Fiori’s Pizzaria Review – Award Winning Pizza in Brookline

Posted By Jeremy in Eat & Drink

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When it comes to sharing Pittsburgh's best pizza on this site, it seems like every time we review one shop we receive countless recommendations of new places to try that are “even better”.

One restaurant that comes up time and time again is Fiori's Pizzaria in Brookline, and after being told to visit dozens (if not hundreds) of times, we decided to give this shop a try to see if it is worth the impressive following it receives.

A Cut Above the Rest

Fiori's Pizzaria

One of the common complaints about Pittsburgh pizza shops is that they are all eerily similar. With only minor differences between them, mostly revolving around how much grease comes off any given piece, it is quite possible to pick any independently run pizza shop in the city, order a pie, and have it taste just like any other.  

This is great for those who want the same pizza just about anywhere you go, but not so good if you are looking for any sort of variation in your ordering habits.

Although Fiori's Pizzaria has a menu similar to that of other pizza shops in the city, and their pies are made in roughly the same style, this is where all similarities end as the pies are a cut above the rest.

Fiori's Pizzaria in Pittsburgh

We were nervous at first before biting into our pizza from Fiori's as the the only unique feature of their pie from a visual glance was the topping pattern (a large concentration of peppers, olives, and bacon gravitating towards the center of the pizza).  

The flavor of that first bite, on the other hand, alleviated any reservations we had. The crust was crisp and full of flavor, the sauce had a hint of sweetness lacking in most pizzas, and the massive amount of toppings made sure we had a mouthful in every bite- even if we did have to move them around to achieve that last bit.

Overall, I wouldn't say that Fiori's Pizzaria is especially unique in Pittsburgh's pizza food scene; however, for those who are familiar with the all-too-common style of pizza that is served in this city and are looking for the very best of this style, Fiori's Pizzaria should be your choice by a long shot.

Fiori's Pizzaria in Pittsburgh

Fiori's Pizzaria is located at 103 Capital Avenue in Brookline.

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  1. Glad to see this post !
    Please go back and order Fiori’s “Brookline Style”- Well Done with pepperoni, and cold cheese on the side that you drop on before eating a slice – and make sure you wash it all down with carton of iced tea – not pop !
    Trust me

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