Stunt Pig Review – The Pig Rig Finds a Home in Squirrel Hill

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on July 3, 2024.

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For those who follow Pittsburgh's food truck scene like we do, you're probably familiar with Stunt Pig.

Since coming on the market with their mobile “pig rig” with iconic branding featuring a pig wearing gear that looks like it's about to be blasted out of a cannon (you know, a stunt pig), the truck was building a small army of die-hard fans that would chase them around the city for their exceptional sandwiches.

We were one of them.

So when the crew behind Stunt Pig announced they were exchanging the keys to the pig rig for a brick and mortar store front in Squirrel Hill, we were incredibly excited. All the glory of Stunt Pig without having to chase them around the city at area breweries and events? We were in, and naturally had to visit on day one.

Stunt Pig Sandwiches Are Hard to Beat

Stunt Pig Squirrel Hill

The storefront for Stunt Pig's location is found right in the heart of Squirrel Hill in the former Bull River Taco location on Murray Avenue. While this one lacks in size for a full-service restaurant, it makes up for it for a fast casual sandwich shop for takeout and a few dine-in high tops.

On opening day, Stunt Pig's menu was intimately familiar to those who enjoyed the truck- virtually all of the staple sandwiches and sides made their way over to the restaurant (with a few new additions, too), and the same friendly crew you just can't help but love.

So, naturally, we had to go with an order of our favorites!

Stunt Pig Sandwiches

This led us to start with Mr. Orange, a smoked and pulled chicken sandwich with spicy piri piri sauce, pickles, chimichurri aioli, and a pressed sesame seed bun. There are only a handful of places in the city where we shout “get the chicken” as the first choice order, and this is the case with Mr. Orange with only a single caveat attached- you have to like spicy.

This sandwich brings the heat with the piri piri sauce that works beautifully with the crisp pickles and smoked chicken (which, naturally, comes with some excellent texture to match). To say that we order it every time is not exaggeration, either- we always pick up one when ordering Stunt Pig. (For the vegetarians, you'll find that their sandwich menu is quite meat heavy, but they do offer a tofu version of Mr. Orange that is also quite exceptional for all the same reasons as the chicken sandwich).

For our floating sandwich order, we picked up the Pitt Beef, and the Madonna's Muffuletta found its way into our bag as well (courtesy of Stunt Pig, unpictured).

Stunt Pig Sandwiches

Pitt Beef is the shop's take on the classic shaved beef sandwich that was described as a fancy version of that famous chain everyone knows. Ample, flavorful beef topped with onion and tiger sauce made this one an immensely enjoyable sandwich that can be described as comfort food through and through.

The Madonna's Muffuletta was one we saved for a late night snack, and features house-cured ham, hot soppressata, mortadella, and pepperoni with smoked provolone, olive salad spread, and served on a pressed sesame seed bun. For those who like an Italian deli meat sandwich, this is the go to here as the balance of flavors of all the meats plus the olive salad spread hits another nostalgic point much like the beef!

We could admittedly go on and on about Stunt Pig's sandwiches, but we'd be remiss if we did not point out the second item that we always order without fail- the Pig Wings.

The Pig Wings at Stung Pig are addictive. There really is no other way to say it. Two grilled pork shanks cut to be enjoyed like wings are topped with a chile caramel, peanuts, herbs, peanut, and anchovy and result in a flavor combination that feels perhaps one part Vietnamese, one part modern American, and all parts on brand for Stunt Pig. They're the kind of side I always secretly wish I could order three of if I had the room to eat more- they're that good.

Of course, for those who were fans of Stunt Pig's food truck, this review reads a bit like more of the same- you already know how excellent the food is. Apart from a few new sandwiches (which we have not tried yet), the menu at the brick and mortar restaurant is the food truck but in a permanent spot. But for those who have not had the chance to try Stunt Pig, or perhaps have overlooked our favorites Mr. Orange and the Pig Wings, you really have no excuse now.

Get in your car, visit them in Squirrel Hill, tell them we said hi, and thank us later.

Stunt Pig is located at 1707 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

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