D’s Six Pack and Dogz Review – Hot Dogs in Regent Square

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 25, 2020.

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Thanks to Pennsylvania's unusual liquor laws, many businesses have popped up around the state offering different outlets for thirsty citizens.

One such outlet has been the beer mix-and-match shops where you can go in, find a selection of hundreds of beers, and come out with your own customized six-pack. These businesses often come with attached short-order restaurants and bars, and a good number in Pittsburgh specialize in hot dogs as their menu item of choice.

One popular shop in Pittsburgh of this style is D's Six Pack and Dogz in Regent Square. With a gourmet hot dog menu and over 1,000 beers in their beer cave, this one certainly has a worthy reputation worth seeking out.

After hearing so much about this one over the years, it was time for us to finally check it out to find out why it is so popular.

Above and Beyond a Conventional Pittsburgh Hot Dog Shop

Hot Dog Menu at D's Six Pack and Dogz

One of my biggest concerns about visiting a hot dog / mix-and-match shop is that they all seem to follow the same blueprint of having a few beers on draft, a couple hot dogs available for a quick snack, and lots of beer ready to go.

There is nothing wrong with this model, and I certainly frequent ones near me quite often for a six-pack, but there is also very little that sets individual places apart from one another other than their location. This was one of the main reasons we hadn't made it to D's Six Pack and Dogz until only recently, and is a decision I've now come to regret.

D's Six Pack and Dogz in Regent Square

It didn't take long after arriving that we to realized this particular store is different. They have numerous hot dog options, a full menu beyond those, and a draft list that would put most bars to shame.  I started the night off with a Belgian Tripel, and was surprised when I received what was the largest pour of that style I think I've ever had (for just around $8). This would have been enough to win me over on its own, but to be fair, we came to try the hot dogs.

We had a hard time picking between the numerous meats and gourmet toppings that were available as the hot dog menu alone is quite large with many options to consider. We zeroed in on the toppings of sweet potato fries and pierogi, true Pittsburgh toppings, and knew what we had to do- order both.

D's Six Pack and Dogz in Pittsburgh

Although the sweet potato fry-topped hot dog left us wanting more (in a literal sense as the topping was a bit sparse), the pierogi topped dog was probably one of the best we've had in a while as the hot dog flavors pair incredibly well with the rich and savory pierogi toppings that covered the dog end-to-end.

I'm sad this one was listed as a nightly special, because it would likely end up being our go-to dog any time we were in the neighborhood if it was a regular item.

Yes, it was that good.

One of the Most Beautiful Beer Caves in the City

Beer Cave at D's Six Pack and Dogz

For those who would like to skip the hot dogs and go straight to the beer cave, D's Six Pack and Dogz wont disappoint here as well.

With over 1,000 beer varieties available, you're not only likely to find your favorite beer, but other styles from the same brewer that you never knew existed and absolutely must try.

As someone who has been on a personal quest to find every great establishment for libations in the city, it does take a lot for me to be impressed (especially for the mix-and-match concept), but I have to tip my hat to D's Pack and Dogz for their selection as it is among the city's very best.

You may not make the drive to Regent Square just for a hot dog. You may not even do it for the beer selection. But if you are in the area and are looking for a little bit of everything, this one is worth the stop.

D's Six Pack and Dogz is located at 1118 S. Braddock Avenue in Regent Square.

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