Seven Springs Resort Review – A Mountain Resort for All Seasons

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 22, 2023.

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We've been fortunate enough to visit Seven Springs in the Laurel Highlands on many occasions. Sometimes just to ski, others as a hotel base to explore the region at large (in nearly every season, too).

This has allowed us to experience most of the property, and in this one wanted to share more in a rather comprehensive review!

Comfortable Rooms at Seven Springs

Seven Springs Ski Lodge

The property at Seven Springs contains numerous accommodation options, but during our frequent visits, we often find ourselves in the highrise hotel that is connected directly to the lodge via an indoor walkway on the second and fourth floors (this is an interesting artifact that remained when this newer hotel section was built).

Three things jump out at us whenever we stay in this particular lodge. They are that the design of the rooms is a bit sparse compared to the overall rustic vibe of the resort, the bed is among the more comfortable from area Pittsburgh hotels, and the views from the slopeside rooms are hard to beat at any time of the year.

Bed at Seven Springs

The bed and view aspect of the rooms at Seven Spring really do not require further elaboration, but the ambiance of the rooms most certainly does. Like most ski resorts, the overall vibe at Seven Springs is a rustic mountain feel; however, the ambiance is a bit lacking in the rooms themselves. While the amenities may be modern, the design is somewhat basic and feels a bit out of place compared to virtually everywhere else on the property.

Seven Spring Ski SLopes in Summer, View from Room

That being said, if you are able to get past that (which is quite easy), you'll be in for a rather comfortable stay right in the heart of the beautiful Laurel Highlands. And if you're anything like us, you will be visiting this property for its many mountain activities anyway which makes this one only a minor point worth highlighting.

Amenities and Mountain Activities are Key

Alpine Slides at Seven Springs

The reason we can look past some of the details of the rooms themselves is that we simply do not visit Seven Springs solely because of the accommodations- we do it because of the property's amenities!

Seven Springs has made a name for itself as a summer and winter destination in the Laurel Highlands, with chairlift rides, hiking, mountain biking, and an Alpine slide (to name a few) in the summer months, and its ski slopes and snow tubing course in the winter months.

7Springs Tubing Course

We've been to this one for weddings, to go skiing/tubing, and even to check out their popular Autumnfest in the fall, and every time we visit we find ourselves staying at the hotel for the sole purpose of being close to the action.

Seven Springs Slopes Map

Out of all the activities Seven Springs is known for, they are perhaps most famous for their skiing. This property boasts 33 slopes, approximately nine ski lifts, a North Face slope, and a strong split between beginner (green), intermediate (blue), and expert (black diamond) runs. They even have a few double black diamond slopes for the experts!

As such, Seven Springs is a great property for those from beginners to experts; however, those who have a bit of confidence and are willing to tackle intermediate blues will have the best assortment of slopes to choose from here. That being said, even the North Face slopes feature a few long green runs for beginning skiers who want to get the most out of the property which is something I (as the earliest of beginners there is) appreciate.

  • In 2022, Seven Springs was purchased by Vail Resorts and is now included in season passes like Vail's Epic Pass. So if you like skiing across Vail properties across the country, you can now throw Seven Springs into the mix on a single pass!

Resort Complex at Seven Springs

The property also has numerous indoor activities including an arcade and mini-golf course for kids, bowling, a pool and jacuzzi, and a full-service spa (that offered up one of the best massages we've had in recent memory- a decadent splurge if you can justify the cost. Just be sure to allow for a lot of time to enjoy the sauna too!).

To say that the property has enough for everyone that you may never have to leave the mountain is an understatement, but its quick access to nearby attractions like Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, or Ohiopyle State Park also make this one a great spot to get out and enjoy the Laurel Highlands at large, and as such we find ourselves using it as a base time and time again.

Do Not Miss a Dinner at Helen's

Helen's Restaurant

While Seven Springs may have numerous dining options on-site, including buffets, gastropubs, a Bavarian lounge, and more, the real treat here is the fine dining restaurant Helen's.

This restaurant is located outside of the main lodge and is in a historic homestead just a short distance away. The ambiance inside is a rustic Alpine vibe (similar to the resort, but feeling more homelike than a mega-resort) and is perfect for fine dining.

Helen's Restaurant

Helen's is known for its wine, and has won Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence for many years- one of just a few restaurants in southwest PA to do so.

While the menu here reads similar to most fine dining restaurants, you would do well by starting with an order of their crab bisque, poured tableside and topped with large chunks of crab meat- a truly decadent intro to start your meal off right!

Crab Bisque at Helen's

It is worth noting that Helen's is on the smaller side of things for Seven Springs, and this one fills up fast. Our waiter recommended making reservations to this one a week in advance or more as space fills up with groups, events, and of course visitors to the resort. Although if you are by yourself or as a couple you may be able to steal a space at the bar right when the restaurant opens if you can't score a seat here, and we highly recommend it!

If you do not fancy a meal at Helen's, the property also has a number of on-site restaurants to consider including a pizza shop, ice cream parlor, an outdoor barbecue pit, Foggy Goggle brewpub, The Matterhorn Lounge for late night drinks and entertainment, and so much more. As such, all interests are really accounted for at this property!

Overall, the Seven Springs resort is a massive property that is designed to, quite literally, have something for everyone.

While we think the rooms in the main lodge are rather sparse in ambiance, we often find ourselves visiting this one for the outdoor amenities first and utilize the rooms almost purely for their location as a second. That being said, with a comfortable bed we can often overlook some of the smaller details because a good night's sleep close to the action is often all we need to be happy.

Seven Springs is located at 777 Water Wheel Drive in Champion, PA. We have been hosted at Seven Springs by the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau in the past and also have paid to stay at the property ourselves. As always, all opinions are our own. For more reviews of Seven Springs, click here.

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