Linn Run State Park is a Quick Stop in the Laurel Highlands

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 1, 2021.

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Normally when we think of state parks in the Laurel Highlands, we think about them in terms of their massive size. Laurel Hill State Park clocks in at almost 4,000 acres. Forbes State Forest is almost 60,000 acres. Ohiopyle State Park is about 20,000 acres. We could go on.

But some state parks in the area are much, much smaller while still offering a wealth of things to see in a quick visit.

Linn Run is one such state park, and while this one is only 612 acres in size, it makes for a great spot to check out a waterfall after a rain, for a quick hike, renting a cabin for a weekend, or to go fishing if licensed!

What You Can See at Linn Run State Park

Adams Falls at Linn Run State Park

While Linn Run State Park is among the smaller parks in the Laurel Highlands, it comes packed with a fair bit to see.

Arguably, the highlight of a visit to Linn Run is Adams Falls, a modest waterfall just a short walk away from the parking area that is roughly 12 tall. This waterfall is heavily dependent on rain for its flow, so it is best to check it out after a good storm as it may be more of a trickle otherwise. I visited after a brief rain following a dry spell, and as you can tell the falls weren't flowing terribly heavy, but were an improvement over otherwise dry conditions. During periods of intense rain, we've seen this one flow a fair bit more!

Old Cabin Ruins at Linn Run

If you continue on the Adams Falls Trail, you will get a beautiful walk through nature on the roughly one-mile hike. The trees here are all considered to be young as the region was thoroughly deforested in the 1800s and new growth was encouraged only in the last 100 years. Even those who have lived in the area have remarked how much the park has changed in the last few decades. This is truly a young park in every sense of the word.

You will also do well to take a short walk down the Flat Rock Trail for more views of Linn Run proper as well as to see the shell of an old cabin with a fireplace and some stone walls remaining. Certainly, a somewhat eerie site throwing back to a lost era!

Hiking at Linn Run State Park

Rocky Path at Adams Falls Trail

When it comes to exploring Linn Run State Park, the trails here are about as conventional as you can get. Dirt, tree roots scattered throughout, and some segments with decently sized rocks to walk over as well (so you may want to wear appropriate hiking shoes if you do the furthest stretches of some of the trails). The trails are clearly blazed and, generally speaking, easy to follow.

As the trails here are short, we think they're all pretty easy to manage for all skill levels, but you just have to watch out for normal hiking concerns all the same- especially the rocky stretches like those pictured above.

That being said, if you are wanting to make a quick stop to check out the waterfall or the ruins of the old cabins, you can access both of these pretty quickly from the parking area on some of the easiest parts of the terrain outright. They still require hiking on dirt and some tree roots, but the obstacles of the trail are just a bit easier reaching these segments than, say, the backstretch of the Adams Falls Trail.

Overall, you can likely see almost all of Linn Run State Park in a matter of 30-60 minutes, but this one is still worth a stop to check out the few highlights found within, especially if you double up the visit with nearby attractions like Powder Mill Nature Reserve, Laurel Hill State Park, Laurel Summit State Park, or more as a primary stopping point.

Linn Run State Park is located at 770 Linn Run Rd in Rector, PA. Linn Run connects up to Forbes State Forest for many other great hiking spots nearby like those mentioned above!

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