Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery Review – A Surprising Find

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 2, 2020.

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In February 2020, Boyd & Blair Vodka stopped offering their Saturday tours and tastings as mentioned in the below article. Instead, the distillery is moving towards offering ticketed cocktail classes and other events that will give guests a chance to tour the property and try their spirits. We will update this article accordingly once we take a class to share what the experience is like.

Most everyone in Pittsburgh knows about our resident whiskey distillery, Wigle Whiskey. For those who are even more into local spirits, you may know about our resident rum distillery, Maggie's Farm Rum. But did you also know that Pittsburgh is home to a vodka distillery as well?

Located just outside the city limits in Glenshaw, PA, on route 8 is Boyd & Blair, a distillery that has been gaining a reputation over the last decade as one of the finest vodka producers in the state- if not the country.

A Quick Glimpse into Vodka Production

Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery

When Boyd & Blair Vodka claims to be small batch vodka, they mean it, and you should be well aware of this when going in to tour the facility.

The reason for this is that their operation is quite small in the literal sense, to the point of being a one room production facility with a few mash tanks, fermentation vats, and one of the most beautiful distillation columns you'll see in the region.

Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery

In the brief tour you'll learn how Boyd & Blair uses locally sourced potatoes for their vodka production, and the distillation process they use to bring out the smooth flavors in their final product- ending of course with a sample of the product.

Plan on Buying a Cocktail

Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery

While the tour at Boyd & Blair Vodka may be brief and is suited for those who love vodka or simply like seeing working distilleries, one of the highlights to use was the cocktail bar which features creations with their vodka as well as their new line of rum which as of this post's writing has yet to be released.

During our visit we sampled two cocktails, which were reasonably priced at $6 each. The first was their take on a daquiri with the house rum which let the flavors of the rum shine through (albeit with a hint too much lime), as well as a Moscow mule- a near perfect iteration to highlight their smooth product.

Grab a cocktail, start the tour, and get the quick rundown of what makes this local distillery a rising star. 

They won't be a small operation for much longer.

Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery

Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery is located at 1101 William Flynn Highway (Route 8) just north of Pittsburgh and is very close to the beautiful Fall Run Park

Note: Boyd & Blair Vodka's parking lot is a bit hidden from the main road. Be careful when entering and exiting as it is located on Route 8 which can be quite busy. As mentioned at the start of this article, please note that the Saturday tours and tastings are no longer available and are being replaced with monthly classes and events.

Looking for more distilleries to visit in the region? Why not check out Wigle Whiskey, Maggie's Farm Rum, or Liberty Pole Spirits!

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