Round Hill Park – Gorgeous Green Spaces and a Working Farm

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 16, 2019.

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Round Hill Park in Elizabeth, PA, is a 1,100 acre park that takes on a familiar layout as far as local parks are concerned- namely being home to a large concentration of pavilions, unblazed hiking trails, and a few play areas for kids.

In fact, for the longest time we thought this was all that was available at Round Hill Park, and for that reason we made it the last of all of the Allegheny County Parks we visited.

But there was one thing we did not know that Round Hill Park has, and that is a working exhibit farm that is so impressive it is worth the drive to Elizabeth alone.

Round Hill Park Has an Exhibit Farm for All Ages

Round Hill Park

One of the more interesting features of Round Hill Park is that it is home to a working exhibition farm that is free to the public and open seven days a week.

Now when I normally hear a term such as exhibition farm, my first thought would be to think of a glorified petting zoo that is suitable only for young children. But Round Hill Park has done a wonderful job showcasing a working farm in nearly all aspects while maintaining a seven days a week operating schedule that is free and open to the public.

Round Hill Park

From the dairy barn to the horse stables (home to retired horses from Allegheny County), to a massive herb garden and drying house, and other farm buildings and animals, visitors can easily spend a few hours here on just a quick pass-through to see all that the exhibition farm has to offer. Plan to spend a bit of time at each spot, and with each farm animal, and you easily have a half or full day ready to go.

A Great Gathering Spot for Parties and Picnics

Round Hill Park

Outside of the exhibition farm, Round Hill Park is a great spot for parties, gatherings, and picnics thanks to their numerous shelters and open areas.

The biggest spot to rent for parties is the visitors center for the exhibition farm itself, which was hosting a graduation party during our visit- but the covered pavilions are also quite spacious for a more traditional park celebration.

Round Hill Park

If your little ones are still full of energy after a visit to the exhibition farm, Round Hill Park is home to one of the most impressive kids play areas we've seen just a bit up the road (driving) from the park as well as a spray park in the summer months.

For those who are looking for hiking opportunities, Round Hill Park has many unblazed trails that are perfect for those who want to get off-the-beaten-track, but is otherwise not that great for those who like the conveniences of marked paths, accurate signage, and other hiking amenities.

Round Hill Park

Overall, Round Hill Park was a big surprise for us. The typical blueprint for regional parks is followed quite well here, but the exhibition farm makes this one entirely unique and well worth the 30 or so minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh.

Round Hill Park is located at 651 Round Hill Road in Elizabeth, PA.

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