Pierogies Plus Review – Fresh and Frozen Pierogies to Go in McKees Rocks

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 18, 2022.

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For many years we heard the renown of Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks, and we were itching to get out there to enjoy some Eastern European cuisine that has become ingrained in the Pittsburgh diet.

While the food here is cheap and in impressive portion sizes as well, I have to say, something about my meal was a bit off.

A Spread of Food at Pierogies Plus – For Cheap

Eastern European Food from Pierogies Plus

When you visit Pierogies Plus for an order, you need to plan for two things. First, plan for takeaway as this one is a small shop with a walk-up counter. Second, do not order based on price- everything here is cheap and you'll over-order (like I did) if you estimated based on price alone.

For me, I have to say I did this a bit by design for leftover purposes, but my order of a half dozen pierogies, haluski, stuffed cabbage, and a kielbasa sandwich still shocked me at being quite a large amount of food for just over $20. After receiving my mound of food I rushed home to try it and was, sadly, a bit let down.

The reason for this is because I felt like most of the food was significantly underseasoned and with very little garnishments to go along with it. Before diving into this more, I will also be upfront and admit that I think this is more a personal preference more than anything.

Stuffed Cabbage from Pierogies Plus

The pierogies were simply boiled pierogies with potatoes and cheese with a bit of onion, the stuffed cabbage rolls were in a tomato sauce with only a very small amount of salt and pepper, and the haluski tasted like it had very little seasonings as well (give us a garlic-forward haluski please!).  In fact, I found myself using the cabbage roll sauce for dipping for some of the other items simply to add a bit more oomph to the bite.

I am not sure if this is done intentionally or not, but I could see visiting this one to pick up cold food to cook later (a separate option on the menu) as opposed to simply getting a hot dish to enjoy now.

Even better? If you do this, an array of additional ordering options open up for you.

Go For the Frozen Pierogies Here

Half Dozen Cheese and Potato Pierogies from Pierogies Plus

One aspect of the menu at Pierogies Plus that I did not get to enjoy on my first visit was the specialty pierogi menu that is made to order by the dozen (and are recommended to be ordered at least two days in advance).

This menu is significantly larger than the takeaway menu and contains well over two dozen different varieties of pierogi including those with potato base, cabbage base, dessert, and more. Not only are the filling options more interesting than the takeaway menu (cabbage and meat, sauerkraut and kielbasa, ricotta, or apple pie, anyone?), but if you order them cold this would give you a chance to cook at home how you like and with any additional ingredients or seasonings you may find necessary.

Kielbasa with Sauerkraut

If you add on sides like the haluski or stuffed cabbage, simply do the same and you'll have a significantly improved experience in my mind.

When it comes down to it, we love that we have a specialty store like Pierogies Plus in the area as their menu is nothing short of impressive (if you order in advance, at least). But where this one may fall a bit flat on ordering food for takeaway to enjoy now, with a bit of advanced planning and cooking / final prep at home you could have a pretty great Eastern European meal all the same.

So give them a call, order a few dozen cold pierogies to enjoy later, add a few additional seasonings and ingredients to suit your tastes, and have a feast!

Pierogies Plus is located at 342 Island Avenue in McKees Rocks.

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