Park Bruges Review – Mussels in Thai Curry in Highland Park

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on June 26, 2020.

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When it comes to restaurants with multiple locations, it is fairly easy to write off other branches as duplicates of the same model with the same menu and offering. After all, this has been the model for chains and franchises for decades.

But for Park Bruges in Highland Park, sister restaurant of Point Brugge in Point Breeze, the subtle differences make this restaurant almost a unique entity in and of itself.

The Signature Mussels with Your Favorite Thai Curry

Green Curry Mussels at Park Bruges

If you read our review of Point Brugge, you should know that we love the restaurant because of their offering of delicious mussels with french bread, crispy Belgian frites, and their house-made mayo. We've become addicted to their red curry mussels for these as the curry rivals that of any Thai restaurant in the city.

Rather than repeating this same exact success, which could be done quite easily, Park Bruges offers the same menu item with one notable difference: the red curry is replaced with green curry.

Much like the offering at Point Brugge, the curry and mussels are a delicious combination and is executed perfectly. If you enjoy the subtle flavors of curry like we do, the entire experience will be a new one even though you're ordering what amounts to the same exact dish.

It feels the same, it looks the same, but it tastes, well, new!

I'll be honest in saying that although the green curry was delicious, I'm partial to red curry for seafood and would recommend a visit to Point Brugge instead if this is on your must try list. With that being said, I really appreciate the option of getting something different at the second location rather than repeating the same menu with no new offerings.

Belgian Frites at Park Bruges in Highland Park

The Menu is Full of Similarities, and Subtle Differences

I could easily rave about most of the food we've had at Park Bruges and Point Brugge as over the course of our many visits we've tried a significant portion of the menu.

Instead of me telling you why everything is delicious, I'd rather take a moment on helping you make your decision on which restaurant is right for you as the entire menu has subtle differences like in the case of the mussels.

Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict at Park Bruges

Heading out for a weekend brunch? If you are looking for a sweet breakfast item, Park Bruges has chocolate raspberry brioche bread pudding while Point Brugge has Grand Marnier waffles.

For staples, Point Brugge has chicken and cornbread waffles while Park Bruges has Montreal-style poutine.

On the dinner front, Point Brugge specializes in tartes while Park Bruges specializes in flatbreads.

Even their signature burgers are different, but with enough similarities that make choosing which restaurant to visit a nearly impossible endeavor.

Belgian Beer at Park Bruges

It is because of these reasons that we give Point Brugge and Park Bruges the same rating. Not because the restaurants are the same, but rather because they have stellar execution of similar menu items while being varied enough to make a visit to each unique.

Unfortunately for you, this means that you'll have to do additional pre-planning to ensure you go to the one with the menu that speaks to your taste buds the most. For a restaurant this delicious, the added work is more than worth it.

Park Bruges is located 5801 Bryant Avenue in Highland Park.

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