The Montour Trail – Where You Can Walk for Miles in Pittsburgh

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Most hiking trails we visit around the city of Pittsburgh are often out-and-back loops that can be completed in just a few hours.  For those who want to see all of the Montour Trail, you may need to pack your bags and plan for an extended journey, as this 40-mile trail is part of the 400-mile Great Allegheny Passage which connects Pittsburgh to Washington DC!

Although we are planning on biking this trail in the future to see it all, today's entry covers the segment of the Montour Trail beginning at Cliff Mine Road near the Pittsburgh airport through to the town of Imperial- perfect for those looking for an afternoon walk.  As we cover more sections of the trail in the future, this guide will be updated with more photos and tips!

What You Can See on the Montour Trail

Along the Montour Trail

The Cliff Mine Road to Imperial stretch of the Montour Trail is built over the old Montour Railroad line, and is a relatively secluded path that is perfect for bikers, walkers, and runners wanting to see a bit of nature for a morning or afternoon.

Enlow Tunnel on the Montour Trail

The highlight of this stretch of the trail is the Enlow Tunnel which was constructed for the railway that used to exist on the site.   Now it is used for solely by pedestrians on the trail, and the lighted tunnel is one of the closest walking tunnels to the city worth checking out.

Hiking on the Montour Trail

Hiking the Montour Trail in Pittsburgh

This stretch of the Montour Trail is perfectly flat and paved, making it a good walking trail for all skill levels.  Toilets are available at most of the parking lots in one to four mile intervals.

It is worth noting that the Montour Trail is not a loop, so you will have to turn around on the same path you came in on when returning to your car which may limit how far you decide to walk on this trail.

Inside the Enlow Tunnel in Pittsburgh

The Montour Trail begins near Neville Island and also connects up to the Great Allegheny Passage via the Clairton Connector (at last check, the connector contains a few miles of surface roads). The Cliff Mine Road stretch featuring the Enlow tunnel discussed in this post begins just off of I-376 before the Pittsburgh airport.

The Montour Trail is also one of the features in the amazing book “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Pittsburgh Edition” that we are working through as a part of this series. If you are interested in day hikes near the city we highly recommend picking this one up!

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