Fujiya Ramen Review – Go for a Japanese Feast in Shadyside

Published by Angie. Last Updated on February 9, 2022.

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Fujiya Ramen in Shadyside is a Japanese restaurant serving up not only ramen but also other traditional dishes like rice bowls and yakitori. While we love sushi, we also love other Japanese foods and are happy that there are more and more restaurants in Pittsburgh showcasing the breadth of Japanese cuisine.

Naturally, we had to make our first visit a feast!

Ramen and More at Fujiya Ramen in Shadyside

Spicy Miso Ramen from Fujiya Ramen in Shadyside

We knew we obviously had to order some ramen on our recent takeout visit, but it was hard to choose from all of the delicious-sounding options on what was a cold, blustery winter day in Pittsburgh. Tonkotsu, vegetarian, chicken, miso, and beef options all beckoned to be eaten.

Finally, we settled on a spicy miso ramen and were incredibly satisfied: tender pork belly, fresh spinach, crisp bean sprouts, sweet corn kernels, scallions, and egg were all bathed in a supremely rich, umami, and comforting broth. We really love spicy food and thought this bowl had just enough heat but not an overwhelming amount. The only thing we wished for was a little bit more meat in the bowl.

Takoyaki Appetizer

The menu is more than ramen, though – a whole slew of appetizers are on offer including okonomiyaki, gyoza, pork buns, and other traditional veggie dishes. We tried the takoyaki and pork buns, which were both perfectly delicious examples of each (although the takoyaki wasn't such a great takeout option as the crispiness was lost by the time we got home). The pork buns had a fluffy, tender bun with tender pork belly, spicy mayo, and crisp cabbage.

Katsu Curry Bowl from Fujiya Ramen in Shadyside

Besides ramen, the other main dish options are rice bowls like chicken, eel, tempura shrimp, and beef. We opted for the katsu curry which was honestly just as comforting and satisfying as the ramen. The fried pork cutlet had a super crispy coating, and the curry gravy was rich and hardy with delightful warming spices. If you are craving something rich and umami, this is the dish for you.

We didn't dive into the yakitori menu as we didn't think it would travel well as takeout, but there are lots of options like mushrooms, chicken skin, quail egg, pork belly, and a yakitori platter which includes one of each kind of skewer. We are very excited to try some yakitori when we dine in here in the future!

Fujiya Ramen excels at its namesake dish but also delivers in other dishes, particularly the katsu curry. We can't wait to return to dine in person and try more appetizers, yakitori, a few samples from their amazing sake portfolio, and, of course, more ramen!

Fujiya Ramen is located at 815 South Aiken Avenue in Shadyside. 

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