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Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 28, 2024.

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Art All Night is an annual pop-up art event in Pittsburgh that takes place each spring with an incredible array of art, hosted without juries or censorship, open for just one day (including overnight) for guests to enjoy!

This one has taken place at various locations over the years, and in 2024 will be located at the Crucible Building at 3011 Smallman Street in the Strip District on April 27th and 28th!

22 Hours of Art in Pittsburgh

Art All Night Pittsburgh

One of the things we love about All Night is that the event as “non-juried and non-censored,” meaning that anyone who wants to submit an art piece can (but only one per person), and the displays are not regulated like a traditional gallery is.

Whatever you want goes here! (And yes, some works may be adult oriented- but we only spotted a few out of the hundreds featured.)

Going further, this pop-up truly lives up to its name and offers nearly 24 hours of access during the event.  Whether you want to show up at 6pm on Saturday evening, 3am Sunday morning, or just before the event ends on Sunday afternoon you'll have hundreds of pieces of artwork to enjoy.

Art All Night Pittsburgh

Aside from the hosted artworks, the event features live music, video screenings, woodworking and glass blowing demos, and even a live painting area where you can watch artists work all night as well!

Art All Night

Artwork ranges from print photos of Pittsburgh, to painted works, handmade pieces of all kinds, to large scale builds out of metal, reworked cars, and more!

Art All Night Pittsburgh

Suffice it to say, you'll never know what you'll find at Art All Night, and that is the point!

The one big downside to the event is that there are no real food or drink vendors on site other than volunteers selling light snacks for a donation. 

Thankfully, the event is located just a few blocks from the main shops in the Strip District such that food is never too far away except for in the late hours overnight. But maybe if we ask nicely perhaps a food truck or three will come along in a future event to help things out!

Favorite Pieces from Past Shows

As with most art shows, one of the best ways to convey what the experience is like is to share some top exhibits from a past visit!

The following are a few that stood out to use during recent Art All Night events:

Art All Night Pittsburgh

“Last Jedi Made Me Want to Stab Things” by Angela Stabryla articulates what we all felt about Star Wars Episode VIII in the cutest way possible- through hilariously named pin cushions! (Admittedly, I wouldn't bring myself to stab any of them- they're too stinking cute.)

Art All Night Pittsburgh

Yinzer Fuel” by Christian Miller was probably our favorite Pittsburgh themed art piece as it takes a local drink that has a rather intense reputation and thrusts it onto a whole new level. (Buy this one on Etsy!)

Art All Night Pittsburgh

Another art exhibit allowed Art All Night guests to deface the bathroom stalls all they wanted. We had a natural contribution:


As we visit more Art All Night Events in the coming years we'll add more pieces to this one!

Overall, Art All Night is a different kind of art experience in Pittsburgh and is quite raw and enjoyable at the same. You won't enjoy every piece, that is guaranteed, but the event itself is designed to expose you to everything without judgment.

For that, we love it.

Next year we will have to submit artwork as well!

For more information about Art All Night, click here.

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