7 Awesome Places to Enjoy Sunflowers Near Pittsburgh

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When it comes to enjoying fields of sunflowers near Pittsburgh, we have to admit that we're quite spoiled. Between the many farms open to get photos within a field and others open for pick your own bouquets, you really have a number of options to get out and see these gorgeous flowers in southwest Pennsylvania. 

But there is one caveat- most of the fields require a bit of a drive outside of the city.

In this one, we wanted to share a few fields you can visit as well as give you an idea of costs and their respective opening dates as these flowers can have quite a limited blooming period!

Note: We are updating this article for 2022 dates and pricing as they become available, but note that many listings still include 2021 information. Please reconfirm at the farms directly via their respective links below as prices, dates, and times are liable to change. Most of the farms below are cash only.

Stroll Through a Monster Field at Schwirian Farms

Schwirian Farms Sunflwoers

If a large field of sunflowers is what you seek, the field at Schwirian Farms near Elizabeth, PA, is for you. This one is open for a few weeks each year for their annual sunflower festival (July 8th-17th in 2022) which allows visitors to stroll through thousands upon thousands of sunflowers!

While we are hesitant on using the word festival in a traditional sense (there are only a few vendors on-site selling coffee, snacks, and the farm selling sunflower-themed products plus opportunities for pick your own), we'll take whatever we can get to be outside in a field as stunning on this one. Be sure to pick up a bottle of the farm's own sunflower oil to take home with you too.

Truly magnificent!

Schwirian Farms sunflower field is located near 392 William Penn Road in Monongahela, PA (just outside of Elizabeth), and they post more information about the festival on their Facebook page at the previous link. Please note that starting in 2022, parking is $2 so please take cash.

Photos and Pick Your Own at Renshaw Farms

Renshaw Farms Sunflowers

Renshaw Farms is located just a short drive off Route 28 in Freeport and has two modest sunflower fields for visitors to enjoy. One sunflower here is for pick your own flowers and the second is set up with many props like chairs and large picture frames to get the perfect portrait. 

Entry to this one in 2021 was $10 per carload and $1 per flower for pick your own (we grabbed one to use as an additional prop!). It is worth noting that Renshaw Farms is only allowing the public into the sunflower fields for six days in 2021- Sunday to Tuesday July 18-20th and 25th-27th in the evenings. That being said, the farm may have another field blooming in late August or early September so keep an eye out for more information on that if they open it to the public!

Renshaw Farms is located at 318 Ford City Road in Freeport, PA. 

Happy Hour at Freedom Farms

Sunflowers Near Pittsburgh

Freedom Farms in Butler is one of the more limited sunflower fields in the area. In 2021 they were only open for three dates- July 5th, 23rd, and August 6th. But while the dates are limited this one makes up for it with a happy hour-themed evening with food and beer for sale as well as many activities for kids like a corn pit, pony rides, hay mountain, and more!

Tickets to this one were $20 per person in 2021 with significant discounts for kids based on age.

Having a beer while in a field of sunflowers is our dream scenario right there; however, keep in mind the limited dates for seeing these gorgeous flowers north of the city!

Freedom Farms is located at 795 Pittsburgh Road in Butler, PA. 

Enjoy Sunflower Mazes at Duda's Farm and Maple Bottom Farm

Maple Bottom Farm Sunflower Maze

Did you know southwest Pennsylvania is home to not one, but two sunflower mazes? These can be found south of the city at Duda's Farm and Maple Bottom Farm respectively. While the mazes are mostly just carved paths within the sunflower fields, they make for a unique way of getting to enjoy these gorgeous flowers- from within the fields themselves!

In 2021, Duda's Farm charged $10 per person which includes one sunflower head (extra are available for sale) and Maple Bottom Farm charges $5 per person for entry in July (increasing to $8 in August) with pre-cut flowers for sale as well. Maple Bottom Farm is also a working dairy farm so you can see many dairy cows and even pick up some cheese curd during your visit too! 

2022 dates for these have not been published yet, but Maple Bottom Farm is targeting July 15th. The end of the sunflower season at Duda's Farm is not projected for these farms but Maple Bottom Farm has roughly five sunflower fields planted to grow between opening day and Labor Day but may have some periodic closures depending on bloom schedules. So whichever one you visit, be sure to check their websites (below) and corresponding social media for updates!

Maple Bottom Farm is located at 1119 Cunningham Bridge Road in Dawson, PA, and Duda's Farm is located at 157 Creek Road in Brownsville, PA.

Pick Your Own Sunflowers at Trax Farms and Triple B


Finally, we end with two of our favorite berry farms that also have modest sunflower fields open for pick your own flowers- Triple B in Monongahela and Trax Farms in Finleyville.

Both of these farms are worth visiting if you are looking to combo your trip with more pick your own fruit opportunities (or other farm activities) as opposed to visiting simply for sunflowers. In 2021, Triple B charged $2 per stem and Trax charged $15 per person for up to six flowers each. Both farms require a hayride to get into the fields, so you may not be able to see much without committing a bit of time here!

At this time, we are unsure of how long the season at Triple B will last, and Trax Farms only appears to have tickets available for July 24th with one-hour timeslots only in 2021. All the more reason to visit these if you can combo them with other farm experiences!

Triple B is located at 823 Berry Lane in Monongahela (just a few minutes from Schwirian Farms above) and Trax Farms is located at 528 Trax Road in Finleyville. 

Have a favorite place to view or pick your own sunflowers near Pittsburgh? Comment below to share and we will add it to this list!

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