Pittsburgh Drone Services for Businesses, Real Estate, and More

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 27, 2024.

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Are you a local business, real estate agent, or homeowner looking for Pittsburgh drone services for photography and videography? We are here to help!

Jeremy received his FAA license for small unmanned aerial flights via the Part 107 certificate in early 2024. By holding this license, we can offer commercial drone photography and videography services while operating in accordance with all FAA airspace rules and requirements.

We presently fly with a DJI Mini 4 and are able to produce photography and videos within the greater Pittsburgh area to meet your aerial needs. 

Before inquiring, please read more about our FAA license and rules and restrictions regarding our services. While our packages are fully customizable to meet your needs, there are a few laws and flying best practices we must abide by at all times.

FAA License Drone Pilot

North Side via a Drone

We strive to fly ethically, safely, and in accordance with all Federal and State aviation laws at all times. As such, we will review all planned flights to ensure that our highest safety standards, laws, and best practices are met. If flying on private property, we must have written permission from the owner or approving authority for flight. We reserve the right to decline drone operations if we feel these conditions are unable to be met, including due to airspace restrictions, weather changes during the day of flight, and more. These terms are not negotiable.

If your business requires insurance for drone operations on your property, please convey relevant terms and coverage amounts at the time of inquiry. For all commercial partnerships, we purchase drone insurance to cover the date(s) of the flight to ensure liability needs are met. Changes made to insurance requirements less than one week of the proposed flight schedule may result in rescheduling or canceling services.

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If you would like to inquire about rates for drone services, please get in touch using the form below! Please provide as much information as possible including proposed flight locations, deliverables, and any other relevant details we should be aware of. We will get back to you as soon as possible with rates, availability, and any questions/concerns regarding flight logistics. 

We are also able to provide marketing of your business on Discover the Burgh's website and social media channels as part of our advertising capabilities. While our drone services here are meant to provide deliverables for you to use for your own marketing, if you would like to discuss combination packages, please include this in the form below!

We look forward to speaking with you more soon!