboy's Pittsburgh

We topped our order off with a side of fried cheese balls which, although sounding good in theory, let much to be desired with a relatively high fry to cheese ratio. In a future order, we'll have to try something else.

Overall, Doughboy's in McKee's Rocks offers a crust that most pizza shops in Pittsburgh should take note from. Although we weren't particularly fond of the toppings, we would order this pizza again for the crust alone.

Doughboy's Pizza is located at 508 Island Avenue in McKee's Rocks.

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