156 Things to Do in Pittsburgh to Stay Busy Every Weekend of the Year

When it comes to finding things to do in Pittsburgh and the region at large, most of us can only get out and enjoy the city on weekends. In many cases this presents a challenge in order to balance seeing everything the city has to offer, catching attractions during standard business hours (our own biggest struggle), and keeping up with spots you may not know exist in the first place!

We’ve been doing our best here at Discover the Burgh to help inspire you find new things to do in Pittsburgh, and between our numerous articles and dedicated Pittsburgh weekend guides, we’ve covered quite a bit over the years.

One problem we’ve run into with our Pittsburgh weekend guide series is that it is heavily focused towards visitors- those who have every minute of the weekend free from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. For those who live in the city, this intense schedule is often not always practical. To help out with this, we wanted to put together a weekend guide that would cover just one thing for you to do in the city on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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As it turns out, Pittsburgh has so much going on that we had no problem filling up an entire year’s worth of things to do for those who can only get out and explore on weekends with one unique experience for every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the year.

After checking these recommendations out, you’ll never be bored in Pittsburgh again!

Navigate 156 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Our Pittsburgh weekend guide contains 156 unique recommendations of things to do in order to help you explore Pittsburgh every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the year (one recommendation per day). It is worth noting that this guide is not set up such that you have to go tour the observatory only on week #35 or that the best time to visit Hitchhiker Brewing is week #7. It is solely designed to give you an idea of something new to experience every single weekend of the year.

That being said, this guide does have some seasonal variation built in to it, so we may recommend going skiing at Seven Springs in week #6 or going to Hundred Acres Manor in week #40 in time for Halloween. For obvious reasons, you cannot switch the two around. Others have more give, such as taking in a Pirates game around week #19, which would obviously depend on their home schedule over the course of any given season. Keep these in mind when reading!

To skip around within this guide, click the month or season based on your preference using the links below. This menu will be available at the end of each weekend slot to assist in navigation. Otherwise, scroll down to start with week #1!

Week #1 in Pittsburgh – January

Our ultimate weekend guide contains 156 unique recommendations of things to do in Pittsburgh in order to help you explore the city every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the year (one unique experience each day). With each recommendation, we’ve also hand selected nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops you may wish to visit while you’re in the neighborhood if you have more time!

As always, please keep in mind that our weekend recommendations may vary based on season and typical event schedules. Exact dates and operating hours should be confirmed prior to any visit. For more information on all recommendations, click through to our full articles or the businesses’ websites for more information!

Friday – Grapperia

Cocktail at Grapperia in Pittsburgh

Kick off the New Year in style with one of Lawrenceville’s trendiest bars- Grapperia! This bar celebrates the European spirit known as Grappa (one of our favorite spirits), made from fermenting the skins and seeds of grapes after the wine making process is complete. Grapperia has more of this spirit than any bar in the city, and perhaps even the entire country, so if you’re looking to try something different you most certainly won’t be let down here.

Looking for more while in Lawrenceville? Why not have dinner at Piccolo Forno, Umami, or possibly take in a movie at Row House Cinema.

Saturday – Mattress Factory

Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s contemporary art museum, Mattress Factory, is a hard one to describe as the art can be all over the place. One room is a mirrored hall with hundreds of polka dots that go on for infinity. Another is pitch black to give you sensory deprivation. Yet another may contain a rotating exhibit made entirely out of cardboard, concrete, or some other unusual medium. That’s the fun thing about contemporary art as there is not one style that fits the mold, and this North Side museum does a great job showcasing a blend of permanent and rotating attractions that will have you coming back time and time again.

Looking for more while in the North Side? Check out Randyland, Commonplace Coffee, or read our North Side neighborhood guide for more recommendations!

Sunday – Tubing at Boyce Park

You don’t have to drive all the way out into the mountains to enjoy winter activities near Pittsburgh. Allegheny County’s Boyce Park offers their own dedicated skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing hills during the winter months- perfect for those who want to get outside without the drive! Although we advocate going to proper mountains for skiing and snowboarding, the snow tubing hills at Boyce Park makes for a great Sunday afternoon out in town when snow is on the ground.

Looking for more while in the East Side of the city? On your way back in stop in Squirrel Hill to check out Commonplace Coffee or Independent Brewing Company, or if you’re back early enough have a late brunch at Square Cafe in Regent Square!

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