Playthings Etc. Truly is the World’s Coolest Toy Store

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 7, 2023.

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If you drive by Playthings Etc. in Butler, PA, you'll know it.

That isn't because of the signage or an unusual display, but rather that the toy store itself is shaped like a stealth bomber!

If that isn't enough to make you want to stop, we don't know what would (but we're going to try to convince you all the same). Going inside this one is even better than the outside!

Playthings Etc. is the World's Coolest Toy Store

Playthings Etc Toy Store is Shaped Like a Stealth Bomber

Playthings Etc. brands itself as “The World's Coolest Toy Store,” and starting out with the stealth bomber design and vault-like front door certainly helps set the stage for that claim.

Upon entering you are transported into a world of fun, with sections dedicated for some of the most popular toys imaginable ranging from dolls and dress-up, building toys and board games, to drones and aircraft, and everything in between.

If your visit is anything like mine, odds are good you'll want to run around and play with everything. But you don't have to do this alone, because within moments of arriving a staff member will likely introduce themselves, begin to show you around, and play with you!

The Staff Will Play With You at Playthings

Inside Playthings etc

One of my favorite parts about Playthings Etc. is not so much the toys themselves, but rather the staff.

The reason for this is because the employees know every toy inside-and-out (through extensive first-hand research), and are more than eager to show you their favorites and any you may be interested in.

Inside Playthings etc

Within moments of walking into the store, we were being shown how kinetic sand works, playing catch with gloves that launch the ball straight from your hand, and getting into an air gun fight. There were demos of miniature drones, magnetic toys, and races with tiny go-karts that are powered simply by jostling the handlebar and using your own body motion.

I could go on.

Suffice it to say, the staff made sure to make us kids again, and that happened all within about 30 seconds of entering the store. The kids that were there? Well, they were having just as great of time the adults (naturally)!

Is Playthings Etc the World's Coolest Toy Store? We think so!

While I will say that Playthings Etc. is not a huge toy store by any means, it also doesn't have to be. The toy store has such a great cross-section of all toy styles and hot trends that you can be occupied for hours and still not see it all. I was, and I ended up having a great time at this local gem.

So, is Playthings Etc. the world's coolest toy store? It just may be!

Playthings Etc. is located at 2483 William Flynn Highway in Butler, PA.

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For frequently asked questions about Playthings Etc. check out the following!

What is Playthings Etc shaped like?

The building for Playthings Etc. is shaped like a stealth bomber, although some visitors call it an alien spaceship.

Will employees demonstrate how the toys are used?

Yes! Most every toy in the store is available to play with, and the employees are more than happy to show you how many of them work.

How long do guests usually spend at Playthings Etc?

A visit to Playthings Etc can be brief to over an hour or more. We recommend at least 30 minutes to check out all of the toys.

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  1. I’ve been there before many times, a very interesting assortment of toys and hobbies. RC vehicles to hand puppets and plushies, puzzles and games for the young and young at heart.

    I give their RC flight simulator a test try every time I’m there, I think I’m finally getting the hand of it without crashing the planes. Can’t figure out landing yet.


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